CYOA: Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure! 19 (Possible spoilers for all FEs!)

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User Info: TalynFlaym

4 months ago#31
A + E.

Maintaining Zalon as allies is much more important, especially if we have the power to super-nuke the Mi-go at a later date.

Fala leading anything is a terrible idea, but... what needs to happen needs to happen.
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User Info: Endgame

4 months ago#32
Endgame sighed. "We do need to cooperation of the Zalon... but we can't ignore Est and Kriliax's father. Alright. We'll split up."

"Wait, what? We're really helping the Mi-go?!" Asked Owain.

"I know... but if nothing else if the Zalon are in league with the Mi-go, getting closer to them would be the best way to find out."

"It would also put the Zalon in the perfect position to backstab us." Said Severa.

"We would be able to backstab them just as easily, no? If we can get into their data networks, we'll be able to learn all about them." Replied Dola.

"As much as I hate the idea of helping our greatest enemy in even the slightest..." Endgame said. "It does seem to me that having the Zalon Federation as fully cooperative allies is our best option at this point. And we cannot deny that the Walrus Empire will definitely attack them if they take that planet..."

"Siding against the devil we know in favor of the one we don't quite comprehend... so be it." Said Owain.

"Okay. Severa, Owain, Dola, and some other robots will go with me to that planet to sabotage the walruses to aid the Mi-go. Fala, Inigo, Kriliax, and Marcellus will go with Palla and Catria to the prison. Oh, and Marcellus' men too"

"You can't be serious!" Shouted Marcellus.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Marcellus grabbed Endgame by the shoulders and shook him. "You can't send your girl in your place for this mission! She'll take over and ruin everything! This is too important to let her screw up!"

"Oh stop it."

"Excuse me, but I have experience in raiding a walrus prison and setting the prisoners free! I am the perfect person to lead such a mission!" Said Fala.

"She's got a point."

"Hee hee hee! You should be glad that I'm leading you again Marcellus. After all, it wasn't under MY leadership that Murph died!"

"S-she's got another point. She didn't get any of your men killed. (I guess her attitude wasn't going to go away that quickly. Baby steps...)"

"But... don't you realize the significance of this to us?" Asked Marcellus.

"That man seems awfully interested in us..." Commented Palla.

"He looks Macedonian. Do you think he could be a surviving rebel agent?" Asked Catria.

"I find it hard to believe. But now that you say it... we should keep a close eye on him. Do not let him find Est first."


"Oh don't you girls worry about a thing. Marcellus wouldn't dare try anything funny while I'm around. Would you?" Asked Fala.

"I'm not the one you should be worried about..." Replied Marcellus.

"Well, look. You'll have Kriliax around to hack the prison systems. He'll know what to do. All Fala has to do is kill the walruses. We know she's good at that, right?" Asked Endgame.

"We need something more subtle than her style for getting into a prison with all the prisoners unharmed. You know this!"

"Well... we need subtlety more on that planet striking at walruses. And you'll have Inigo with you. I'm sure things will be fine. Now Dola, how can we get onto that planet without either side detecting us?"

"Well, we'll have to land on one of the farther sides of the planet..." Replied Dola.


Endgame stood on the surface of the planet.

The sky was green. The oceans of the planet were purple. Dola's readings said that although the environment is different, it is capable of sustaining human life. Given they are able to find food and water. The safety of which has not yet been tested. The air had a unique odor to it, but Dola assured the others that it was safe.
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User Info: Endgame

4 months ago#33
"You have to admit, Dola is much better at explaining things to us in ways we can understand. Doctor Beige... gawds. The man is like another Miriel!" Said Severa.

"Wait a minute... we still remember Laurent." Replied Owain.

"What about him? He can talk like a normal person, but his explanations of things are filled with just as much mumbo-jumbo!"

"No, I mean Laurent still exists. But we've exposed Virion as a villain and defeated him. Surely that would mean Miriel would not suffer having his child. Yet, Laurent still exists in this timeline as Virion's son..."

Endgame shrugged. "Well Miriel and Virion are still alive. I hope..."

"Heh. Did you see Virion's face when we told him we killed Xanilkuz? That loser really thought he could have won if he could summon his pet demon. As if!" Said Severa.

"Yeah, I would have liked to have seen Xanilkuz try to overpower multiple adult dragons."

"Okay everyone. Our scans are complete." Said Dola.

"Alright, so what's the situation?"

Dola projected a map of the planet. "The northeastern continent is more or less controlled by the Walrus Empire. The Mi-go on that continent are barely hanging on. But the reverse is true on the continent to the southeast. There the Mi-go have surrounded the last walrus stronghold. However, the continent connecting the two could go either way at this point."

"And this continent we're on?"

"Pretty empty. Neither side seems interested in it."

"There has to be a reason for that..."

"Perhaps there are locals. Or an ancient guardian god fending off the invaders from beyond!" Commented Owain.

"Nope. There are no signs of any civilizations having ever lived on this planet. Unless they are subterranean or beneath the sea, which could be a possibility but the water on this world has a chemical makeup that is hard to scan. We also have no reliable way of scanning beneath the surface. Although we have detected many caverns."

Endgame sighed. "I still hate this... if only there were a way to sabotage this planet so the Mi-go can't have it."

"Well... we could go beneath the surface and attempt to breach the core and overstimulate it so that the planet will experience mass seismic and volcanic activity over time. A lot safer than trying to detonate a bomb in the core since we can be far gone by the time it happens."

"Oh really now? Well then..."

"However our attempt can be detected and foiled if we don't do it very carefully. All of the caverns I can speculate to lead beneath the surface are in controlled territory. We might be able to slip into a cave in walrus territory and the Mi-go would not be aware. But the walruses might..."


What does Endgame do?

A. Attack the walruses on the continent they control. Help the Mi-go push inwards.
B. Attack the walrus stronghold on the Mi-go's turf. The Mi-go controlling the entire territory might help Endgame figure out what they want with this planet.
C. Attack the walruses on the contested continent. It will force the walruses to retreat and go on the defense.
D. Explore the caves. Delayed planetwide destruction is better than no planetwide destruction!
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Fala

4 months ago#34
"Are you sure it's really them?!" Asked one of the wyvern lords.

"I cannot say for certain. Not yet at least. We need to see all three of them fight." Replied Marcellus.

"Even then, how can we know?" Asked another.

"Oh, I think you know what the sign would be. Only they could pull it off..."

The Sons of Macedon nodded in agreement.

"But can we even be sure it's even possible?" Asked a third.

"Who knows? Caeda is still around."

Fala walked away and pulled out a diary she kept. A diary keeping track of all the female heroes she has heard about.

"Echidna... Edain... Effie... Eirika... Ellen... Elice... Marth's sister. Wait, wasn't she just a damsel in distress? Elincia... Elise... I used to play as her. That takes me back. Emma... one of the more obscure Hoshidan heroines. Ena... Erinys... Here we are. Est. One of the three Whitewings of Macedon... Minerva's personal guard. Didn't he just talk about them?"

Fala shut the book and stashed it away.

"There certainly are a lot of legendary women with names starting with E, Est being the most famous... maybe that's why he... no. That's not why. So they're claiming to be legendary warriors. The only pegasus knights nearly as well known as Caeda at that. From Macedon even. So we have Father who just loves Archanean history, Severa who grew up on tales about the Whitewings, Owain who is an expert on ancient warriors, Marcellus who is descended from Minerva who they served, and Inigo who just plain loves the ladies except me. And they just happen to still be alive and show up right in front of their adoring fans. Well gee, that's not suspicious at all!"

Fala flipped her hair.

"It'll take a lot more than that to fool this heroine! I don't know what game 'Catria' and 'Palla' are trying to play, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"


The group stood at the entrance to the prison.

Fala has brought along the two walruses that she had used her Charm staff on. She figured they might be able to provide some insight. Or if nothing else, die in the service of their new queen.

Fala did not like how others call her use of Charm staves 'brainwashing' and 'wrong'. She offers villains a chance to redeem themselves in the service of justice. Is that more wrong than killing them?

Fala wanted to take up necromancy to make the wicked repent for living a life of evil by serving the cause of good in death. But after seeing everyone freak out over the Charm staff, she knew that plan would never be accepted by anyone.

That, and it would be too similar to Grima using the Risen to do his bidding. But it was effective, was it not?

"Hurry up Kriliax." Said Fala.

"This takes time noob." Replied Kriliax.

"Don't you dare call ME noob!"


"That's... whatever."

"Perhaps when this is all over, we can go out for tea." Said Inigo.

"I don't think so. We have friends back home waiting for us." Replied Palla.


"No." Said Catria.

Inigo sighed.

"Should we tell them milord? Tell them of Macedon?" Asked one of the Sons of Macedon.

"No... now's not the time. Not until we're sure." Replied Marcellus.

Fala sighed. "And why am I waiting around when I can just break down the front door?"

"Because I'm hacking into their systems to figure out where everything is. You can't just go unprepared. You have to learn where their traps are and all that other crap. Or better yet, just shut them down." Replied Kriliax.
~Magical Girl Fala~
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User Info: Fala

4 months ago#35
"I am Fala. Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. No cowardly trap can defeat me!"

"Oh gods. Everyone stand back!" Shouted Inigo.

Marcellus grabbed Fala. "Please girl, I'm begging you. Do not screw this one up! Anything but this mission!"

Fala broke free and slapped Marcellus. "Get ahold of yourself. You don't even know if these girls are even who they say they are."

"But I'll be damned if I'm passing them up. They are Macedon's greatest hope."

"Macedon hasn't existed in 1000 years."

"Keep it down. You don't want to break the bad news to them, do you?"

"Alright fleshies. I've disabled their security systems." Said Kriliax.

"Excuse me, but why do you call us 'fleshies'?" Asked Palla.

"Because these noobs lose it when I called them 'orgies'. You know. Easier to say than 'organics'."

"I see... but you still have most of your original body too. Do you not?"


"Aren't you... fleshy?"

"Whatever. Like I said. They don't like like being called 'orgies'."

"I'm pretty sure we've explained to you what that word means." Commented Fala. "And a lady such as myself should NOT be aware of such deviance! It's all thanks to you!"

"Whatever. Look. Do you want to free the prisoners or not?"

"That's what we're here for, isn't it?"

"No. I mean do you want me to push a button and take down the force fields around their cells or not?"

"And cause a riot?"

"Yeah. Sure."

"That would put the prisoners at risk, wouldn't it?"

"I don't know. This guy looks pretty strong." Kriliax held his laptop towards Fala. Showing a large lizard with sharp bones protruding from his body.

"Gods! Are his bones sticking out?! How mortifying! Wait, is that one of Nazarat's people?" Asked Inigo.

"Probably." Said Fala.

What does Fala do?

1. Don't release any prisoners. Keep them where they're nice and safe. Go all in and attack!
2. Release all the prisoners then move in! The walruses will be vulnerable in this state of total chaos!
3. Only release the strong prisoners. The ones who can fight. But not Est. Est can't fight without a weapon.
4. Make lots of noise and lure the walruses outside! That's safer than going in there, right?
~Magical Girl Fala~
Your local Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. ^_~

User Info: Code-Name_X

4 months ago#36
D3, inspection and Est’s safety.

User Info: TalynFlaym

4 months ago#37
B3. Find out what the Mi-go are up to.

Est is too important for Fala to screw this up. Keep Kriliax's father sealed up too.
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User Info: Da-Big-Boss

4 months ago#38
TalynFlaym posted...
B3. Find out what the Mi-go are up to.

Est is too important for Fala to screw this up. Keep Kriliax's father sealed up too.

User Info: EnzoTron

4 months ago#39
Da-Big-Boss posted...
TalynFlaym posted...
B3. Find out what the Mi-go are up to.

Est is too important for Fala to screw this up. Keep Kriliax's father sealed up too.

Honestly though, the only reason I'd purposefully lose this just for Endgame X Nylon is if Nylon and Fala survive the bad ending, which they probably don't

User Info: SteelWingKnight

4 months ago#40
So this has been going for 3 years? I'm impressed.
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