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User Info: alecahol

9 months ago#1
What's the fastest way to level up endgame once your characters stop getting a lot of levels from that experience growth DLC?

The only DLC I have is the one meant for levelling (but I would buy another if its efficient for levelling), what's a good one end game for strong characters?


User Info: Adinseed

9 months ago#2
The DLC pack Lost Bloodlines 3 can let someone level a lot but there are conditions. It's a map where alot of high level enemies in all directions come to you at once and you have a single fort near your deployment. It's when you have the character you want to level and Chrom deployed.

You put them on the fort, spam end turn, and hope that your character has high enough stats to beat everyone and tank everything. You don't want to do this if your character is low level or has low stats. You might be able to deploy more characters if they can tank as well.

If you are training a Pegasus or Wyvern/Griffon, hope they have enough speed/defenses to dodge/tank those arrows/wind magic or have the DLC shield skill from Smash Brethren 3.

Once you beat Lost Bloodlines 3 once, you get the Paragon skill which doubles exp. It even stacks with Avatar's/Avatar's children skill Veteran.

This can also be done with Champions of Yore 3 which has lower level enemies.
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User Info: zhellybelly

9 months ago#3
EXPonential Growth until your unit is strong enough for Champions of Yore 3, then that until your unit is strong enough for Lost Bloodlines 3.

Equip your desired unit with enough 1-2 range weapons (throwing axes, tomes, etc.), pair up with Chrom in the back, go into settings and skip everything, then spam End Turn.

The Paragon and Veteran skills stack multiplicatively.

The only map that gives better Exp than those mentioned is Rogues and Redeemers 3, but no unit can reliably tank that.
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