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jimbiz 1 year ago#1
Other than Morgan, who is Robin's other child? - Results (50 votes)
2% (1 vote)
24% (12 votes)
12% (6 votes)
4% (2 votes)
32% (16 votes)
0% (0 votes)
10% (5 votes)
2% (1 vote)
8% (4 votes)
Other(Gerome, Kjelle, Laurent. Please specify)
6% (3 votes)
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I’m talking about support conversation wise not gameplay or any other variable.

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RandyPandy 1 year ago#2
You're gonna open up another can of worms with certain people, yo.

I'm gonna be that person and say Owain. Yes, I consider him Robin's other child and love the support conversation. No, I don't give a damn if the convo "doesn't make sense", so I'm just gonna ignore anyone that comes and tries to say "BUT ACTUALLY".

Runnerups are Cynthia and Severa, though honestly all the supports are too generic.
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chicksan 10 months ago#3
Well, Lucina is the only possible daughter for female Robin, I was excepting more votes for her. I like either Cynthia or Inigo as Robin's child.

Inigo is the only one that talks about strategy in the future past support if Robin is his father, and it's quite nice Laslow being actually Robin's son.

Cynthia makes sense being Morgan's sister, their quirky personalities simply match, and there's something bittersweet about her being a Pollyanna and trying to act as a hero, when her father was actually Grima.
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ArtiRock 10 months ago#4
Laurent works way too well with Morgan.
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DreamUpColors 6 months ago#5
I guess Cynthia? Lucina is probably the worst child for Robin as it makes a lot of supports make literally no sense
Em_gai 4 months ago#6
Cynthia. Lucina’s makes no sense for the character dynamics, Inigo’s is awkward and doesn’t work, Owain’s clashes a lot, there’s decent ones but only Cynthia really truly works
Airship_Canon 4 months ago#7
"None", as Morgan as a sibling tends to create a clash.

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Dogsauce 4 months ago#9
Cynthia, Severa, Laurent or Inigo. It's up to you which mother or dynamic you prefer.

* Brady makes no sense whatsoever, he wouldn't talk this way being Robin's son. His appareance could be from grandfather's Validar lol but overall Brady!Robin doesn't sit well.

* Owain's support with his father confirms that he is not Robins son bc his father died fighting against Grima.

* Same for Lucina, too many contradictions and too many mental gymnastics to try to explain that.

* Noire... I don't see Robin being cursed by Tharja's and being an enabler of abuse, sorry. Grima!Robin would never let Tharja curse him and normal Robin is more perceptive and would had intervened.

Then there's the neutral possibilities but with some problems: Kjelle, Nah.
* Nah grew up in an orphanage and makes no sense why Morgan wouldn't as well or why she would remember Morgan who always admired her own father, the timelines don't match. Also Nah is a horrible person. But she could had put there in an orphanage Nowi to be protected against Grima idk

Kjelle... Who cares for Kjelle? Lol

Airship_Canon posted...
"None", as Morgan as a sibling tends to create a clash.

Morgan had glimpses of her siblings and mother in conversation but didn't remember the whole picture. Also future past hints that Morgan sided with Grima while her sibling had chosen Chrom's army, which could explain her trauma and memory loss.
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