Will canon marriages ever be revealed?

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  3. Will canon marriages ever be revealed?

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#21
Farina Hector is his OTP, while Rath Lyn is because Sue is basically Lyn + Rath Eyes, in the same way that Wolt is Will with different Hair Color of sorts
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User Info: Konkyou

4 years ago#22
I believe you have no other choice than waiting the FE:A manga to be released. (if the ever make one).

It's the only real way to confirm the all canon pairings.

User Info: EvenSpoonier

4 years ago#23
The devs' intention is made clear in the official artwork: namely, that no particular pairing is canon. In-game artwork makes it clear who the player has chosen to pair up in that run, but this can and does change from run to run. The official artwork -i.e. the canon rendering- deliberately leaves parentage ambiguous. What is this obsession with "canon pairings" anyway?

Besides, the canon is clearly that everyone married Nowi.
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User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#24
Nothing is canon, everything is permitted
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 years ago#25
SazukeEX posted...
Only hard canon is Sumia x Chrom.

With so many marriage options it's much harder to narrow things down for Awakening than for say the GBA FE games which made it quite obvious what was canon. Ex. Lyn x Hector, Seth x Eirika, Eliwood x Ninian, and ect.

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User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#26
Hejiru posted...
This is one reason I liked Tellius. All the shipping was clear cut. (Except Ike.)

While clear cut, it doesn't mean it was generally accepted. While Elincia can marry only Geoffrey, him and Ike shippers get into it quite a bit. Also, while not as common as the other two, a lot of fans really hate Makalov's pairing with Astrid and usually put her with someone else.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#27
I tend to care about canon pairings, too, but this game is a notable exception. With one or two exceptions, all possible pairings are allowed, so you get to pick and choose which character you think are best together. And I'm all the happier for it. :)
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User Info: Rone Rivendale

Rone Rivendale
4 years ago#28
ChromxSumia is pretty obv

StahlxSully is too because of the red/green thing

VaikexMeriel is one not mentioned yet. However Lareunt's C support with his 'father' begins with him handing his 'father' his weapon off the ground and telling him to keep better care of his possessions. Sound familiar? Meriel did the same for Vaike when the two were introduced in the story.

VirionxCherche hasn't been mentioned either. Considering their background, it isn't any more out there to guess they are canon than VaikexMeriel.

It's not outrageous to say GregorxNowi is meant to be canon, but I won't say I am for sure about it.

Same for GauisxLissa, I say this because he joins only after finding out LIssa makes really good candy and Gauis basically only thinks about 1 thing C A N D Y.

HenryxTharja, I have no proof for this. But come on, they are made for each other. And Noire's outrageous personality would certainly be explained by this pairing.

That's all I have off the top of my head.
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User Info: WhiteTigerShiro

4 years ago#29
If we still don't have Roy's canonical mother, we aren't going to get a list of canon marriages for a bunch of characters whom (for all we know) will never be heard from ever again.
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User Info: Misha-Heart

4 years ago#30
Canon pairings make everyone unhappy. It's better if people just choose who they want to pair people with.

Avatar is a prime example of pointless arguments over shipping.
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