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User Info: abig84

4 months ago#1
Maybe one of the most over powered characters in the game. It's still amusing to me to see him use a tree branch to take down heavily armored characters in one hit. I leveled him to villager lvl25 to mercenary lvl 15 now he's like a hero lvl5.

I'm playing on easy,(second playthrough) is leveling up characters just as easy on harder difficulties? As far as experience recieved from battle?

The way it is now donnel can clear out a random battle without losing a hit point

User Info: MasterOfMyth

4 months ago#2
Hmm, difficult question since you're kind of asking a couple of things ambigiously and I'm not sure which question you want the answer to.

Leveling on harder difficulties is much harder... to an extent (basically, unless you have DLC it is near impossible to do training outside of storyline chapters). On lunatic (and +), the enemies in random encounters are impossible for you to defeat. They match the skill level of your strongest unit (at the beginning of the game -- Frederick.) In addition, reeking boxes are terribly expensive (though again, with the right DLC, this is not a problem.)

As far as the experience received? As far as I know, there is no difference. EXP eventually turns into a grindfest for every difficulty if you're trying to optimize.

Hoped this helped!
FC is : 5215-0944-7134 // You can call me William/Myth or whatever works :)

User Info: Shadowstalker7

4 months ago#3
Each difficulty other than the Lunatics (which share the same cap) have a different internal level cap. This makes gaining meaningful EXP more and more difficult for non-Veteran units with each consecutive Second Seal (Veteran units have a floor of 12/kill, which is ridiculous given the volume of enemies).

The Lunatics also have an internal counter for enemies so that you can't get around the Risen being essentially boss fights by breaking every enemy's weapon and then poking them with weak weapons for chip EXP (diminishing returns starts after the fifth hit and eventually becomes 0 EXP for non-killing blows).

Donnel gets worse and worse as you go up in difficulty. On Hard, he needs significant babying, which can be made mitigated to some extent with clever use of optimal pair-ups for him. Other characters get just as good or better for the same effort, but at least getting him out of the deadwood phase is workable.

With the Lunatics, he'll generally be one-rounded by things in his join chapter, even with optimal pair-up choices. His hit rates are also pretty shaky, despite the Bronze Lance, as he's either fighting at WTD (the Barbs) or against very speedy enemies with high Avoid (Thieves), with the exception of at least one easy Archer kill (Lunatic+ has this vary greatly because while the Archers are typically easy to bait and trap against a wall, they might spawn with Pass, which makes only the chest Archer reliable for Donnel farming). He then proceeds to drag the whole team down by needing to be babied by many chapters following, of which the majority are the hardest in the game (Awakening Lunatics have a bit of a weird curve where it's pretty challenging at the start, dips a bit in difficulty for C4, then ramps it into overdrive for C5-7, then gets easier again at C8, then gradually ramps things from there with notable spikes in C12 and C17). Basically, he gets strong way too late for the opportunity cost in a game where both Robin and Panne fill his role of crazy growth unit much better (Robin, because Veteran is five kinds of ridiculous, and Panne because she has similar growths to Donnel, but way better bases). Even Ricken is a better investment at that point in the game because at least he comes in able to safely do good chip damage against the enemy's garbage Res (Virion's the only one who might be as bad as Donnel due to bad base Str against enemies with half-decent Def and generally being more valuable after C3 as a stat backpack for Fred).

User Info: abig84

4 months ago#4
Alls I'm doing now is using reeking boxes and putting 1 or 2 units in the bushes and just letting the enemies come to me and racking up a few levels every fight.

So you guys pretty much answered my question. I was hoping for the same kinda easy grinding using the reeking box as I'm doing now but sounds like it's not gonna happen. I think next play through ill try it on hard as this is my second easy playthrough

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