Did blitzball always cheat this bad?

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  3. Did blitzball always cheat this bad?

User Info: bvillebro

4 years ago#21
Even with the highest SH, Keepa is still an awful player and should not be used. Not only that, but I wouldnt bother leveling him up all the way to level 90 to start to see the dividends of his SH

Other players can get close, especially with SH LV.3 techniques, and the highest goalie in the game has a CH of 67. Keepa is worthless

Biggs is always a lower tiered player. Good endurance, but not much else

Wedge reverses roles throughout the entire game. Starts off as a great forward, then transitions to a beastly defender, and eventually becomes a top 5 goalie

So you could actually keep Wedge on your team all the time and he'll serve some role (but i never do. others are far more useful)
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User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#22
Peteisfat posted...
He sucks. The aurochs suck. Im gonna win this stupid tournament. I won it on the ps2 and i had even less blitzball comprehension back than.

First half:
Get ball
Pass ball between Tidus and a defender

Second half:
Get ball
Jecht shot
Get ball
Hide behind goal

= strength sphere

you're welcome
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User Info: ObsceneAnarchy

4 years ago#23
For some reason the first Blitzball game you play is the hardest. Still dont know what they were thinking pitting you against a team with superior stats. It feels rewarding when you win but regardless. Once you are done with it, recruit superior players.
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User Info: Holy_Cloud105

4 years ago#24
Cool. Thanks for the info. I never kept Keepa on my team once I found better replacements. I just remember seeing he got good at something eventually in my cousin's guide many years ago. What's the name of the Al Bhed goalie by the way? I want to sign him once I can find him and if he's not on the Psyches.
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User Info: Nynz

4 years ago#25
Nimrook is their goalie, taking him will make them virtually useless, though. :P
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User Info: Holy_Cloud105

4 years ago#26
That's the point! I can't remember how many times they beat me before I could sign better players. I remember when Wakka's Sigil was a prize in one of the leagues and they just crushed me. Had to wait for it to appear again.
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User Info: bvillebro

4 years ago#27
ObsceneAnarchy posted...
For some reason the first Blitzball game you play is the hardest. Still dont know what they were thinking pitting you against a team with superior stats.

Ill repost my thoughts from an earlier topic

"As someone you could describe as a blitzball enthusiast, I must say that the game did not do a very good job of introducing the sport to new players

A lot of us calling the game easy are speaking in hindsight. We already know how to play the game, all of its tricks, and have guides for how to win and the like

For a new player, the tutorial is not a very accurate representation of what occurs in the real game, and it makes blitzball seem unapproachable. Especially since your first opponent is vastly superior to you; this leaves a lot of players left with a bad taste in their mouth as to what blitzball really can offer

FFX-2 learned from the mistake in sphere grid, and gave players the ability to face three lesser opponents in real matches before having them go for the top dog. Could you imagine if in sphere break, after doing the tutorials, your first opponent was *Spoiler* SHINRA?

So as a first time player, I can understand how things are frustrating, and even though its been 13 years, ask that others have patience and compassion with the fact that some people just havent gotten around to winning that first match"
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User Info: Pennsage

4 years ago#28
Peteisfat posted...
Im at the luca tournament and the goers are ridiculous. My goalie looks so fat and stupid everytime they score too which makes me even madder. The 5 min cutscene i have to rewatch very time doesnt help. Everything about this sport is infuriating especially the camera? Did i mention i hate my fat goalie?

I know what you're going through and I hate Keepa stupid ass as well. I got the trophy for this one beating the Luca Goers in the tournament. Let me tell you this was insanely hard to even pull off!
If you get the ball first just start tossing it back and forth between Tidus and the blackguy I think his name is Jassu. He's the only decent person for this match. The main goal is to level up Tidus to level 3 from 2 so he can use Jecht shot and stall for until Halftime. Then in the halftime screen Give Tidus Jecht shot. This will allow him to take out 2 defenders easily and shoot (Freaking amazing shot).

Next have most of your team mark the 2 best shooters on the goers team Shoot is represented by SHT. Abus is one of them I forgot who the other one was. Just let Tidus do the scoring. No matter how well or bad you do I believe around 2:50 or 2:55 The crowd will start cheering for Wakka. Wakka will replace Tidus.

Now Wakka is just as good as Tidus at this point except he can't take down 2 people in one shot. But he's a really good shooter and can take a hit. If you're ahead by 1 point just start stalling till 5:00. If you're not ahead select Wakka and use his shooting skills to score.

Watch out for Graav that dude is just beyond cheap for this part of the game and Abus makes you want to beat him with a lead pipe. Oh and make sure none of you're guys that have the ball run into the girl she'll mug you and make you cry. Blitzball is fun, make sure you replace every single person on that team starting with Keepa! A good goalie is in the Luca Square with his wife and daughter. Get him he's a monster!

User Info: killme22

4 years ago#29
I should have won the blitz ball game 3-1 but the rng screwed me. I barely won 4-3 in overtime because 2 tackels that should have been +1 above the opponents failed and keeps missed a ball that was was under his goalie tainting. I would have raged if I actually lost
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User Info: moshpitt133

4 years ago#30
I just literally got done with the luca blitzball tournament.

I face stomped the goers, 0-4.

Tidus scored 3 points. wakka scored 1 within the last few seconds (made him go out with a BANG)

From my past experience this is usually harder but for some reason the goers AI just derped pretty hard.

Doram & Balgerda were constantly out of position because for some reason they think they can play offense? This is how Tidus got open (literally infront of the goalie) for 2 scores.

Bickson turned into carmelo (the basketball player) and constantly tried shoot over jassu & botta, there was one moment when bickson was literally wide open with about 20 seconds before the end of the half infront of my goalie and he chose to pass.....

Pretty much the game was over at this point because the second half It seemed like the Goers AI went into panic mode and the fowards shot constantly without breaking the defenders.
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