Serving a challenge to the elite of this series.

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User Info: RemembranceSky

4 years ago#41
With these rules, you're guaranteed to lose units even before you reach Chapter 5. This game was geared towards pair ups. Without it, you're bound to lose units. I'd love to see ANYONE beat it like that. It's statistically impossible.
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User Info: Winsage

4 years ago#42
Honzou posted...
Okay I'm back from the University... Since someone said to do Chapter 1 on Lunatic plus to prove this is doable. This are my results.

So far I got to finish Chapter 5.

I lost 2 units so far (Miriel and Stahl)

I had over 20 game overs and it didn't help I was in the middle of class (this isn't a boast, just shows how stupid I can get), which I could have avoided some deaths.... maybe.

Do I think this is doable? Yes...

The results so far: When it comes to gameplay I feel very rewarded when I do extremely well, and very tired when I lose an unit.
Storywise I feel no joy cause my mind is so bogged down with the next battle that I barely pay attention to the story.

This is basically my second run of FE Awakening (and my first FE game).

If ya want me to tweak some of the rules for the challenge then just say it and we can work this out.

A good challenge rule is one that makes the game more difficult, but doesn't turn it into an RNG fest. The no Pair-Up rule for example, would make the game pretty much the same as Lunatic+, which is why people saw it and were all like "lolno".
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User Info: CodeKyuubi

4 years ago#43
If you lose Frederick in Chapter 1 through RNG, you're done. Done. Done.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#44
DunnoBro posted...
If no pair-up, what's the point in removing veteran?

Also yea, arbitrary restrictions. It was agreed upon a long time ago that lunatic was designed around pair-up.

Confession Time!
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User Info: Viro

4 years ago#45
Honzou posted...
I had over 20 game overs

Honzou posted...
No resets (you lose an unit, they stay dead)

If you cheat on any of this rules, do not bother posting here, cause most likely you will do a terrible job at hiding it.

I think other posters would have at least tried to hide it.

The_Evil_Elf posted...
Here is the funny part...people argue that

"Hey, you can't grind in any other fire emblem games..."

But the point is that in other fire emblem games the enemies were not designed to require grinding...

If you are upset that the creators didn't make a game in which grinding wasn't required for lunatic+ difficulty, that is ok...but don't say it is easy because that isn't exactly fact it is by the fact that it is so hard that grinding becomes required...

Except grinding is an absolutely terrible gameplay mechanic. It's even worse when it's expected from the player.
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User Info: Honzou

4 years ago#46
But game overs aren't resets by themselves.

Also there is no shame in knowing how many times one fails if by the end you learn something. Biggest shame would be trying it 20 times and then rage quit.
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User Info: Kysafen

4 years ago#47
vermillion719 posted...
Honzou posted...
If you cheat on any of this rules, do not bother posting here, cause most likely you will do a terrible job at hiding it.

inb4 all completions of this challenge, legitimate or otherwise, are blown off with "no you're lying."
Awakening is deep, has a fast and efficient game engine,is fun to play, and actually manages to live up to fan hype, unlike that piece of crap, Seisen no Keifu.
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