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User Info: Dark_blade_X2

2 months ago#1
hi guys i live in the us and after owning the digital ver for awhile i decided to get it physical for collector reasons i ordered from amazon but they sent me something called the world ver [says its a middle east ver] so i called them got a refund and ordered from another seller that listed there ver the us one and once again i got the same world ver.

Looking at the reviews on amazon this is very common is there anywhere online that sells the real NA ver ?is the world ver even legit?why is amazon selling the world ver as the NA one?

heres what they sent me https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Emblem-Awakening-World-Nintendo-3DS/dp/B06WWR6CZ4

heres were i ordered https://www.amazon.com/Fire-Emblem-Awakening-nintendo-3ds/dp/B00AKIPBNS

User Info: wolfram127

2 months ago#2
Seeing that cover, it would still work with a US console. Its basically a repackaged NA version but as it says on the lower right of the circle, for Singapore, UAE, and the other grey one I can't read.
Source: I have a NA 3ds and bought a FE Awakening game that has that cover, it worked.
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