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User Info: emagdnE

1 year ago#101
"Sure, the ship rides are boring. But I'm all for dragging this conflict out and making it as bloody as possible for both sides." Said Endgame.

"Sure. Take your time. It's not like we have our own world full of problems to get back to when this crap is finally over."

"But sweetie, once we defeat the Walrus Empire for good and plunder all their technology, our war will be over! We'll use our new weapons and armies to retake Ylisstol. We'll kill Loptyr, again. We'll kill Sumia. We'll kill Abiram. We'll finally destroy that monster Lissa!"

Endgame paused and turned to Owain. "Err..."

"We'll do what we must." Owain walked away.

Endgame sighed. "I've certainly wronged him big time. First I showed him that Cynthia was evil. Then I killed Cynthia in front of him. Then I told him his mother is evil and he's a descendant of the most evil entity in the known universe and tried to kill him..."

"And then you helped him get new powers and now he won't shut up about them. He'll be fine... hopefully." Replied Severa.

"Hopefully indeed. The boars told us of the risks of awakening his powers. And we're putting an awful lot of emotional strain on him... I can't help but wonder... the Rainbow Sage did say my greatest enemy was someone close..."

"Oh please. There's a greater chance of Inigo finally snapping from being rejected too many times than there is of Owain going crazy from his powers and going on a killing spree blah blah blah. He's always been weird. He can handle it. Besides... the Rainbow Sage could be talking about anyone. How are you sure he didn't mean Fala? Or Naga? She's certainly been using you in ways no one should ever be used."

"Uhh... I don't think that warrants being my greatest enemy. I mean, when you think about it, she was taking a form of payment for her services she's-"

Severa sighed. "And here I thought you were finally learning to stand up for yourself..."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"You let people walk all over you! You let Naga treat you as a... toy. You let Chrom kick you out of the army too easily! And you're being too soft on Fala again just because she's pretending to be nice to you all of a sudden."

"I'd like to think she understands me better after that talk."

"Just you wait. She'll drop the act soon enough."

Endgame could not respond. In his heart he wanted to believe Severa was being overly cynical. But his brain told him she was right.


Endgame waited in the factory. Circling around the cylinders that contained the brains. Four brains were extracted from the sentry tower.


The brains were larger than the human brain. With a greater vertical height. Endgame had never seen a race that had a skull structure that could house such a brain.


A race this advanced must have a wealth of knowledge. If only there was a way to place the brains in a new body that could communicate with him.


"Endgame. I know what you're thinking." Said Dola. "Just... don't. We haven't had a chance to analyze the containers to know how much damage you would cause by breaching them."

Dola floated away.

"She is right. But they are already disembodied brains that will never be returned to their rightful bodies..."
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: emagdnE

1 year ago#102
What does Endgame do?

A. Mind meld with one of the alien brains! So what if it dies afterwards? What about the brains in the knocked over towers they left behind? Blood's already on his hands.
B. Need to know more about the brain containers? Go back to the planet and mind meld with a Mi-go!
C. Be patient for once. Let Dola and the otters analyze those tower parts and see what they come up with.
D. The prison team is taking too long and there hasn't been a single communication... go to the prison and fix Fala's mess assist them!
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: EnzoTron

1 year ago#103
D because why not

User Info: Code-Name_X

1 year ago#104

User Info: Fala

1 year ago#105
"Alright! I'll wreck this elevator system of theirs!" Fala said. "What do I do? Do I go floor by floor blowing up the tubes?"

"The power source is located in Floor B2." Replied Kriliax.

"Okay, I'll just... wait. B2?"

"Basement 2. You have to go down 2 floors from here. Noob."



"THAT'S... whatever. So are there prisoners in these basement levels?"

"Yes. But since nobody else knew there are basement levels, they're probably all dead now."

"Then why did you release them?!"

"You told me to release everyone that can fight. I didn't expect you to neglect everyone chasing imaginary monsters. And even if I did you would have told me to do it anyway."

"Well what have YOU been doing all this time Mr. I'm So Much Better Because I Have Robot Parts?"

"Monitoring the prison and stopping the walruses from regaining control over their security and communication systems. You would not like it if they were able to seal off entire sections and release gas into them. Now would you?"

"So... I just go down, right?"


Fala cast Valflame on the floor, making a hole. Then flew down.

"Let me out!" Shouted what appeared to be a female fairy.

"YOU SAID ALL THE PRISONERS DOWN HERE WERE KILLED KRILIAX!" Fala floated over to the fairy. "Can you fight, little one?"

"N-no. I mean... look at me! You could crush me in your hand!"

"But you fairies have magic, don't you?"

"I don't think I can heal walruses to death."

"Oh, a healer! That's even better! KRILIAX YOU IDIOT! WHY DIDN'T YOU RELEASE THE HEALERS?!"


"Grr..." Fala took down the force field. "I have friends on the upper floor that-"

"SO LONG, SUCKER!" The fairy flew away.

Fala sighed. Fala made a hole to Floor B2 and flew down.

"So where is that power source thing?"

Fala found a group of walruses surrounding a large device with multiple lights.

"A-ha! But there's so many walruses... there's one... two... eight walruses? I've never fought that many at once."

Fala flipped her hair. "Or rather, I haven't taken out that many at once!"

Fala flew towards the walruses then starting twirling around while sparkling.

"What the hell? Did she sprinkle herself with pixie dust?" Asked a walrus.

"Or she is a pixie releasing pixie dust." Replied another walrus.



A triangle formed over the walruses. Another triangle formed inside the first one.

The walruses started firing at Fala.

And then a third triangle formed, followed by a massive explosion...

...Right as one of the cannon shots hit Fala and sent her flying back!

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Fala slammed into the wall. "Owie..." Fala's eyes started to tear up. "Well, I'm still alive. Not even those stupid cannons can defeat me!" Fala stood up and brushed herself off.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A walrus fell from an elevator tube from an upper level. The system was now inactive.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Another walrus fell on top of the first walrus.

Then another.

Then another.

Then another.
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User Info: Fala

1 year ago#106
"Ha ha ha! Well, it looks like I put an end to their elevator system! Now everyone else should be able to get past the first floor! Now I can just destroy all the isolated walruses and-"

Fala reached for Valflame.

"O-oh no! Valflame! I... I must have gotten blown away from it! N-no biggie. I'll just fly over there and go get it."

Fala started flying back towards the former location of the elevator system power generator.

"Quick! Over there!"

Fala saw an even larger group of walruses running over.


What does Fala do?

1. Fight her way through those walruses. She's watched Endgame do it enough times to know how to grab walruses by the tusks and swing them around!
2. Hide! Maybe they'll go away and let her grab Valflame!
3. Fly in the other direction and circle back around. Maybe they'll be gone by the time she reaches Valflame.
4. She needs help for this one. Go grab Inigo. He won't be able to resist the pleas of a defenseless girl.
~Magical Girl Fala~
Your local Beautiful Champion of Love and Justice. ^_~

User Info: TalynFlaym

1 year ago#107
C 1

There’s no mission left for Endgame to save at the prison. Est has her lance and all the other prisoners died. The real question is why they’re still fighting anyways... It’s not like they’re stealthy and not under the Walrus’s radar already.

Fala has plot armor, so diving into the walruses unarmed shouldn’t end too badly. Besides, any of the other options will likely result in the walruses getting Valflame.
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User Info: Code-Name_X

1 year ago#108

User Info: EnzoTron

1 year ago#109
Code-Name_X posted...

User Info: Mozilla

1 year ago#110
Stop telling me to upgrade to chrome. It's not funny.
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