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User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#121
"Eh. I guess I'll leave Dola to her work. I am the leader of a rebellion against a vast empire. I have to take responsibility at some point and deal with all the diplomatic stuff." Endgame thought to himself. "But still no word from Fala and the others... it's probably just the Outrealm time difference. Yes..."


A few days had passed. Or at least, according to imperial time. Endgame knew not how long time has passed back in his own world since his departure, and meeting Palla and Catria has made him begin to worry as the only logical conclusion for them still being alive was that they were displaced by time through traveling the Outrealms. But none the less, he knew he had to press on. The threat the Walrus Empire poses to his world is greater than that of Loptyr. Whether or not Lissa and Nyarlathotep are greater threats is not clear.

Endgame met with a rebel group from the very city the children he recruited were from. In an interesting turn of events, the mechanic who lent Doctor Beige his garage has joined the cause.

Captain Rochelle briefed Endgame on communications they had intercepted, revealing that the Walrus Empire has chosen their world to build a laboratory of unknown purpose. The current status of its construction is unknown.

The concern was that because the various resistance groups across that world are beginning to liberate their cities from the empire, that they may deem the laboratory too important to abandon and attempt to reassert their rule. Reinforcements could come any day now but there is no real global coordinated effort. And no known group has the weaponry to deal with spaceships. It is questionable if they could even defeat larger groups walrus soldiers. The Walrus Empire had deemed the world lower priority and only sent robots led by a few hundred walruses overseeing them.

Endgame was distracted by one of the men in the back. He had dark skin like Caroline and wore a white mask covering his entire face.

Why does he wear the mask?

"...And that is why I have come to you. We need to unite the entire world against the Walrus King. But we have no real way to communicate beyond the internet, which is easily monitored by the empire. They were smart enough to destroy every single radio tower they could find." Said Rochelle.

"The robots can instantly relay information to each other across large distances, they will be able to relay messages until a proper communications network is put in place." Replied Endgame, able to keep up thanks to multiple mind melds with walruses. "But something about a laboratory that doesn't even show up in our database bothers me..."

"It is possible the Walrus King has classified some things at a level above top secret and created no official records of them." Said Endgame's designated secretary drone. He had named her Nola. Because it rhymed with Dola.

"So what other horrible secrets could he be hiding? We're going to have to send a team to investigate. As for helping your world fight off the empire, we are being stretched pretty thin as is. Most of our warships are seeing battle within mere days of being finished and... 32% of them-"

"32.79% to be exact."

"Yes, 32.79% of the warships we have constructed since we have taken over this factory have been destroyed. But we are working on trying to earn the trust of the Zalon Federation. Hopefully they will be-"

Jimmy ran into the room with Frank chasing him.

"You can't run forever nerd!" Shouted Frank.

Jimmy hid behind Endgame. "Neither can you, fatty!"

"Oh for Naga's sake..." Lamented Endgame.

Caroline ran into the room. "Hey! You two aren't supposed to be in there!"

The man in the mask stared at Caroline.

"What the hell is going on?"
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#122
"Jimmy gave Frank a wet willy. To get back at him for all the times Frank gave him a wet willy."

"Well, turnabout's fair play Frank. Now get out of here!"

"Caroline?" Asked Rochelle.

"Oh. Hey." Said Caroline.

"I suppose it's a dumb question since you two lived in the same city but... you two know each other?" Asked Endgame.

"She's one of Dad's soldier friends. She fought alongside him when the robots came to the city. But..."

Endgame glanced at the man in the mask, then back to Caroline.

"Caroline's father... was the previous captain. Before I moved up in rank to replace him." Said Rochelle.

"Captain, huh?" Replied Endgame.

"But what are Caroline and these other children doing here?"

"This crazy lady kidnapped us to sell us to the mob. Then Endgame teleported with an entire barn on top of her and saved us! And now we're helping fight the Walrus King!" Exclaimed Caroline.

"Helping? In what capacity?"

"We're snipers! An alien named Kriliax taught us how to snipe noobs! So we help out on the battlefield by shooting walruses!"

"WHAT?!" The man in the mask shouted.

"Yeah! I'm going to avenge my dad by busting a cap right up the Walrus King's-"

"Caroline, you know the final battle with the Walrus King is going to be way too dangerous to involve you in that mission in any way." Said Endgame.

"You rescued children... then recruited them as soldiers?!" Shouted Rochelle.

"We wanted to join!" Replied Caroline.

"I didn't..." Commented Jimmy.

"Besides, Endgame keeps coddling us by keeping us really far away from the action. We got to use these sweet sniper riffles though!"

"That's... I can't believe this. Who in their right mind would drag children into this war?!" Yelled Rochelle.

"Well, when I was a child, I embarked on a quest to avenge my father. So... Caroline's story resonated with me." Said Endgame. "Besides, they put countless hours in combat simulation."

"You must forgive Endgame. He comes from a world where they still use swords and bows. His morals have been molded by a harsher world." Commented Nola.

"Besides, we got to see dinosaurs! And aliens! And Endgame says there are a bunch of dragons back in his world!" Said Caroline.

"Well... when we first found the children we were a pretty small group. But now that we've stolen the means to make armies, I do believe we will no longer be needing the children on the frontlines." Endgame said.

"Aww..." Moaned Caroline and Frank in unison.

"But I feel that it needs to be said that Jimmy here sniped the walrus general Lee in the eye and saved my life. Letting the children fight worked in our favor and they're all still alive. What's the problem?"

"It's still irresponsible of you to even consider such an option..." Responded Rochelle.

"I still want to avenge my dad!" Said Caroline. "So what if I get killed? It's better than just sitting around waiting for them to decide they want to eat me!"

"Caroline, I understand you're upset with the loss of your father. We all were..."

Endgame glanced at the man in the mask. Just what facial expression is hidden behind the mask?

"But if you died, your mother would be all alone. And the captain would never forgive me..."
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#123
"Of course he can't forgive you if he's dead!" Said Caroline. "Besides, if the invasion happened 10 years later, I would've been in his place, right? Then it'd be the other way around. With Daddy trying to avenge me... then what? Would have you told him he can't fight because he's too old? What's with these stupid age restrictions?!"

"Well Caroline, children and the elderly usually aren't as physically fit to do battle..." Said Endgame. "But guns have allowed you to circumvent that! Still, with any battle there's endless risks. I tried to minimize them on your end... but the bottom line is no father wants to bury his daughter."

"But you let Severa and Fala go on dangerous missions all the time! Fala is on one now. I bet Mindy my smart phone that Fala's gonna screw it up..."


Rochelle stared in confusion.

"My daughters came from the future to stop a dragon from destroying the world... and... it's kind of Fala's fault we even got involved with this conflict..."

"Endgame, Dola has just sent a message. They have successfully reverse engineered the Mi-go's flexible metal. They are currently researching practical applications." Said Nola.

"Flexible metal? Well, there's a first time for everything."

"Also, Inetalapp is transmitting to us. He says it is urgent."

"What?! Quick! Put him on the screen!"

Inetalapp appeared on a large screen in the room.

"Endgame! You need to go back to the planet immediately!" Shouted Inetalapp.

"Oh hell. What happened?!"

"The senate ordered scouts for an update of the situation. And it seems the walruses have gained the upper hand. They have drilled a series of underground tunnels to steal adamantium right from underneath the Mi-go and to cause tremors to cause damage to Mi-go settlements. It is now believed that the Walrus Empire has seized Mi-go technology!"

Endgame raised his eyebrow. "And your scouts figured all of that out and got out safely in a matter of days?"

"Endgame, the Mi-go are beginning to consider the planet a lost cause! We need your help to fight the Walrus Empire back or the Zalon Federation will be no more! And just imagine what the Walrus Empire would do with such large quantities of adamantium!"

"Well... I can't understand how this happened. We helped the Mi-go take an entire continent. We destroyed walrus bases to help the Mi-go push inwards into Walrus territory..."

"The time for subtlety is over! I know you have the firepower to destroy the walruses from orbit! We do not have the ships to spare!"

"And what about the Mi-go? They'll attack us on sight too!"

"If you leave them alone they may leave you alone."

"Perhaps... alright, I will discuss this with the others and see what we can do."

"Please hurry. Our entire race depends upon this moment!"

The transmission ended.

"Grr... okay. Okay. This is bad. I don't want to help the Mi-go, let alone alert them to my presence out here..."

"The Mi-go?" Asked Rochelle.

"A horrible race of fungus creatures. They have an agenda and it involves their god that's sealed in my world... long story. But they're enemies of the Walrus Empire too... so I need this conflict of theirs to be as long and bloody as possible."

"It seems this meeting has long strayed from its original subject." Said Nola. "I suppose now is a good time to mention that the prison liberation party is now on its way back."

"REALLY?! Are they okay?"

Nola was silent.

"W...what happened?! ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!"
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#124
"Please be patient. It will take a moment to analyze the data Kriliax is sending."

Endgame grabbed Nola and shook her. "WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME?! WHAT HAPPENED TO FALA?!"

"Fala is not among the three fallen, which consist of Rufus and the two walruses Fala held under her sway."

Endgame let out a sigh of relief. "But wait... you're leaving out details. What are you hiding from me?"

"We will file a complete report. Please be patient. Please..."

Endgame groaned.

"Fala screwed it up, didn't she?" Asked Caroline.

"PLEASE BE PATIENT." Shouted Nola.

"So, uhh... I'll get back to you guys later." Endgame walked out of the room.


Endgame sat at a computer console.

"Maybe we can let the walruses drive the Mi-go away and start taking the adamantium off the planet then steal it from them. Best of both worlds. But they would control the planet at that point. How long until they establish a base and start attacking Zalon Prime?"

Endgame used the console to view the distance from walrus controlled planets and the contested planet.


"So what are you going to do with two smart phones?" Asked Adam.

"I dunno. Maybe I'll text two people at the same time." Replied Caroline.

"Can't you already do that with just one phone?"

"Yeah, but two screens are better than one. You know?"

Endgame paused. He recalled something about Caroline and smart phones.

...But he could not recall what it was and resumed his work.

"If the adamantium is all underground at this point, maybe we can glass the surface..."

"Endgame. The prison liberation party is docking now."

Endgame immediately got up and then rushed to the docking bay. Waiting for him were Palla, Catria, Est, Kriliax, his presumed father, Marcellus, his men minus Rufus, Inigo... and Fala leaning on Inigo. With visible bruises.

"F...Fala? What happened?!"

"Oh. Let me guess. You're going to blame me. Say the mission didn't go well enough." Replied Fala.

Endgame ran towards Fala.

"Well guess what? We accomplished exactly what we set out to do. We rescued Est and Boronax. AND I'M THE ONE WHO MADE IT HAPPEN! EVERYONE ELSE ABANDONED ME!"

"That's..." Endgame inspected Fala.

"Your daughter let most of the prisoners die." Said Kriliax. "She got beat up by walruses because she lost her book and tried to melee the walruses even though she's clearly never trained to fight physically in her life. Noob."

Endgame pulled out a healing staff and used it on Fala. "It's my fault... I never should have split the group up for a mission this important."

"We could have saved most of the prisoners if the girl fought with us instead of running off on her own!" Said Marcellus.

Endgame hugged Fala. "I'm sorry sweetie. I put too much pressure on you..."

"...What?" Asked Fala.

"I'm telling you! That girl is evil! I lost too many good men to her. Then she made us serve her for the purpose of 'redemption' and look where that got Murph and Rufus..." Said Marcellus.

Endgame grabbed and lifted Fala. "Don't listen to them. You did fine."

"I... what?" Uttered Fala. Not expecting this reception.

Endgame started walking to the infirmary.

"Uhh... hey! You don't know if they're REALLY the real Whitewings! You should do a mind meld on them just to be safe!"

"Well... that is true... but you need medical attention! Everything else can wait!"

"But... aren't you mad?"
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#125
"Only at those walrus bastards that did this to you!"



"We are eternally grateful to you all for helping us rescue our sister." Said Palla. "But... I cannot just accept your theory. Surely there must be a mistake."

"We cannot rule out the possibility that they are from a separate timeline from our own. We did go through a portal that took us to ancient Nohr and Hoshido." Said Owain.

"What makes you sure they were ancient Nohr and Hoshido and not just modern Nohr and Hoshido?"

"Because the legends state that Corrin united Nohr and Hoshido and the continent knew everlasting peace."

"Hmm. What is that continent called anyway?" Asked Severa.

"But when we were there, the two kingdoms were on the verge of war!"

"Well... legends are. You know. Legends. And it's possible that thousands of years later relations between Nohr and Hoshido eroded." Replied Endgame.

"Or we showed up before the great war that Corrin ended!"

"Well... okay. Okay. It's possible."

"So what if they did get lost in the Outrealms and were out of place for 2000 years? Naga can just send them back." Said Severa.

"But it won't be their same timeline."

"Yeah, but if Est still got kidnapped and they left after her, they could still live out their lives as they would have."

"So no matter what, I will reunite with Abel again?" Asked Est.

"If you want to. But it won't be your Abel. It will be another Est's Abel. And that other Est will go to another Est's Abel... and who knows? Maybe your Abel will get another Est at some point." Explained Endgame.


"Okay. But let's say Naga or somebody determines you are from our timeline? What will you do then?" Asked Marcellus.

"Not join you if that's what you're asking." Replied Catria.

"Yes, I think Catria speaks for all three of us." Said Palla. "I'm sure you are all mistaken and that the portal we came from will lead us back to our own time. But none the less, we wish to fight by your side. Until the Walrus King is defeated."

"Really?!" Exclaimed Endgame.

"Of course! Who knows how many other girls the Walrus King has put into my position... thinking about that makes me angry!" Said Est.

"And he would just kidnap Est again anyway." Said Catria.


"Well, we'll be glad to have you. Even if you do find your way home, you're still legends to us. Speaking of which... those lances you have. Are they... Gradivus?" Asked Endgame.

"You recognize the design? These are replicas that a Valentian blacksmith made for us. They are quite strong, but not as strong as the Gradivus used by Emperor Hardin, I'm sure." Said Palla.


"She crafted them out of Blessed Lances!" Added Est.

"Blessed Lances? We have those. Maybe someone still knows how to make them... by the way, Valentia is called Valm in our time."

"Valm? As in Alm? Geez, did someone let Faye rename the place?"


"She was this girl that was totally obsessed with Alm! I wouldn't be surprised if she at one point decided to just sneak into the castle one night and kidnap him!"

"Huh... sounds a lot like Tharja's obsession with Robin..."

"NOT SO FAST!" Fala burst into the room, pulling off bandages.

"Fala, darling. You shouldn't be moving around."
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#126
"Oh stop it! You're just trusting these strangers that say they are the Whitewings when they could be enemy agents posing as them because they know we consider them legendary warriors!"

"Not this crap again..." Lamented Catria.

"Damn it girl. We saw them do the Triangle Attack. That's all the proof we need." Said Marcellus.

"Oh is it really? Father! You can mind meld with them! You HAVE to make sure they aren't trying to infiltrate our ranks!" Yelled Fala.

"Fala, don't you think that's a bit extreme? I haven't had to mind meld with everyone in the past and we don't have a track record of enemy agents." Responded Endgame.

"Err, wasn't Gregor reporting to Vadik?" Asked Inigo.

"Uhh... Vadik turned out to be a friend? Kind of?"

"That's because you always had manaketes around to tell when someone was lying. I don't see any manaketes here, do you? So you HAVE to mind meld with them." Said Fala.

"Well..." Endgame paused.

"What is this 'mind meld'?" Asked Palla.

"It's an extremely invasive process where I go into someone else's mind and see all their knowledge and memories. Or I can share mine with you. But I think you'd be better off not seeing the things I have."

"Very well. If it will help you trust us... I'll go through with it."

"A-are you sure? I mean, I'll know everything you do. Like any shameful secrets..."

"But I trust you won't tell anyone. Right? N-not that I have anything to hide."

"Of course."

Endgame grabbed Palla's head and saw into her mind.

And for Endgame, someone who studied Archanean history, it was the greatest thing ever. Endgame got to see Palla's experience in three separate wars. He got to see legendary heroes such as Marth, Caeda, a younger Tiki, Celica, and Alm. And even allies that history has forgotten. Like Wrys, Darros, Jake, and Roger. A girl named Faye who looked and acted way too similar to a certain girl from Endgame's past. An ancestor perhaps? And for some reason, Naga, having no memories and calling herself 'Nagi'. Or was she only pretending to have no memories? Endgame knew Naga too well to take things at face value. He got to see Marth's battles with Medeus. Not once, but twice. Once as an earth dragon. And again as the terrible shadow dragon he was known for. He appeared similar to Loptyr's dragon form, but purple instead of black. And from Palla's memories he learned something that confused him greatly:

Gotoh instructed Marth, and thus everyone else, that the Fire Emblem was to retain its gemstones in it at all times so that it may function as the Shield of Seals. A shield crafted by Naga to seal away the Earth Dragon Tribe and prevent Medeus from returning on his own.

But the Fire Emblem has served a different function for at least 1000 years now.

Where is Medeus? Where are the earth dragons?

He will have to ask Naga about that one day. When he finally returns home.

Endgame did learn that Palla harbored a dark secret: she has a crush on Abel, only for Est to swoop in and marry him instead.

And from Palla's memories... Endgame saw that the portal in the Outrealms Palla and Catria emerged from was indeed the one he did. But he did not have the heart to tell them. Not yet...

But there was a memory Palla contained that Endgame found to be the most disturbing detail of all: Palla, Catria, and Est returned to Archanea along with Alm and his party, helping escort a merchant home across a treacherous ocean. One that contained something most bizarre: creatures known as dagons. They appeared as fire dragons, but blue and aquatic. Similar to sea dragons like Ishmael and Salacia, but different... perhaps they were fished to extinction?
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Endgame

11 months ago#127
Once they arrived in Furia Harbor, Alm and the others investigated strange rumors of the ruins of the ancient city of Thabes...


"WHAT?! SHE'S GRIMA?!" Yelled Fala.

"No! No! No. No... she's not Grima. She is very much Palla. But... oh gods. You guys are really not going to believe this..."

Endgame sighed.

"The Risen and Grima... were created by an alchemist named Forneus.

"WHAT?!" Yelled Severa, Inigo, Owain, and Fala in unison.

"That monster... that is the Grima that destroyed your world?!" Asked Palla.

"Yes, I'm afraid you did not succeed in killing the beast. 1000 years ago, he emerged. Much bigger than what you knew him as... but yes. That's right everyone. Your future was ruined because of some jackarse named Forneus experimenting with powers he should not have meddled with! Grima... is a human creation... humans... bringing about their own demise..." Endgame's mind felt fuzzy again. This time the sensation was stronger than usual.

"So some guy screwed around with stuff he shouldn't have thousands of years ago and we paid the price for it. Great..." Lamented Severa.

"How... how was the unholy fell dragon created?" Asked Owain.

"Well, according to Palla's memories, Forneus left a log behind. He said he found divine dragon blood and..."

Endgame froze.

"Divine dragon... Thabes... the legends in Palla's time stated that Naga died at Thabes..."

Endgame dropped to his knees.


"Hold on. You keep talking about Naga as if she was alive. But she died a long time ago, didn't she?" Asked Catria.

"Remember 'Nagi'? That's Naga. And... honestly I'm just as confused as you are. But let me tell you some things about Naga. Naga REALLY likes to screw around with everyone and anyone. And-"

"ENDGAME! ENDGAME!" Dola rushed into the room.

"Oh hell... what is it this time."

"Fala let Mi-go prisoners escape with the brains of one of the greatest scientific minds in the Outrealms!"

"WHAT?!" Endgame now had a better idea of what happened in the prison. Palla dealt with a seemingly endless stream of walruses. But Fala was nowhere to be seen. "Can... can we track them down?"

"Only if we step on it and send out ships searching the general area right now! Mi-go can fly in space or dimensional rifts much better than they can in a normal atmosphere!"

"Oh gods... and we still have that planet to try to take back from the walruses..."

What does Endgame do?

A. Hunt those Mi-go immediately! They cannot be allowed to have that brain!
B. The Zalon Federation is mere days (Or weeks? Maybe a month?) away from destruction! Go wipe the Walrus Empire off the face of that planet! Full assault! Orbital bombardment! The works!
C. Let the walruses have the planet. Let them mine the adamantium. Then jack those supply ships!
D. Never mind those things! A laboratory the Walrus Empire which commits atrocities out in the open wants to keep secret? Investigate that at once!
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: EnzoTron

11 months ago#128
B The brain isn't as important as keeping our allies right now

User Info: Code-Name_X

11 months ago#129
EnzoTron posted...
B The brain isn't as important as keeping our allies right now

User Info: Mozilla

11 months ago#130
Code-Name_X posted...
EnzoTron posted...
B The brain isn't as important as keeping our allies right now
Stop telling me to upgrade to chrome. It's not funny.
Lookin' at you, Cherry.
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