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User Info: XylonTheManaket

1 year ago#111
C: 2
D: 2

1: 4

So..... random tidbit time: I've thought about working Forneus into the plot as another major villain, still alive and still up to no good. And that he had a role to play in the formation of the Grimleal, the practice of human hosts for Grima, etc. But between our procrastination tendencies and how slow I've gotten at writing the story, I don't think I should add any more major villains that haven't already been properly introduced except for Neptune, and a certain other dragon.
I am fire. I am... death. -Smaug

User Info: EnzoTron

1 year ago#112
XylonTheManaket posted...
a certain other dragon.

I'm gonna need to know who that is bud, unless you're talking about Grima 2 or the Warriors Dragon

User Info: XylonTheManaket

1 year ago#113
Let's just say Awakening failed to explain why he isn't around and I had to fill in the blanks.
I am fire. I am... death. -Smaug

User Info: EnzoTron

1 year ago#114
XylonTheManaket posted...
Let's just say Awakening failed to explain why he isn't around and I had to fill in the blanks.

Oh, him

Also I change to C

User Info: Fala

1 year ago#115
"Wait, I can deal with them! Stupid Father made me drain all those walruses in front of everyone until I could lift them... so now I can throw them at each other until I can grab Valflame and then destroy them!"

Fala flew towards the walrus mob.

The walruses started firing at Fala.

Fala avoided the blasts then grabbed a walrus by the tusks and started swinging it around at the other walruses before tossing it at another walrus.

A walrus slammed into Fala. Knocking her back.

"Ow! THAT HURT YOU IDIOT!" Screamed Fala.

"Well, yes. That's the general idea!" Replied the walrus. "How are you still standing?!"

Fala took off one of her shoes and charged towards the walrus. "HYAAAAAAA!"

Fala forcibly shoved the shoe's heel into the walrus' eye socket.


"This girl is merciless!" Shouted a walrus.

"There's one of her and a lot of us. And she only has one shoe left! We can overwhelm her! Go! Go! Go!" Shouted another walrus.

The walruses charged towards Fala.

Fala flipped her hair. "You beasts never learn."

Fala grabbed a walrus by the tusks and swung it around, knocking down walruses nearby.

...But the walruses got back up.

The walruses surrounded Fala and then proceeded to attempt to ram her.

Fala flew into the air to evade. "Where is Valflame?!"

The walruses all started firing upon Fala. In the air, they did not have to worry about accidentally hitting each other.

"Damn it!" Fala was forced back onto the ground. Where the walruses were waiting for her.

Two walruses slammed into Fala from opposite sides.

Fala collapsed onto the ground.

"No... this can't be happening..."

Fala saw Valflame. Part of it sticking out from underneath a walrus. Fala reached out for it. But a walrus blocked her.

"You... bastards!" Fala tried to stand back up. A walrus rammed her down.

"No... I can't lose... to you... losers... how embarrassing..."

"Wow. This one's a trooper." Said a walrus.

"She's with the invaders, right? She'll make a fine hostage. Let's lock her up!" Said another walrus.

"No... I am Fala... I am the greatest heroine... you are a bunch of fat losers..." Fala tried to stand up again.

A walrus slammed into her. Again.

Another walrus dragged Fala into a cell with its tusks, then pressed the button activating the force field. Trapping Fala.

"What should we do with this book she was trying to grab? I can't read a damn word in it!" Said a walrus.

"Put it in the room with all the other stuff we take from the prisoners. I guess. After we kill those guys on the way back up." Replied another walrus.

"Oooooo... we have to climb the stairs. I hate stairs!" Said the walrus with the shoe stuck in his eye.

"Are you alright buddy? If you don't get that looked at, it'll get infected!" Asked yet another walrus.

"Of course I'm not okay! This thing freaking hurts! And STAIRS! We're not meant for stairs! Why did we make stairs as our backup option?! It's freaking ridiculous!"

The group of walruses walked away.

Fala laid there on the ground. Internal damage unknown. But it surely paled in comparison to the damage to her ego. Her eyes twitched. She did not just lose in battle, she lost to nobodies. Not even a great walrus general. Just a group of average prison guards.

The rage swelled up in Fala, motivating her to stand up.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Fala punched the force field. It shocked her and sent her flying back.
~Magical Girl Fala~
Your local Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. ^_~

User Info: Fala

1 year ago#116

Fala started panting.

"No... I can't let anyone else learn about this... my stupid parents would never let me hear the end of it! There has to be a way out of here..."

Fala looked around the prison cell. It hurt as she walked around. But there was nothing but uniform solid metal walls.

"No... no way out... I've become a damsel in distress... gods damn it all."

Fala curled up in a fetal position.

"Stupid Father... he set me up to fail... he wanted to get rid of me... well the joke's on him because now everyone else is dead! Those idiots can't accomplish anything without me!"

Fala began to shake.

"This is unbelievable... I'm going to die alone in a cell in some nowhere place in the Outrealms... people are going to remember Lucina over me... that stupid, good for nothing daddy's girl... she's going to be treated as a heroine and not me! SHE'S THE ONE WHO LOST THE DAMN GEMSTONE SO WE COULDN'T PERFORM THE AWAKENING! BUT NO! EVERYONE KEPT ON INSISTING ON FOLLOWING HER! SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A REAL LEGENDARY WEAPON!"

Fala groaned.

"Some fat seals with comically oversized teeth are what I ended up losing to... how stupid is that?! Why are there even walruses conquering everything in the Outrealms? It makes no freaking sense! CAN NO ONE USE A FREAKING HARPOON?!"

Fala sighed.

"I've failed my mission... but it really isn't my fault. It's Lucina's. Her stupid meddling ruined EVERYTHING! She saved Emmeryn and made the wars happen way too fast. She... she... SHE TOLD MY FATHER EVERYTHING! THE DAMNED MORON! I told everyone he couldn't be trusted with that kind of information! But did they listen to me? NO! THEY TOLD HIM ABOUT NAGA! AND NOW HE'S HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HER! Did they not think that would happen?! So stupid... everything about life... is so stupid..."

"Oh. There you are."

"Huh?" Fala saw Est in front of the prison cell. Fala stood up. "Quick! Let me out!"

"Hmm... I don't know about that. How can I be sure you're the real Fala?" Est smiled smugly.

"Oh come on! I let you out, didn't I?!"

"I suppose..." Est pressed the button and deactivated the force field.

"Finally!" Fala rushed out, then clutched her stomach in pain.

"Are you okay?! Oh geez, they must have really roughed you up."

"What?! No. I'm fine! I just... lost my tome... we have to go grab it! They took it to the contraband room!"

"Oh, you mean this tome?" Est held up Valflame.

"Yes! Give it to me!"

"Hmm... no."

"No?! What do you mean 'no'?!"

"You're in no condition to fight. We need to get you to a healer!"

"I am a healer. I say I'm fine. GIVE ME VALFLAME!"


"I'LL KILL YOU!" Fala grabbed Est and reached for Valflame. Est shoved her elbow into Fala's stomach. Causing her to fall over in pain.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Est helped Fala onto her pegasus.

Fala was convinced Est was an enemy agent at this point. But she was plotting taking Valflame back and killing Est.

"Hold on. I'll take you to safety."

Est's pegasus flew to Floor 1. Est helped Fala down.
~Magical Girl Fala~
Your local Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. ^_~

User Info: Fala

1 year ago#117
"I'm going to go help escort the remaining prisoners out of here. But we should be leaving here soon. Hang in there!"

Est's pegasus flew away.

"Well noobette, the good news is that you shut down their elevator system and it disrupted them." Said Kriliax. "The bad news is you got yourself captured and you couldn't help the others when the walruses figured out they've lost and started killing prisoners out of spite."

"Are you saying the others won WITHOUT me?! Ha ha ha ha... ow..."

"Depends on how you define 'won'."

"Did we get what we came for?"

"If you mean Est and that guy that's the same species as me, then yes."

"Well then, we won!"

"Most of the prisoners are dead. Many of them scientists and warriors. And that one dragon rider guy died. Your dad is going to be pissed."


"No. He would have just asked Dola to show him the map then teleport around saving people and stuff."

"Yeah, so he has a better spell that he selfishly keeps to himself. So what?! He's not that smart about using it! Why hasn't he just warped Abiram into a volcano and gotten it over with? Huh? HUH?!"

"It is my understanding the point of defeating Abiram is to take his book. Throwing him into the volcano would destroy the book too."

"Well..." Fala paused. "G-good point. But why hasn't he thrown Lissa into a volcano?! Answer me THAT!"

"That would just make her mad."

"Really? You think lava would just make her mad?"

"Don't you know anything? Aliens like that can't be defeated through traditional means."


"By the way if it's still in the volcano it's called magma."


Fala laid on the floor.

She contemplated that now that she is safe, everyone is going to learn of her failure. And that would be a serious blow to her ego. People would question her status as the greatest heroine of all. Others would comment on how disappointing the daughter of Endgame and Robin turned out to be. Yes, even considering that Endgame does not have the most sterling reputation.

Fala hates being compared to Endgame and Robin.

Fala seethed with rage, while not being able to move too much.

Fala was hoping that Palla, Catria, and Est would reveal themselves to be imposters to vindicate her. Making Endgame look foolish for even approving of this mission.

Inigo walked in. "Fala! Are you alright dear?"

"Do I look alright to you?"

Inigo helped Fala up.

Fala pushed Inigo away. "What? You think I can't walk on my own?! I don't need your sexist pity!" Fala wobbled forward and then fell over.

Inigo helped Fala back up again, against his better judgement. He helped her walk back to their ship. "Come on. We're almost ready to leave."

Suddenly, a series of explosions were heard.

"NO ONE'S LEAVING MY PRISON ALIVE!" A huge walrus with two cannons on his back started charging forward."

"Gods! This bastard is still alive?! Everyone on the ship! We have to get the hell out of here!" Shouted Marcellus.

"'Est' stole Valflame for me. It's her fault we're all going to die. Yay." Lamented Fala.

"NOW!" Shouted Palla.

"And here comes the great betrayal..."

Palla, Catria, and Est gathered around the walrus, flying in a triangle formation. They then dove at the walrus. One by one they struck. It appeared as if flames sparked as their lances hit the walrus.
~Magical Girl Fala~
Your local Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. ^_~

User Info: Fala

1 year ago#118
"What the hell... just happened?" The walrus collapsed. Defeated.

"By the gods... it truly is them!" Exclaimed Marcellus, showing an unusual amount of enthusiasm.

The Sons of Macedon started talking amongst themselves.

One of the sons of Macedon cradled the corpse of his slain comrade. "Oh, if only you lived long enough to see it. Your death wasn't in vain Rufus."

"W...what?" Uttered Fala.

"That was the Triangle Attack! That means they're really the Whitewings of legend!" Said Inigo.

"Big deal. You have a triangle attack. Anyone can learn how to do one. They could still be imposters."

The Sons of Macedon gathered in front of Palla, Catria, and Est and knelled before them. Marcellus leaning on Hauteclere.

"Hauteclere?!" Shouted Palla.

Catria pointed her lance at Marcellus. "How did you obtain that axe?!"

"It was handed down to me from my mother. And she received it from her father. I am Marcellus, the last remaining member of the royal bloodline of Macedon. I don't know how to tell you ladies this... but you've somehow wound up in the future. Macedon was destroyed 1000 years ago."


"Oh no. Not this baloney again!" Said Est.

"What do you mean 'again'?" Asked Palla.

"When Fala first showed up, she accused us of being imposters and said a bunch of things about Lady Minerva and everyone back home being dead!"

"But... no. That's preposterous! We were only gone for a few months."

"Actually ladies... we have been told time flows differently across the various Outrealms." Said Inigo. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news to such lovely lasses... Kriliax, you tell them."

"I don't know about this timey-wimey crap." Replied Kriliax.

"A convenient excuse. But that does not prove that they are the real Whitewings!" Yelled Fala.

"Damn it girl! Did you not see what they did? That was the Triangle Attack! It can only be them." Replied Marcellus. "But yes... one way or another, you would up 2000 years from when you left Archanea."

"That means... Abel is dead?!" Cried Est. "O-oh no... he probably thought I left him..."

"Now Est... let's not jump to conclusions." Replied Palla. "They could have come from an alternate reality. Or... they came from the future!"

"But if they came from the future, then that means Macedon will get destroyed..." Said Catria.

"The fell dragon Grima emerged 1000 years ago and destroyed most of Archanea. In the aftermath of the battle that saw the beast slain, a new kingdom formed from the ashes. The theocracy of Plegia was formed around a religion worshiping the damn thing as their god. And then the bastards took over the land that belonged to Macedon... and on that day, the Sons of Macedon were formed. Those who remained have rallied together and has fought the Plegian scum to reclaim our homeland." Explained Marcellus. "And now I ask of you three, the greatest knights in the history of Macedon... join our cause! Help us restore Macedon to its former glory!"

Palla, Catria, and Est stared in disbelief.

"Now hold on there girls. Marcellus isn't telling you his side of the story." Said Fala.

"Gods damn it... you let Rufus die because you were going off on your own instead of helping us. You're the only one in this damn group who can even use a staff! And because you didn't do anything we can actually fit all the surviving prisoners on a single ship! Don't you dare criticize my methods!"
~Magical Girl Fala~
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User Info: Fala

1 year ago#119
"Oh please. You can't equate killing civilians to a bungled operation... which is your fault! Why couldn't you people kill some walruses?! Why did I have to destroy their elevator system for you then get abandoned?!"

"Our fault?! You're the one with the tome that incinerates everything! You are our most powerful fighter but you left us all behind doing gods knows what!"

"Chasing after an imaginary monster and then getting captured by the walruses because she tried to melee them." Commented Kriliax.

"YOU SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!" Screamed Fala. "Besides, I am NOT the one with the tome that incinerates everything. EST is. She picked it up and refused to return it to its rightful owner!"

"Look, can we talk about this on the ship? Flying back? You're holding us up."


"I really am sorry to hear that Macedon has fallen to ruin. Even if it is something that has yet to pass in our reality." Said Palla. "But I can tell you one thing: Minerva never would approve of attacking civilians."

"With all due respect, you come from a more peaceful time. You haven't seen the crap we've seen. What those Plegian monsters first did to our civilians in taking our land. The atrocities the Grimleal has committed upon our men and women that were captured alive even in this age. I know the lot of you outsiders look in on the conflict and tell us that we should get over it. That it was all a long time ago. But you know nothing. The battle never ended. The Plegian government has tried to hunt us down the entire time. And we never stopped trying to take back our land. Now there is no more Plegian government. The time is right to end this conflict for good. And it begins with dismantling Plegia!" Responded Marcellus.

The other Sons of Macedon cheered in agreement.

"But what about the Plegians who never even hurt a fly? You can't tell me the entire kingdom is full of bad people." Replied Est.

"Did you not hear me? They worship Grima. Ask those two over there how they feel about that. They say they came from a future where they succeeded in bringing back Grima and he destroyed their entire world. Much worse than the first time around."

"Plegia was no better off for Grima's return than the rest of us. The things you have done to these villages was unforgivable, if I may be frank." Said Inigo. "But Fala saw it in her heart to give you a second chance. I'm guessing she saw something in you the rest of us can't..."

"Yeah. A pawn for her crazy schemes. That's all we are to her. Disposable too..."

The prisoner of the same species of Kriliax burst into the room. "Excuse me, I'm looking for someone named Kriliax. I heard he was with the rescue party."

Fala pointed to Kriliax, sitting in a corner on his laptop. Completely uninterested.

"It is him..." The man hugged Kriliax. "Oh Kriliax, my son..."

"Oh. So you are my dad. I guess they were right." Replied Kriliax.

"I'm sorry that I've left you and Barilz... your mother behind."

"That's fine. I got away from that b**** at the right moment too."


"I am afraid Kriliax grew up... entirely unsociable." Said Inigo.

"I see... that's the modern age for you, I guess."

"So, may I ask why you were a prisoner of the Walrus King?"
~Magical Girl Fala~
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User Info: Fala

1 year ago#120
"Yes, of course. I was a programmer for a robotics company. I was younger and more arrogant in my youth... my name is Boronax by the way. So yes. I started hacking things because I thought I could get away with it. My talents were recognized, so corporations started hiring me for... shady jobs. Eventually I started doing jobs that took me off my homeworld... and that's when they sought my services."

"The Walrus Empire?"

"Yes. But I wanted nothing to do with their bloodshed. But they wouldn't just take 'no' for an answer. Also, they knew of my cerebral implants. They knew they could extract my knowledge from my memory. So I transfered everything I knew into my infant son's memory core so they could not learn my tricks and then fled. It was only a matter of time before they found me. Given that I deleted my hacking skills..."

"So you were a responsible parent after all. More than what I can say for my mother." Replied Kriliax.

"My son... it does me well to see you're alright, and even taking the fight to those awful creatures. Once they probed my memory, they decided they could still make use of the programming skills I left alone. They threatened me to program these game cheat programs to sell across various worlds to fund their war machine..."


"That's what it takes to get him motivated... well, glad to see you're finally on board." Said Inigo.

"Huh?" Asked Boronax. "He's with you... but not motivated?"

"The Rainbow Sage told us we need his help. We kind of had to kidnap him..."

"Hmm. Well, today's generation is awfully hard to pry from their video games..."

"Fala? Are you alright? You've been unusually quiet."

Fala mumbled incoherently.

"If you don't mind son... I'd like to copy all my info back into my memory." Said Boronax.

"Sure." Replied Kriliax.


The group arrived back at the factory.

Fala was filled with dread. This would be the perfect opportunity for Endgame to gloat and claim he is the superior leader after all. And every one else would take his side. Fala hates it when everyone gangs up on her. Especially when it is in favor of her parents. Fala refused to accept the possibility that perhaps, she is not the greatest hero in the known universe. Could anyone else have done better in the same situation? Of course not. Lucina could not defeat those walruses even with Falchion. Mary would be powerless without Sieglinde and Siegmund. Robin is nothing without Forseti and Endgame nothing without Valflame. The divine tomes and their fortune in being allowed to make the blood pacts are the only reason they are anything at all. How dare they get the credit for being competent leaders when they are carried by their weapons! Well, Robin at least.

Fala was mad. At everyone else. It was not her fault the liberation of the prison went so horribly wrong. It was everyone else's. Somehow. Fala's mind came up with thousands of excuses as Endgame walked into the docking bay...
~Magical Girl Fala~
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