spell/skill variety

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User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#1
is it just me or is there not much variety in terms of skills and mostly spells?

no ice magic for one thing and the magic that you do get seems limited in variety. Maybe i'm just use to the many options of FF tactics and tactics ogre

User Info: XylonTheManaket

4 months ago#2
It's because Fire Emblem used to have a duo magic triangle with Fire, Wind, and Lightning magic and then the Anima, Light, Dark triangle.

They got rid of the triangles but kept the spells.

There are ice spells in other games, though. Including Fates.
I am fire. I am... death. -Smaug

User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#3
im surprised theres no monsters in this game either besides the risen

aren't there usually monster enemies in FE games?

User Info: Shadowstalker7

4 months ago#4
Fire, Wind and Thunder all have small trade-offs (Wind's anti-flier property being the biggest) and the dark tomes are full of gimmick magic. Seems pretty varied to me. It's not like FFT's Fire, Ice and Bolt are mind-blowingly different, either. Sure, there's a ton of status effect spells, but many of them are of questionable value when not in the AI's hands (who can afford to gamble on 20-30% hit rates).

Ice spells tend to fall under Wind's domain.

Skills tend to be pretty simple, but I don't see them being much different from FFT's utility skills like, Move +1.

Monsters are a rarity in the series, with only Sacred Stones, Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia (a Gaiden remake) having them in large quantities. Awakening does have some non-Risen monsters, but they're limited to the Entombed. Fates also has Faceless and Stoneborn, but they tend to get upstaged by the water zombies that are a lot like Risen.
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