CYOA: Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure! 19 (Possible spoilers for all FEs!)

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"Wait, I can deal with them! Stupid Father made me drain all those walruses in front of everyone until I could lift them... so now I can throw them at each other until I can grab Valflame and then destroy them!"

Fala flew towards the walrus mob.

The walruses started firing at Fala.

Fala avoided the blasts then grabbed a walrus by the tusks and started swinging it around at the other walruses before tossing it at another walrus.

A walrus slammed into Fala. Knocking her back.

"Ow! THAT HURT YOU IDIOT!" Screamed Fala.

"Well, yes. That's the general idea!" Replied the walrus. "How are you still standing?!"

Fala took off one of her shoes and charged towards the walrus. "HYAAAAAAA!"

Fala forcibly shoved the shoe's heel into the walrus' eye socket.


"This girl is merciless!" Shouted a walrus.

"There's one of her and a lot of us. And she only has one shoe left! We can overwhelm her! Go! Go! Go!" Shouted another walrus.

The walruses charged towards Fala.

Fala flipped her hair. "You beasts never learn."

Fala grabbed a walrus by the tusks and swung it around, knocking down walruses nearby.

...But the walruses got back up.

The walruses surrounded Fala and then proceeded to attempt to ram her.

Fala flew into the air to evade. "Where is Valflame?!"

The walruses all started firing upon Fala. In the air, they did not have to worry about accidentally hitting each other.

"Damn it!" Fala was forced back onto the ground. Where the walruses were waiting for her.

Two walruses slammed into Fala from opposite sides.

Fala collapsed onto the ground.

"No... this can't be happening..."

Fala saw Valflame. Part of it sticking out from underneath a walrus. Fala reached out for it. But a walrus blocked her.

"You... bastards!" Fala tried to stand back up. A walrus rammed her down.

"No... I can't lose... to you... losers... how embarrassing..."

"Wow. This one's a trooper." Said a walrus.

"She's with the invaders, right? She'll make a fine hostage. Let's lock her up!" Said another walrus.

"No... I am Fala... I am the greatest heroine... you are a bunch of fat losers..." Fala tried to stand up again.

A walrus slammed into her. Again.

Another walrus dragged Fala into a cell with its tusks, then pressed the button activating the force field. Trapping Fala.

"What should we do with this book she was trying to grab? I can't read a damn word in it!" Said a walrus.

"Put it in the room with all the other stuff we take from the prisoners. I guess. After we kill those guys on the way back up." Replied another walrus.

"Oooooo... we have to climb the stairs. I hate stairs!" Said the walrus with the shoe stuck in his eye.

"Are you alright buddy? If you don't get that looked at, it'll get infected!" Asked yet another walrus.

"Of course I'm not okay! This thing freaking hurts! And STAIRS! We're not meant for stairs! Why did we make stairs as our backup option?! It's freaking ridiculous!"

The group of walruses walked away.

Fala laid there on the ground. Internal damage unknown. But it surely paled in comparison to the damage to her ego. Her eyes twitched. She did not just lose in battle, she lost to nobodies. Not even a great walrus general. Just a group of average prison guards.

The rage swelled up in Fala, motivating her to stand up.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Fala punched the force field. It shocked her and sent her flying back.
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