Brady, Gerome, and Owain -- fathers?

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User Info: Airship_Canon

6 months ago#21
zhellybelly posted...
Cozy posted...
Also, what's this nonsense about "Magic Emblem." Thinking Sorcerers are one of "three viable classes," like what? Last time I checked, Dark Magic has terrible accuracy, you need some kind of dedicated support unit to fix that if you plan on running it.

Sorcerers with Hit Rate +20 and forged Waste are neat. Higher damage than Celica's Gale.
Terrible supporters, though.

+5 effectively over sage (before accounting what skill slot got sacked- if you sack your faire you get +0, if you sack offensives, you're gonna go into the red for leading), but the stat spread of the Sorcerer is pretty bad and that does hurt them, especially when you consider Combat Sages can also use Staves, because Sage is a Multirole class [Why are F/A better than F or A or B? Utility.].

They're also not the greatest slotted, but it could be done with a cheeky build, too bad the only character that could make real use of Sorc's abilities post game basically is Nah, and there's no father [besides Robin, who we could go for days on why that's a bad idea, especially, with this thoughtline] who gives both Sorc and Archer to her [Alternatively, there is Laurent but he's the lord of weirdbuild]

User Info: Cozy

5 months ago#22
Sorc can work, I recently ran female Morgan as Sorceror with Waste. However, I didn't equip Hit+20 on her, instead her husband was Ricken!Laurent, as a Sage, equipped with HexAthema auras to give Morgan some help with the accuracy. She didn't need to run Hit+20 nor any breakers, she hit things fine at ~80% or better hit. Though her mom was Sumia!Lucina so the extra skill probably helped too.

Thing is you need a dedicated support like this to make it work. Otherwise Waste's 45 Hit is gonna really let you down. If you are playing without DLC skills, the accuracy becomes more of a problem, but I suppose that's where you could slot in Hit+20.
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