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User Info: Yirazk

7 years ago#1
Hi, I want to know what is the best combo training for my Goalkeeper.
Can not find any specific training fo him.

User Info: raketenbauer

7 years ago#2
Try these:
Set Plays + Agility = Titanic Goalie
Heading + Meditation = Super Save
Aerobics + Meditation + PK Practice = Desperate Saves
Set Plays + Running + Karaoke = Goalie Runs Up

User Info: rZakalwe

7 years ago#3
set plays + running + karaoke = goalie runs up
heading + meditation = super save
agility + set plays = titanic goalie
aerobics + meditation + pk practice = desperate saves

Be very, very careful with 'goalie runs up'. I don't recommend it!

Generally anything to get his jumping stats up is good. Jumping, toughness and heart is what I focus on my keepers. A bit of speed is also good so he can come out and sweep if you get caught high up the pitch with a ball over the top.

User Info: Yirazk

7 years ago#4
Thanks, I will train my GK with this.

User Info: AndilX

7 years ago#5
guys without making another thread....whats the best for MF apart from Midfield maestro and tough midfield? and btw can I use to my goalie bodywork or wildman without too much side effects?
3DS FC {2595-1963-8407} - PSN AndilX
Dragon Dogma Pawn: Maryam - Fighter lv.35 - Pioneer/Scather

User Info: Yirazk

7 years ago#6
In MF i look more for "abilities" than stats increments.

It looks like the players learn new abilities with the cards (triangle in 2 or 3 MF is nice)

User Info: rZakalwe

7 years ago#7
Yes, what Yirazk says.
I have explained this a little in other posts.
Choose the cards based on the characteristics you would like your midfielders to have.
Try to sculp a player to what you like in real football.
Here are some player and team examples!

If you want to play like Barcelona then give your midfielders abilities such as -

line control + dribbling + mini-camp = total football
passing + stretching = velvet pass
mini-game + passing + agility = flowing football
passing + freestyling = first-touch pass
pressuring + aerobics = chasing
analysis + passing = triangle

These cards will give the players these specific abilities as well as just raising their abilities in the desired general categories (in this case you would be looking to increase technique, speed, stamina etc)

If you want to make a Steven Gerrard then try the following cards-

pressuring + sprinting = 2nd strike (he will arrive from deep to pounce on rebounds)
place kicks + shooting = banana shoot (trademark Gerrard)
weights + sprinting + stretching = bodywork (good midfield athlete)
sprinting + judo = commander (leadership and discipline)
countering + shooting + sprinting = driving shoot (40 yard piledriver)
set plays + place kicks + pk practice = fk master (good set pieces)
pressuring + running + agility = hard dynamo (puts in a shift)
passing + kicking + oil therapy = killer pass (slip in the forwards)
weights + place kicks = long pass (for switching play)

Hopefully you get the idea, I have included my reasoning in brackets!

With a bit of planning, heavy use of the database and training your players at peak time you can craft an excellent team and pretty good approximations of real life players.

You need to have an overall vision in mind so you train your players to suit their natural abilities and also the formation of your team and style of football.

In time your players will change from balanced to another type of midfielder. If you give them really random cards they will likely stay balanced, but if you repeatedly give a player cards in certain skill areas they will develop into a specific type. (balanced, seeker, marker, stopper, dynamo, sprinter, maverick, chancer etc)

Personally I play a 442.

Back 4 consists of a marker, stopper and 2 seekers. They are just given all defensive cards and the full backs get speed and countering too.

One CB has long passing, pinpoint passing and counter attacking to quickly transition to attack.

Sprinter on each wing, they have cards for tricks, speed, crossing, counter attacks etc

In the middle a marker and a dynamo. The marker does the 'Makelele Role' as it would be termed in real life! But he can pass like Pirlo too :) He was given some defensive cards for strength and I then focused on technique and passing cards.

The dynamo is similar but he is slightly more offensive, he can still get stuck in but he also has abilities like velvet pass and long shots.

Up front a sprinter and a chancer. The chancer plays right up top with cards like goal sniffer, volleys, heading etc. The sprinter plays just off him as my number 10. He has cards like 2nd strike, killer pass, shadow striker etc

Hopefully that gives those who are struggling a little or are unfamiliar with the intricacies of football a little help :)

User Info: rZakalwe

7 years ago#8
And to actually answer your question I would probably avoid 'wildman' but certainly 'bodywork' is great! Makes him stronger for picking out crosses under pressure. Then again football loves a crazy keeper! And unless you want to break your 3DS is frustration definitely avoid 'goalie runs up' :)

User Info: AndilX

7 years ago#9
Wow rZakalwe, your post was excellent now I have a better idea of my MF....say for a DF which is better seeker or backup? I was training them with iron defense and they turn to seeker (beforehand I gave them: the chain, offside trap and defense combos) then I gave them blocking and they become backup.

According to the manual example backup is advisable on DFs? Anyone can clear my doubts about this?

3DS FC {2595-1963-8407} - PSN AndilX
Dragon Dogma Pawn: Maryam - Fighter lv.35 - Pioneer/Scather

User Info: rZakalwe

7 years ago#10
Thanks Andy, this game has really got its hooks into me :)

I don't think my defensive set up is ideal, one CB tends to bomb forward and even gets on the end of some attacks in the opposition box. I think I must have given him too many counter attacking cards which can leave me exposed, but he does contribute to attacks. It's all about the right balance. He is a bit like Rio Ferdinand in his prime.

I currently have 2 seekers at CB, I think maybe 1 seeker and 1 stopper would be best though. With 2 seekers they are both likely to chase the ball, this splits them apart and you can be vulnerable to balls across the box. With 1 stopper and 1 seeker the stopper should hold the position and the seeker plays off him putting in the tackles and running to close spaces.

This is how most teams play, think Vidic (stopper) & Ferdinand (seeker) or Mertesacker (stopper) & Koscielny (seeker). Your stopper should be the big strong guy and the seeker the faster guy. I think backup types would also work well in covering and supporting a stopper or a seeker.

As for full backs, mine are markers and stoppers, this seems to work fine but I would be happy to have almost any type. Balanced I find is good for full backs so they don't focus on just defending too much, also lots of countering and attacking card combos. As you can see from my posts I try to match what I see in real football to the game, attacking full backs with a good all round game are a huge feature in top level football at the moment (Alaba at Bayern or Marcelo at Madrid) so I try match that. If I am winning I might sub them off for a more traditional defensive full back (Ivanovic at Chelsea or Abidal at Monaco) to steady the defense.
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