Are there monster type enemies in this game?

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  3. Are there monster type enemies in this game?

User Info: Sharebear420

3 months ago#1
Besides the risen? Like zombies, dragons, gargoyles etc? If not are there any in the fate games? Or should I just go with echoes if I want a fire emblem with monster variety

User Info: Dragondeity

3 months ago#2
Well, in the Fates games there are lots of Faceless and some Stoneborn(they're funny-looking). Also, some shapeshifters you will fight in their animal forms at some point, but I don't know if those count necessarily. And possibly a dragon, depending on your game. And puppets in some of the games, but again, I don't know if those count.

In this game there are just Risen, and if you don't mind a spoiler that's not really much of a spoiler,one dragon.

Echoes has zombies and dragons, and eyeball monsters(I hate those eyeball monsters), and gargoyles, and probably one or two others I forgot about, so I think it definitely has the best variety

(Apologies if I forgot any monsters in Fates or Awakening, haven't played them in a bit, but I think I got them all, pretty much)

User Info: Shadowstalker7

3 months ago#3
There's Revenants and Entombed. They're technically still Risen, i guess, but they're also distinct from all the other Risen that are just "class X, except also a zombie".

User Info: link16hit

3 months ago#4
Well, Only Gaiden/Echoes and Sacred Stones had monster varieties (English is not my first language). Fates have indeed some weird enemies classes, but they were better than the "risen"...
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  3. Are there monster type enemies in this game?

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