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  3. Am I overleveled for Chapter 19?

User Info: Kiro_nami

1 month ago#1
Going into Chapter 19 on hard mode. I did a test run and only lost one character. Here's my set up for this mission.

Chrom Lv 13 Great Lord
Robin Lv 18 Grandmaster
Lucina Lv 15 Great Lord
Tiki Lv 20 Manakete
Sully Lv 14 Paladin
Vaike Lv 13 Warrior
Libra Lv 13 War Monk
Gregor Lv 13 Hero
Tharja Lv 10 Dark Knight
Miriel Lv 10 Sage
Kjelle Lv 9 Bow Knight
Henry Lv 8 Sage
Maribelle Lv 7 Valkyrie
Morgan Lv 5 Sage
Say'ri Lv 2 Swordmaster

Mostly wondering if I need to switch out some units as to not make the game too easy.
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User Info: JoltLiz

4 weeks ago#2
Level is not enough to go on really...
You should post the units' rating if you want to gauge strength.

User Info: JoltLiz

4 weeks ago#3
In my opinion, if I lose any units, then I am underleveled.
Take this advice with a grain of salt, though, because I'm at chapter 20 (hard+classic) and I've already maxed out several of my units so I might be over exaggerating since I have a tendency to want things perfect before proceeding...

User Info: AKFrost

4 weeks ago#4
problem is chapter 19 is extremely easy. Unlike most chapters, you only have to kill one unit that's armed with a 1-range weapon. It's usually done in one round by galeforcing up to walhart and nuking him down with celica's gales.

Since it doesn't seem like you have a galeforce user, you'll have more trouble than the usual on this map, and i certainty wouldn't call it over leveled, especially if your test run had casualties.

You certainly are free to not deploy your best units though, if that floats your boat.
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  3. Am I overleveled for Chapter 19?
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