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User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#1
Which neglected character needs more screentime when they get back? - Results (33 votes)
Vaike, Teach used to be a main character damn it!
39.39% (13 votes)
0% (0 votes)
6.06% (2 votes)
12.12% (4 votes)
6.06% (2 votes)
12.12% (4 votes)
9.09% (3 votes)
3.03% (1 vote)
Lady Tanas
6.06% (2 votes)
One or more of the morphs.
6.06% (2 votes)
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Endgame sighed. "Both the Mi-go and the Zalon having a possible traitor within the senate are too critical. We're going to have to split up the group again."

"An unfortunate, but understandable course of action." Replied Dola. "Please tell me you're not going to send Fala on a diplomatic mission to the Goulvardun."

"Gods, no! No. In fact, I think we'll just do both of these missions behind her back. Espionage isn't something for someone who demands to be the center of attention at all times..."

"Both missions should be handled delicately. Which one will you take?"

"I'll have to think about that one. Now that we have time, I want to ask Bunnjo for more details on Starlight Eden."

"Ordok's database contained some historical texts that make reference to Starlight Eden, but there is very little substantial information. And the Walrus Empire is not very big on the preservation of cultures they invade I am afraid."

"I heard walruses talking about Cthulhu wiping out the magical girls... someone knew something. And now that I think about it, the Necronomicon did have a passage about a so-called foolish queen who defied the Great Old Ones, challenging them with love and hope..."

"I do find it odd that the origin of magical girls would be lost to history. Magical girls themselves have certainly been documented. The Walrus Empire even defeated a few and tried to harness the power of their brooches."

"I suppose some forces would have to gain from erasing Starlight Eden from history... no point in us speculating on it when Bunnjo has the answers."

Endgame turned to Dola and saw she was eating cake.

"Uhh... you can eat?"

"I'm experimenting with new taste buds." Replied Dola.

"Are they working?"

"I would not describe this sensation I am feeling as 'sweet' as most would describe cake... more like bitter. Still, it is a different type of feeling."


Endgame left the office and looked for Bunnjo.
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#2
"Ashunera... what have I gotten you dragged into?"

"What?! No way! You're all a bunch of haters!" Shouted Jason.

"We're telling you the truth! Fala brainwashed them with some magic wand!" Replied an otter.

"Can't you just ask a drone for a recording of her doing it?" Commented Endgame as he walked by.

"Ah yes. Surely one of the drones caught her in the act!"

"I can't say I'm not growing concerned with Fala's intentions behind using the Charm Staff on allies. Otter engineers none the less. Undermining the authority of a leader and secretly recruiting his subordinates? Oh Fala, you can't beat me at my own game..."

A drone passed by.

"Excuse me, do you know where Bunnjo is?"

"Huh. I just saw the little critter asking where you were." Replied the drone.

"So he was sent to my office?"

"Yes... but we sent him through a long alternate route to keep him away from Fala. Fella's too smart let fall under Fala's stupid spell."

"Charm spell."

"Makes them turn stupid if you ask me."

"Well... I guess I can't argue with that. Just... tell me where I can go intercept him."

"WHO STOLE MY CAKE?!" Screamed Fala.

"You know what? The coast should be clear now. Another drone will send him straight to your office."

"Uhh, thanks."

Endgame went back to his office.

"He's on his way here. So, uhh... if you're eating things... where do the things go?"

"I have not designed a digestion system. So I just... spit everything out."

"That seems awfully wasteful."

Bunnjo walked into the office.

"I was looking for you to ask about Starlight Eden. So I take it you were looking for me to talk about Starlight Eden?"

"I have to report everything I've learned from you guys anyway. So I need you and Owain to come with me." Said Bunnjo.

"Okay... where are we going?"

"I cannot disclose that location."

"Uhh... why?"

"Look, this trip requires absolute secrecy. I'm even doing this behind Ayame's back!"

"So... you want Owain and I to come with you to meet someone to learn about this kingdom of magical girls... but not the actual magical girl?"

"I'm afraid of how Ayame would react. She's such a sefless girl. Really takes after her grandmother and father. Which is why I can't stop her from probably getting killed in battle against the Walrus Empire... the worst thing I can do is show her the tragedy of Starlight Eden. It could crush her. Cause her to lose faith in what she does..."

"Okay, it's pretty screwed up that you're withholding information from your partner like that."

"You'll understand when it's shown to you. Just get Owain and tell no one else about where we're going."

"I'm the leader of this operation. I can't just disappear without telling everyone where I'm going. Especially not when we already have two critical matters to deal with."

"Can't Dola run things? She's pretty reliable from what I've seen."

Dola blushed.

"It's not that simple. I have to split everyone up into two separate groups. And I have to justify my decisions to everyone."

"Alright. Do what you must. Just don't let the others know what we're doing. Especially not Fala!"


I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#3
"The Intergalactic Alliance Against Meanies wants me to go talk to some arms dealer. So my hands are tied. But we really have to obtain belthazyne to destroy the Mi-go and expose the traitor within the Zalon Federation. Therefore I am splitting the groups up. Again."

Everyone else groaned.

"Fala will not be in any of the groups. Note how she was not called to this meeting."

Everyone else perked up.

"Group one will investigate the Zalon Federation and try to find out what the hell is going on. Marcellus will lead this group-"

"WHAT?!" Yelled Severa. "This is a man who has murdered innocents because he can't let go of the past that happened 1000 years ago! And you want to put him in charge of something?!"

"This is a man who has fought the Grimleal. An organization known for infiltrating their enemies. Surely he has experience in ousting enemy infiltrators."

"You give me too much credit. The Grimleal were never subtle about anything. I'm sure this Zalon traitor will be a lot better at covering his tracks." Said Marcellus.

"Still... better track record than us. Gregor was right among us feeding information to Vadik and we had no idea. Besides... Marcellus was willing to sacrifice himself to save Est suspecting we wouldn't even use the Valkyrie Staff over him. Should we not give him a second chance?"

"He killed civilians in cold blood!" Shouted Inigo.

"The Plegians found one of our safe houses and murdered all of the women and children inside. They made it clear it was us or them. And these weren't even Grimleal scum. These were just plain Plegian soldiers under orders from Gangrel. When you people first engaged my forces, Gangrel was among you..." Replied Marcellus.

"Welp, he's got us there." Said Endgame. "Accompanying Marcellus will be Kriliax, Dola, Palla, Catria, and Est. You all are to not engage the enemy even when you do identify him or her. Once you find out who it is, get the hell out of there! Now Group Two will be sent to Goulvardun space on a diplomatic mission. We need belthazyne to develop a fungicide to wipe out the Mi-go, who let me remind you are gathering adamantium to craft a warship for Cthulhu. Such a ship would be unstoppable... so we need to put an end to that immediately! Severa will lead Group Two. Inigo and Ayame shall accompany her."

"M-me? Diplomacy?" Asked Severa.

"Severa might need some help. We should send Nola with her." Said Dola.

"Nola has been practicing how to be a diplomat, true. But she's a drone and the Goulvardun are known enemies of the Walrus Empire. That might not work out too well..."

"That will not be a problem. Nola has finished her new body!"

"Oh. Well in that case... wait. I think I better take a look at it first."

"Of course."

"I mean, Nola has been taking advice from some unsavory-"

Dola opened the door. "Presenting the new Nola!"

A blonde haired woman that was well endowed in the chest area wearing glasses walked into the room seductively. She took her glasses off then winked.

"Y-yeah... that's what I was afraid of..."

"Oh gawds..." Said Severa.

"Is this body not appealing?" Asked Nola, putting her glasses back on.

"Uhh... that's not... basically Nola, the approach you're taking only works with human males. And... we don't need to take that approach with human males. We have the threat of the Walrus Empire to unite us. The Goulvardun... as far as we know they are rock creatures. So let's just..." Endgame buttoned up Nola's shirt. "Take a plain approach to diplomacy."

"If you insist."
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#4
"Okay... and... Owain will be going with me. To meet the arms dealer. Because safety in numbers and whatnot."

"Yeah. Sure. And Fala?" Asked Severa.

"We'll just leave her here..."


"Alright. Everyone move out!"


Endgame, Owain, and Bunnjo sat in a specialized ship meeting specifications requested by Bunnjo. Bunnjo piloted the ship.

"Well, you've got to admit. The awkwardness of Nola revealing her new body did create the perfect cover for us to get out with no questions asked."

"Her new body is gorgeous though." Said Owain.

"She certainly did her research into what men like... so, uhh... Bunnjo, when are you going to tell us something about where we're going?"

"For security purposes, I cannot tell you anything. Nothing we discuss must leave the designated area. We cannot risk even the slightest leak." Replied Bunnjo.

"Okay... but what makes us so special that we get to go meet whoever you're taking us to while not even your partner Ayame gets to?"

"I think you know."

"I mean... I know what makes Owain special... but why me? Is it because I'm the leader?"

"Cut the crap Endgame. You found the brooch and it granted you its powers. Think I can't read between the lines? A brooch choosing a cynical, perverted man is an anomaly that certainly needs to be reported!"

Endgame's face went pale.

"The... the brooch gave you its powers?" Asked Owain.

"When I tried it out, I didn't feel any more powerful..."

"Did... did you get Fala's outfit?"

Endgame said nothing.

"Ha ha ha... oh wow."

"SO ANYWAY... Bunnjo, you said Ayame takes after her grandmother and her father. I know her father was a police officer, but... who was her grandmother?"

"My previous partner." Replied Bunnjo.

"You mean... she was a magical girl too?!"

"One of the best. Well, by human standards."

"Did you withhold information about Starlight Eden from her as well?"

"Magical girls are dependent on faith. I can't share with them information that might make them lose faith... besides. We really cannot discuss this anywhere where it isn't safe. Security precautions."

"So did you ever tell Ayame her grandmother was a magical girl?"

"No. But she probably figured it out. Her grandmother gave her the brooch. She knew Ayame would be her successor."

"And why would you keep something like that from her?"


A sneeze was heard from a compartment underneath Endgame.

"Ah... excuse me..." Endgame grew nervous.

"You son of a b****!"

"What's with this attitude? You're going off on me over a mere sneeze?! Gods!"

Bunnjo hopped off his seat and then walked over towards Endgame and opened the compartment underneath him where Ayame was hiding.

"Why did you smuggle Ayame aboard the ship?!"

"I've got a better question!" Ayame grabbed Bunnjo by the cheeks and started tugging on them. "Why are you keeping secrets from me?!"

"A-Ayame... please..."

"Tell me about my grandmother!"

"She... she didn't want me to tell you!"

"But you can tell Endgame and Owain just fine?!"

"She made me promise not to tell YOU! Endgame and Owain aren't you! It's a valid loophole I swear!"


"C-can you let me go now? If I'm not piloting the ship..."
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#5
The ship shook. A compartment door above Owain opened and Fala rolled out and landed on Owain's lap.

Everyone else stared in horror.

"That's not the reaction one should have when a beautiful girl rolls onto his lap. Is that Cthulhu juice messing with your brain that badly?" Said Fala.

"Fala... what the hell are you doing here?!" Shouted Endgame.

Fala stood up. "Oh, it's real simple. The clues led me to Dola being the cake thief. But when I went to confront her, I overheard a conversation about keeping me in the dark about Starlight Eden. Ha. No way. As the greatest magical girl of all, I deserve to know more than the likes of you!"

"This is bad..." Lamented Bunnjo.

"The damage to the ship, or Fala?" Asked Endgame.

"Fala obviously! The ship only got scratched... so anyway, we have to turn back and drop off our stowaways!"

Fala grabbed Bunnjo by the ears. "Ayame and I are sick of being kept in the dark about something that pertains to all magical girls. You are going to take us to this place or I am going to shave you bald!"

Bunnjo started shaking. "Why me?"

Fala lowered Bunnjo onto the pilot's chair. Bunnjo flew the ship into an asteroid belt, and then into a crater in one of the asteroids.

"A-alright. We're here!"

"Inside an asteroid?" Asked Endgame.

Everyone left the ship. Bunnjo hopped over to runes on the floor of a cave and activated them. A portal appeared.

"I hope seeing that someone like Fala becoming a magical girl doesn't break her spirit... uuu..." Bunnjo hopped through the portal.

Everyone else walked through the portal.

At the other side of the portal was a most spectacular sight. A large swan with glorious shining feathers in all the colors of the rainbow stood before them.

"Bunnjo... it does me well to see you are doing well." Said the swan.

"Everyone... this is Ascelcia. She was the first familiar... the familiar of Queen Eternity."

"Wooooow... so pretty. Can you be my familiar?" Asked Fala.


Fala's cheeks puffed up.

"Ascelcia... I'm really sorry. I wish I came here with better news... but I'm afraid I've learned the worst news..."

Ascelcia pressed her forehead onto Bunnjo's.

"She's telepathic? It seems like we run into a lot of mind readers..." Said Endgame.

"Well duh! If YOU of all people can learn to read minds, then it can't be that hard!" Replied Fala.

"Oh Bunnjo... ever so protective. But are you really protecting Ayame from hiding the truth from her?" Asked Ascelcia.

"She's one of the best magical girls we have left. I can't damage her faith..." Replied Bunnjo.

"You know she is stronger than that. Tell her."

"Err..." Bunnjo hopped over to Ayame. "Your grandmother didn't die from cancer."

"What?!" Asked Ayame.

"It's like this... most human magical girls don't even make it to their 20s. They tend to get targeted by some pretty powerful villains. I mean, you yourself were kidnapped by a mercenary who was just chasing some legends. And now you've decided to team up with these guys in a war against the Walrus Empire, which let me remind you has ruled huge swaths of the universe with an iron flipper for millions of years! It's... look, men and women who fight to uphold justice tend to get killed. There's a good chance you'll wind up like your father. Especially with allies like Fala..."

"Excuse me?! I'm the one who kept her alive! MY plan won the last battle! MINE!" Shouted Fala.

"Okay... but Grandma lived to be 64." Replied Ayame.
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User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#6
"Like I said, she was one of the best." Said Bunnjo. "Even in her 50s she was fighting to maintain peace in your end of the galaxy."

"Wait... but Grandpa was an astronaut..."

"Ha ha ha... yeah. Space travel had to do with how they met... but the thing is, humans don't age quite as well as most other races. They're lucky to even reach 100 and they start to age and grow weaker as early as their 40s... so your grandmother's age was catching up to her. She wasn't nearly as quick as she used to be. And... she died from an incurable disease contracted by an attack from a venomous alien."

"O-oh... but... why did you keep this from me?"

"Well... you're a sweet girl Ayame. I didn't want to burden you with the knowledge that the inevitable fate of all magical girls is to die in battle."

"Oh Bunnjo, you big dummy... of course I know that I can get killed fighting bad guys. But if I don't fight, those bullies will kill more people. Besides, I'm stronger than ever since I've gotten that walrus quintessence. Grandma never learned how to drain her foes, did she?"

"No, but I'm telling you Ayame. The enemies your grandmother fought are small time compared to the enemies your new friends have made. A lot of people would have reservations about draining quintessence from living beings... but these guys have been pushed into a corner where they don't have the luxury of letting their morality get in the way. And that does make me fear for your safety... I mean... if I let you die, I'd be failing your grandmother. And she was important to me too..."


"And we haven't even gotten to the really bad stuff..."

"The history of Starlight Eden?" Asked Endgame.


"Starlight Eden fell to bad guys... I get that. But there are still magical girls out there fighting to protect the innocent. That means they failed to wipe us out! Right?" Asked Ayame.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple..."

Ascelcia pushed her forehead against Endgame's. He could feel her presence in his mind.

"Oh dear... I'm terribly sorry about what you just saw."

"I've seen worse." Ascelcia pushed her forehead against Owain's.

"Do you think I am a liability?" Asked Owain.

"Only time will tell." Ascelcia reached to push her forehead against Fala's. Fala leapt back.

"Oh no you don't!" Yelled Fala.

"As you wish." Ascelcia backed off.

Endgame grew concerned with Fala's continued refusal to let anyone else read her mind. Just what does she want to hide so badly?

"I understand your concerns Bunnjo, but it is the right of every magical girl to know of our past. And our new allies need to understand what it is they are up against."

"Bunnjo wouldn't even tell us we were coming to meet you before we arrived. Should we keep your identity a secret?" Asked Endgame.

"Bunnjo is right to be secretive, but he takes things a bit too far. It is fine to tell your allies of me."

"But Ascelcia, what if someone gets captured and spills everything to the Walrus Empire? Or even worse..." Asked Bunnjo. "And what about Fala?!"

"Isolating Fala is not the solution."

"You hear that Father?" Asked Fala.

"That is not to say Fala's behavior is acceptable as a magical girl. Or anyone for that matter..."


"Regardless of how she feels about her family, I sense a desire to bring about peace within her. So I welcome her here."

"But..." Said Bunnjo.
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#7
"Let's not start." Interrupted Endgame. "Ascelcia... tell us about Starlight Eden."

The atmosphere of the area changed. Everyone was now standing in what appeared to be a city.

"In the beginning, long before humans, dragons, or walruses existed... there was an advanced race. One that wielded tremendous power over the fabric of reality its self." Said Ascelcia. "They viewed themselves as gods compared to most other races, and they may as well have been."

Endgame looked around. There were a race of humanoids with white hair, silver skin, and pointed ears much like a manakete's.

"Among that race, there was a girl."

The scenery shifted to a child sitting atop a hill.

"Because she was a child, her heart was warmer than that of her elders. While they viewed mortal races as you view insects, the girl took a great interest."

Images of various races at war appeared before Endgame.

"The other races suffered war, famine, disease, frailty, mortality. And yet still, the girl saw something in them that was very powerful: the will to survive. The hope for peace. Dreams of reaching higher. This touched the girl. The girl requested her elders to help the mortal races. But they declined. Mortal lives are temporary. To them, that meant they were worthless. But the girl viewed things differently. She felt that was what made them precious. Disillusioned with her own people, the girl left."

The scenery shifted to space.

"The girl traveled across the cosmos, tapping into the hopes and dreams of mortal races."

A large planet came into view.

"Eventually, the girl found a planet with a powerful ley line. It is there she would create the foundation of Starlight Eden: the Well of Dreams."

Endgame watched as the child performed a ritual. Suddenly a radiant burst of light erupted from the ground. And in its place was a swirling pool of glowing water, the color reminded Endgame of pearls. White with hints of other rainbow colors.

"The Well of Dreams spawned life."

An orb of white light emerged from the shining pool. It landed in the girl's hands and the light dissipated. Revealing a small swan chick. It was undoubtedly Ascelcia.

"And from the unlimited energies of the well, the girl crafted gems of power. She became the original magical girl. With her new powers, she went across the universe ending wars and disease. The people came to view her as a goddess and adored her. She experienced something she never felt among her own people. She felt loved. Love was the greatest sensation she ever felt. She tapped into the love of the mortal races and her powers grew still."

A pink ray of light poured into the Well of Dreams.

"And so the child continued to craft more gems and new life."

Endgame saw a baby rabbit among the familiars. Was it Bunnjo?

"She sent those born from the Well of Dreams to scatter the gems throughout the universe. To find more girls like herself with a desire to help others. To fight for love and justice. To make their worlds a better place for all who would not disrupt the peace for their own selfish desires. Peace was brought to more worlds."

The scenery changed again. This time there were pillars and a brick ground around the Well of Dreams.

"The girl eventually grew into a woman. And her ambitions grew. From that point, she became known as Queen Eternity."

A woman appeared before Endgame and the others. It was the same girl, but now an adult. She retained her white hair and silver skin, but she now had angelic wings and a heart brand on her forehead. She seemed almost like a goddess. Beautiful beyond what Endgame could find words to describe.
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#8
Besides her was Ascelcia. Behind her were magical girls of various races, and even age ranges.

"Queen Eternity formed Starlight Eden as a stronghold for all magical girls. To work together to accomplish a noble goal: to bring order to a chaotic universe."

Everything around Endgame turned black.

"Unfortunately, this meant Starlight Eden made many powerful enemies. Eventually she caught the ire of one faction too horrifically powerful..."

Suddenly the images of a burning kingdom came into view.

Magical girls of various races stood off against an even larger army of horrific creatures. Some did not even have physical form and appears as swirling masses of energy. But Endgame did recognize one of the alien races: Mi-go.

But the most terrible of all were towering behemoths that had tentacled faces. They looked almost like Cthulhu but without wings. There was no doubt about it. These are the starspawn of Cthulhu.

A purple skinned humanoid magical girl with six arms stepped forward and made various hand signs. "NOVA ASCENSION!" A large glowing star appeared above in the sky above. She lowered her hand, causing the star to crash down and explode, wiping out a massive amount of enemy soldiers.

A magical girl with avian features flew overhead. "GRAND TEMPEST!" A violent tornado tore a path through the enemy army.

A demon woman with dark purple skin stepped forward. Endgame eyed over her outfit. It was mostly black, but definitely a magical girl outfit. "Be consumed by your dark desires! STYGIAN FOG!"

Black heart markings appeared over the various alien soldiers. A black mist then erupted from the markings and melted the victims.

"Holy hell!" Shouted Endgame.

"What?! That's a demon! What is a demon witch doing here?!" Yelled Fala.

"Not all demons are wicked, nor are all angels righteous. Whether or not one can become a magical girl is not determined by the circumstances of one's birth, but whether or not her heart carries virtues of heroism." Replied Ascelcia.

Warships orbiting above the planet opened fire upon the magical girls. A black scaled reptilian magical girl opened up a rift in space in time. Redirecting the fire back to the ships. Destroying them.

A large bluish starspawn charged towards the magical girl army. It was larger than the rest, and appeared to have large scaly spikes on its shoulders.

Various attacks were thrown at the starspawn, but most were shrugged off. He leapt into the magical girl army and released a shockwave. Killing many but sending those that survived flying regardless. A magical girl counterattacked with some form of energy ribbon that slashed the starspawn across the chest, leaving a scar. Other magical girls started focusing their attacks upon the scar. The starspawn started screaming in pain.

"Even though Nyarlathotep sabotaged our defenses from within, the armies of love and justice put up a valiant defense. But the end, they would have not prevailed no matter what. For he had joined the battle..."

A loud indeterminate sound was heard. It filled Endgame with dread.

The large bluish starspawn let loose a series of sounds that seemed an awful lot like laughter then walked backward through a green portal, which disappeared as soon as the starspawn was through.

A massive creature then landed in front of the magical girl army. A large horrific green monster with the head shaped like an octopus and wings like that of a dragon. There was no doubt about it. It was Cthulhu!

"No way... he's decided to show up himself?!" Asked the reptilian magical girl.

"Then it's up to us to make sure we end his tyranny today!" Said a new magical girl. This one appeared just as a human but with pointed ears. An elf perhaps? "Everyone! We make our final stand here!"
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

6 months ago#9
"W-w-w-what's the use?! We can't win! IT'S ALL OVER! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" A magical girl stabbed herself in the chest with an icicle she created.

"It's said the sight of Cthulhu was enough to drive a man insane..." Said Endgame, staring at the now lifeless magical girl.

Cthulhu created a green orb in one of his hands. Seemingly made of the same energy Owain wields. It exploded, creating a shockwave that instantly wiped out a large number of the remaining magical girl army. Others survived hiding behind barriers. They retaliated with various attacks. Then Cthulhu fired back by releasing a powerful stream of the green energy from his mouth.

The reptilian magical girl created a rift to redirect the attack to Cthulhu. But Cthulhu also opened a rift to redirect the attack over the magical girl. She and surrounding magical girls were destroyed.

Cthulhu drew closer to the sanctum and the Well of Dreams. Some magical girls flew by and attempted to attack him. He swatted them away like flies.

The demon magical girl and the purple multi-armed magical girl flew by Cthulhu with chains of light and darkness. The two made multiple passes and managed to chain Cthulhu, bringing him to his knees. Endgame saw into Cthulhu's eyes. He detected a twisted sense of glee within. He was toying with them.

The elf magical girl then floated in front of the chained Cthulhu. "SWORD OF ESCHATON!"

A portal opened, summoning a massive blade of light that then cleaved Cthulhu into two.

"What?!" Yelled Owain.

"They... they won?!" Shouted Ayame.

Suddenly Cthulhu melted into a green goo and released a green cloud of gas. The magical girls started coughing.

Knowing it was an illusion and that he could not be harmed, Endgame walked into the cloud. There he saw that Cthulhu was reforming.

"No..." Lamented Endgame.

Cthulhu then proceeded to stab the elf magical girl with a tentacle. Piercing right through her. Once Cthulhu was completely reformed, he released a shockwave and eradicated the remaining magical girl army. He then approached the Well of Dreams.

The group was warped inside. Ascelcia and Queen Eternity remained.

"Please... you must escape now! All hope is lost if you die!" Pleaded the past vision of Ascelcia.

"No Ascelcia... you must survive. Take the remaining gems and scatter them across the universe as we have in the past. As long as there are new magical girls, there is always hope." Said Queen Eternity.

"The new magical girls will not prosper without you to lead them! You must reconsider-"

Ascelcia was encased in a heart shaped crystal.

"I am sorry Ascelcia... but he will pursue me to the ends of the universe. As long as I live, all magical girls will be relentlessly hounded. There can be no other way."


"Farewell Ascelcia..."

The heart crystal was ejected into space. Creating a hole in the roof.

...Followed by Cthulhu smashing the roof.

Queen Eternity floated above the Well of Dreams, drawing in its energies.

Cthulhu released another breath attack.

Queen Eternity fired back with a heart shaped beam. It seemed to be fending off Cthulhu's attack for a time. But Cthulhu's breath started gaining momentum. Queen Eternity was losing the struggle. But suddenly Queen Eternity's wings flared up and she started pushing back. Her beam almost reached Cthulhu.

But Endgame saw the same look in Cthulhu's eyes from earlier.

"Gods no..." Lamented Endgame.

Cthulhu's attack intensified instantly. Going straight through Queen Eternity and into the Well of Dreams. Cthulhu drew closer and continued to pour his energies into the Well of Dreams.
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6 months ago#10
The group was then sent into space with the memory of Ascelcia watching from within the crystal. Streams of green erupted from the planet. Then suddenly the planet exploded. Nothing but green glowing chunks of rock remained to remind everyone that Starlight Eden existed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed the past vision of Ascelcia.

The vision ended and the group was back where they were.

Endgame saw Ascelcia shed a tear.

"And ever since, I have honored my queen's last wish. I have scattered the gems across the universe to try to bring back magical girls into the fold." Explained Ascelcia.

"We had to do a lot of work erasing Starlight Eden from history to keep idiots away from the Well of Dreams. It still exists, polluted with Cthulhu's power. We knew only bad things could come with someone screwing around with it." Added Bunnjo.

Endgame turned around. Ayame was on the ground. Crying.

"Aww, see? This is what I was afraid of!"

Ascelcia cradled Ayame in her wings. "Do not lose heart child. Now that you know what is at stake, let it give you strength. The strength to make sure Cthulhu is never released again. He was eventually defeated and sealed away. And at last, we know where..."

Bunnjo hopped in front of Owain. "And this is where Owain comes in! He has the same power as Cthulhu. So he can tap into the corrupted Well of Dreams and draw Cthulhu's poison out! Right?!" Asked Bunnjo.

"Under better circumstances, I would agree that it would be worth attempting. But right now I am afraid any attempt at restoring the Well of Dreams would not go unnoticed. And our allies are not in a position to defend from potential attackers." Replied Ascelcia.

Endgame turned to Fala. She seemed worried. Granted, so was Endgame. He heard tales of how Cthulhu was powerful beyond comprehension but did not understand why. Now he saw a demonstration of Cthulhu's power he could very much grasp. And it left him with one burning question on his mind: just how powerful is Lissa?

"I don't know... that's an awful lot of corruption to try to draw out..." Said Owain. "Although maybe... I could absorb it all and become more powerful than ever! But wait, what if I lose control and kill everyone else..."

"So do you think it's possible? Restoring the Well of Dreams?" Asked Endgame.

"Nothing in this universe is truly impossible. That is what Queen Eternity would say." Replied Ascelcia. "But I must admit, the chances are slim."

"And what would happen if we were able to restore it?"

"The Well of Dreams was one of the greatest founts of power in the known universe. With it, the gems that grant magical girls their powers were created. If we restored the Well of Dreams... we could create new gems. We could create new weapons. But do not pursue the matter right now Endgame. Your battles, all of them, are more significant than you realize."

"No, I think I understand how important it is to make sure Cthulhu stays sealed forever. And that the Walrus King dies."

"Do you truly? I've seen the rise of the Walrus Empire. They have evolved, adapted, and expanded at a very rapid pace. Faster than any I've seen before. Their advancements in genetic engineering, as you should know by now, are profound. Though it was born from the ambitions of mortal creatures, the Walrus Empire may yet grow to become as big a threat to the stability of the universe as the Great Old Ones. It is not just for your race's sake that the Walrus King must be defeated..."

"O-okay... damn, that's putting an awful lot of pressure on me..."
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert
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