Just started playing, I have some questions..

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User Info: LePhenom

9 months ago#1
First, my background coming to the game: I played Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn before (the only FE games I played so far). Played PoR on Normal and found it way too easy at the end. Had heard RD was really hard, so I think I played it on Easy (actually "Normal" in japan). This time it wasn't as easy, some chapters were quite tough, but was overall not that hard either.

I'm not quite sure which difficulty I should pick. I started my file on Hard / Hardcore because I once heard the game was even easier than PoR. But I am still at the 2nd battle (the first with 4 units), so I can still easily restart and not lose any progress.

One thing I noticed in that fight is the whole "pairing up" mechanic. I've read about it, it seems that it's considered quite OP and some people just don't like it and prefer to play without it (but it makes the game harder). It made me wonder if it wouldn't be better to play on Normal without using that mechanic, or use it and play on Hard. Knowing my background with the series, any thoughts?

Also, will the mechanic ever be explained better than by reading the 3 page "tutorial"? I read that on Normal it's not even available until later in the game, should I not use it until then? And will they explain the mechanic better during that chapter? And if not, how will I know when I get there?

(sorry for asking so many questions! at least I did some research before creating the topic ;) )

User Info: zhellybelly

9 months ago#2
Pair-up is available from chapter 3 onwards, I think.

Honestly, the game is not that long that you can't do a playthrough on every difficulty. Hard is my go-to, where Normal is just mind-numbingly easy - and Lunatic is horrendous.
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User Info: LePhenom

9 months ago#3
Chap 3? Oki thanks.

I'm trying to catch up on a huge backlog (which includes every single FE games), so I probably won't play more than one playthrough for now. (If I really like it, I'll replay it one day in 10+ years.)

Will the pair-up mechanic be explained better at some point, or is the 3 page "tutorial" all I have?

Oh, and one more question I just thought up... are there still hidden items you can randomly find if you happen to walk at the correct spot on a map? I always found them to be bulls*** (cause they made me want to check a guide for them).

User Info: Knusperkeks_02

9 months ago#4
The game will explain the pair-up mechanic to you in great detail.
For a veteran of the series, I suggest you pick hard mode classic. I did finish Lunatic+ myself and it's really not a fun environment for the vast majority of the player base.
Lunatic is a challenge for people who got bored of hard mode, but you really need to know what you're doing.

User Info: Eiyu

9 months ago#5
I suggest starting hard mode too. It's really not that bad.
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User Info: LePhenom

9 months ago#6
I continued playing on Hard / Hardcore, played 2 maps (got the archer and spear lady) in which I experimented with pair-ups... seems simple enough... I use Frederick as a paired-up support so he doesn't steal xp from other characters, which also makes the paired-up unit a tank.

User Info: Adinseed

9 months ago#7
Another good thing about pair-up is that you with Chrom/Pegasus Knights/Myrmidons and some other classes, they give a speed boost on pair up letting you attack twice once you get 4 or more speed than the enemy for that near guaranteed kill when paired with characters with good str/mag and decent/good spd. The flipside is you don't get def with that pair-up so you have to have good maneuvering.
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