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User Info: sfgiantsfanmike

3 months ago#1
So after reading through 'Lon'qu's Harem' by Vermillion/Sideus I had a hankering for another Awakening play through.

Since I tend to focus so hard on the second generation of characters (getting good pairings/skills/ect) this play through I have decided to focus on my lesser used first generation characters and to focus on the story with little to no grinding.

Having gotten through chapter 11 so far I have to say it has made the game fun for me since I am so story focused. Also am experiencing the game I think the way the devs may have envisioned it, or more so, since my characters aren't over leveled to the point of 'tink.'

So I will be focusing on 10-12 characters. May switch some of these out as I go for the late game additions (Tiki, Basillio, Say'ri, ect) as follows:

Lissa (early game, to be replaced later)

May marry off some of the characters but not a focus. Will actually leave Robin single until endgame.

Robin is built with +luck / - HP. Difficulty is Hard/Casual... cause, yes, I will reset to save character so I just won't front on that part.

User Info: sfgiantsfanmike

3 months ago#2
Using this post for a few early battles to figure out if my format I used in my log will look okay. I know the first few are boring but nonetheless.

Southtown (Prologue)
Smooth battle. Turtled in southwest corner to keep Lissa safe from first wave of attackers. Moving to the second wave I accidentally left her open but she barely survived.

Robin takes out boss. Here is where I will be listing heroes but either there is none for the prologue or I just didn't think to jot it down until next fight.

Character growth
Robin 3, Chrom 2, Lissa 2, Frederick 1

West of Yisstol (Chapter 1)
Pair off the characters and try to bait round one and strategy is to use forts to limit vulnerability. This battle wasn't very memorable save for the fact that I didn't have problems with it. For whatever reason this map is where someone inevitably dropped for me in past runs so that was nice.

Frederick takes out boss, heroes Frederick and Chrom.

Chrom 3, Robin 4, Lissa 3, Frederick 1, Sully 2

Northroad (Chapter 2)
Turtle in the south to give Miriel a chance to show up. Hide Lissa, Vaike and Virion so they don't get deleted. Clear first wave easily enough then head up to the choke point to regroup and heal up (Lissa loved the exp). Vaike almost bites it (forgot he had low defense) but Sully jumps in front of the last hit saving him.

Chrom takes out the boss, heroes are Sully and Stahl.

FYI - you're going to see a lot of those 2 as heroes going forward. Broke them up later but they were a good pair support and battle wise.

Chrom 4, Robin 5, Lissa 4, Frederick 1, Sully 3, Stahl 2, Miriel 2.

The Long Fort (Chapter 3)
First order of business was to claim Kellam so I paired up Sumia and Chrom to get him over there ASAP. Decided to send all character to the west flank to clear out the enemy with overwhelming numbers. Then headed over to the right flank and mopped them up. As I headed to the top of the wall Kellam gets KO'd by a surprise Hammer. Didn't know they had those here :P The hole lot of the soldiers rush us but we clean them up after I remember to check what weapons they're using.

Chrom takes out boss, heroes again Sully and Stahl.

Chrom 6, Robin 5, Lissa 5, Frederick 1, Sully 4, Stahl 3, Miriel 1

After battle I use the wireless second seal to turn Frederick into a Knight and buy 2 Reeking Boxes.

Tried to use the Reeking Boxes but due to the level of the enemies I decided to postpone using them.

Alright, will stop there for tonight. Tomorrow after work I will get a few more battles posted and, of course, work on beating another battle or two so I don't run out of battles to post.

User Info: sfgiantsfanmike

3 months ago#3
Farafort (Paralogue 1)
This one had me worried. My previous play through on hard must have given me decent habits as I always left someone open to a quick stabbing on this one. Didn't have too much of a problem.
Teamed up and took out those outside the village. Managed to leave one close to death for Donnel. Proceeded to bait and get 3 more close to death for Donnel so he could level up, killing a barb/ruffian in the process. Managed to catch the thief before he ran away with the killer lance, it was a close one (one more turn and he would have been gone).
Frederick kills the boss, heroes Robin + Donnel.

Forgot to note it :(

Try Reeking Box again but they blow through me despite being physical units this time.

Arena Ferox (Chapter 4)
Chrom + Frederick go west, Sully + Stahl and Robin + Lissa go east.
Wipe out the first line of enemies easy enough. Back line advances and I let Frederick and Sully+Stahl deal with them. Turtle after cleaning out grunts to let Lissa heal us back up.
Set Chrom + Frederick as 'Marth' bait. Frederick tanks then KO's the poor lad. Heroes Chrom + Frederick.

Chrom 7, Robin 8, Lissa 8, Frederick 3, Sully 5, Stahl 5.

Run Golden Gaff once so we can get strong enough to use those two Reeking Boxes.
Robin 9, Sully 6, Stahl 6, Miriel 5, Kellam 8, Frederick 4

Attempt 3 on Reeking Boxes is a sucess! Lissa got KO'd due to me not paying attention to a units speed (gotta work on my attention to detail, it's been horrible this play through). Use second Reeking Box and beat that one too.

Chrom 8, Robin 10, Lissa 9, Frederick 6, Sully 7, Stahl 8, Miriel 7, Kellam 8

Aside from getting Donnel a few levels using DLC this was the major 'grind' so far. Aside from clearing out a Risen fight on a store I need to get into I do not see myself using another training session.
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