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  3. Does anyone still play?

User Info: MTJ33612

2 years ago#1
Hi! Looking for UMVC3 Vita friends! anyone?

User Info: CardboardBox123

2 years ago#2
I started playing it.
Why is a box sending messages?.It's because it's lonely :-(

User Info: Ari86

2 years ago#3
I’m playing it too, managed to beat arcade with everyone, now trying out the other modes.

User Info: Gatsuka

1 year ago#4
I do
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User Info: Bishop9800

1 year ago#5
There are enough attention whores on CE as it is.

User Info: Moostache7

7 months ago#6
Gladly — wish I'd seen this post sooner!
My user is Moostache7, feel free to add me and send a message saying you're from the GameFAQs MvC3 Vita thread
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User Info: Ron325

2 months ago#7
I just bought back this epic game from another person. I regret selling it in the 1st place
So close..and yet so far

User Info: CBASH13

2 months ago#8
The Vita version is really good. One of the best fighting games on the system.
It is what it is
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  2. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  3. Does anyone still play?
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