Do the bonus map Paralogues affect the Ending? Or are they not canon? (Spoilers)

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  3. Do the bonus map Paralogues affect the Ending? Or are they not canon? (Spoilers)

User Info: LePhenom

4 months ago#1
I finally got to the Endgame, I'm wondering if I should just go beat it right away or complete all the Paralogues before. If they're canon, at the very least having recruited Emmeryn would change the ending of the game. Does it, or are all the bonus paralogue characters not mentioned at all during the ending?

(If they're not canon, I'll still play them, but after beating the game, since I don't want to level up too much; I want Endgame to be a challenge.)

User Info: Eiyu

4 months ago#2
Up to you. You're extending the credits longer if you recruit all the characters. I would beat the game and beat it again later.
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User Info: LePhenom

4 months ago#3
I see... so these recruitable characters do have an ending or something. Then I'll think about it all day and decide this evening once it's time to play. If I want the challenge then I guess then yeah, I should do as you suggest and beat it twice.. once right now and again after recruiting everyone.


User Info: FoxyAreku

4 months ago#4
All paralogues are canon.

DLC/spotpass stuff, probably isn't.
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User Info: LePhenom

4 months ago#5
^but some paralogues (6 of them) are spotpass acquired, so your 2 sentences contradict each other.

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 months ago#6
FoxyAreku posted...
All paralogues are canon.

DLC/spotpass stuff, probably isn't.

Odin and Laslow (Aka: Owain and Inigo) 's A support in Fates directly mentions the DLC.

The Spotpass 6 do affect the ending as they do have ending lines, support lines in Endgame and endings proper.

They are absolutely canon.
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User Info: Luminozero

4 months ago#7
Huff n puff 20 posted...
They are absolutely canon.

Oh please...

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Somehow, the villain that invoked mad blood lust into the hero and was killed by said hero, wasn't actually dead. As if Chrom wouldn't have finished the damn job on Gangrel.

Aversa and Emmeryn I can accept, though I feel like Emmeryn cheapens her place in the narrative.

Aversa technically 'died' in the game, but it's feasible that she could have survived. She was not their target, she was just in the way. Easy to believe Chrom would just put her down and then push on to handle Grima, instead of worrying about finishing the job.

Gangrel doesn't get that option. He was the entire focus of that fight. No way Chrom would let him get away alive.
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User Info: Endgame

4 months ago#8
The spotpass characters themselves show up in the beginning of the final chapter and during the ending when all the characters show up.

There is nothing to suggest the spotpass paralogues are not canon although some people like to claim that narrative. (Namely IkexSoren shippers trying to deny Priam's existence~.)
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  3. Do the bonus map Paralogues affect the Ending? Or are they not canon? (Spoilers)

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