Asset/Flaw for Severa!Morgan

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User Info: darkvslight346

6 months ago#1
So I'm thinking of playing Awakening again and I'm trying to decide which is the best asset/flaw to pick for a Severa!Morgan, Severa's father will probably be Sthal (Optimal stats) or Vaike (Sailor moon).

Oh and I'll be playing on Hard if that affects your opinion (I would do Lunatic but for the first 5-6 levels it's way too annoying, plus I've already done it more than 3 times now)
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User Info: zhellybelly

6 months ago#2
Fast mother + Slow dad = ???

I'm not looking too closely at Stahl's stats but I'm pretty sure he's not optimal for Severa.

Regardless, +Speed, -Luck/Def/Str is probably the way to go.
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User Info: Icewolff92

6 months ago#3
The most optimal father for Severa is Lon'qu. The most optional Morgan if you want to get together with Severa is then +Spd -def.

However, if those two are the only option, I would personally go with Vaike!Servera with a +Strenght/-Def to pretty much make a female version of Berserker M!Morgan (which have a Vaike!Gerome as the dad)
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