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2good4you 1 month ago#1
Im new to the Fire Emblem series & trying to see where a good starting point would be. I have a switch as well & was trying to see if I should start on awakening first or 3 houses. Im Also new to strategy RPG games so I’m wondering if you guys think I would have problems learning the system in either of these games. Thanks!
Both games are easy.

Imho I prefer Awakening story over 3H. 3H has some first person Rpg elements as addendum.

I highly recommend Classic mode since all games are that. If you're pressed for time (or hate restarting), then Casual mode (fire emblem heroes is casual mode). Do not do Phoenix mode
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chicksan 1 month ago#3
Both games are starter friendly. I recommend eventually trying both but if you can have 3H, I suggest going for it since is most recent and people are discussing it more. I suggest looking at the cast and mechanics of both games to see what appeals more to you. Awakening has the mechanic of pairing up and making families; and while Three Houses has pair up, is not important to the story, though it features more rpg and interactive elements overall like a place to roam , mini games, voice acting etc.

Like the other poster said, I suggest playing in classic mode. Casual is only good if your intention is unlocking all conversations (and there's a lot). I don't think you will have problem with the mechanics but if you are too bad there's always easier modes even a mode in which the characters can't die in any way (Phoenix)
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GraphG 1 month ago#4
Both are good starting points. I always recommend playing them in the order they were released in your region, but if you only have access to Awakening and Three Houses, then I say start with Awakening and move to Three Houses. I suggest playing Awakening on Normal Classic if it is your first time.
Either way have fun!
I love GC especially PSO
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BlueShyGuy1 4 weeks ago#5
Awakening is my first strategy RPG and I'm loving it. I almost thought RPGs weren't for me after Pokémon X, but Awakening changed my mind.
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