Anything to know before playing?

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User Info: LucinaFanGirl

2 months ago#1
So, context is I've never actually played a Fire Emblems game and was looking go to in mostly blind. Does anyone have any information they think is mandatory to know before playing? Trying to avoid spoilers and such.

User Info: mysteriouslurke

2 months ago#2
Normal Difficulty: Just keep a balanced team of units. They'll grow more or less evenly and will wreck everything. Except Archers. Say no to archers. Oh and don't let Frederick kill everything. Your other units want exp.

Hard Mode: You'll have to be more selective with the units you use. On Normal, any unit is fine. Here, you'll want to use the best of any category. You should be able to easily tell who's better. Hint: It isn't archers. Screw archers really. Hate them. It's ok to let Frederick kill some things. But only sometimes.

Lunatic Mode: Optimization is everything. Do not pick this difficulty if you're going in blind. Let Frederick kill everything because for a few chapters, only he'll be able to do it.
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User Info: GraphG

2 months ago#3
In this game, archers are fine especially since they can be reclassed and still keep cool skills/stat growths. In normal or hard I would stick to a core group of about 12 characters. It does not matter which ones or their classes. Chrom and Robin are pretty OP.

The games tutorials do a pretty good job of explaining the pair up mechanic which is super useful.

Once people get to S support they get married and have kids that can be recruited. The kids are super powerful and make the game kind of lame on hard/normal.

I suggest playing on classic mode b/c I think casual mode is mega boring, but it's your choice.

You can grind by fighting random enemies on the map, but you should not really need to.
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User Info: Alessar

2 months ago#4
The main character HAS to get married by a certain point in the game. The game will make it happen and if you don't put any effort into him having a good relationship you might suddenly find him spontaneously marrying someone who is ... not a good fit for him. But they stood next too each other in combat that one time and that gave her the highest compatibility rating and ... blam there you go.

User Info: zhellybelly

2 months ago#5
Alessar posted...
The main character HAS to get married by a certain point in the game.

Hint: Not the avatar.
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User Info: Eiyu

2 months ago#6
There are two main characters: Chrom and Robin. Robin can support every single character. Chrom has some supports and has access to the supplies during fights. Even if you play on casual, those two aren't allowed to be defeated. Otherwise, it's game over.
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User Info: Endgame

2 months ago#7
Step one: Use Nosferatu.

Step two: Win.
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User Info: GraphG

2 months ago#8
Ignore Endgame. They do not know how to have fun
I love GC especially PSO
"HUnewearls are crab infested whores." - Fossil

User Info: Shadowstalker7

2 months ago#9
To be fair, Nostanking can be a fun thing for the same reason people see fun in Ests with a billion hours of investment in them: it's a power trip. One person obliterating armies while barely lifting a finger is the kind of thing that's been in myths for millennia.

And yes, Chrom and Robin both important enough that there's no single protagonist.

To the TC: what's your experience with strategy games? Normal can be a bit easy for anyone with genre experience, so if that's the case, I'd recommend doing Hard, or else you might get bored down the line. If not, do Normal because the genre can be a bit tough to break into.

User Info: jothki

2 months ago#10
I'd strongly recommend playing on Casual unless you know in advance exactly what you're getting into. If you play on Classic, you'll either be constantly resetting whenever someone dies, or locking yourself out of content (including entire levels and recruitable characters) whenever someone dies.

Don't worry too much about messing things up the first time around. This particular game is particularly well suited for grinding and powergaming, since it lets you use items to reset characters to level 1 while still keeping all of the stats and skills they gained from leveling them up. The only thing that you can do to a character that you can't easily overwrite later is marriage, and even that doesn't have any consequences if you aren't crazily optimizing.
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