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  3. so should i restart?

User Info: realgabriel

1 month ago#1
this is my first awakening game so i picked normal difficulty and classic but im having an easy time. should i just restart it and pick hard?

User Info: Rimmer_Dall

1 month ago#2
Do you want to? That's really the only question that matters here.

User Info: Crazyalien18

1 month ago#3
If you want difficulty, you can try out Hard Classic, though tbh there are generally better games than Awakening to try that with.

But if you're not planning on peeking under the hood too much, Hard will probably have decent pacing?

Also, the franchise is Fire Emblem, not Awakening.

User Info: ChickenWings

1 month ago#4
Are you close to done?

User Info: ArtiRock

1 month ago#5
May as well finish if you more than 12 chapters in.
This is the duty of the Grim Angels.

User Info: Corsica

1 month ago#6
Do it bro! I think Hard mode is the "classic" difficulty since this game was made as a love letter for existing Fire Emblem fans.

Notice the blue color of the Hardmode difficulty tab matches the Classic blue tab in the file menu
(edited 1 month ago)
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  3. so should i restart?
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