Casual or Regular? :(

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User Info: MonkeyShaman

5 years ago#11
Play Hard/Casual. It's actually a lot more fun and difficult than I thought it would be. Yes your units come back, but Chrom and MU can still die. And if any other units die, not only do they lose the chance to gain exp and support points, but the entire map becomes harder.

Sure, you can use cheap tactics like suicide, but that's a) not as beneficial as people seem to think and b) your CHOICE. If you play like you normally would, it still retains the fun factor. For me at least.

Or you could try Normal/Classic, but that might be too easy. Sure there's permadeath, but if it's so easy that units never die, what's the point?

User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

5 years ago#12
Vermineater posted...
having these people die by my stupidity is heartbreaking, especially when they actually make the characters have personality.

That's the point.

Vermineater posted...

How do people play these games?

Well, this is only the second game in the series to feature casual mode (and the first one released in English).
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User Info: Reamur

5 years ago#13
Classic makes you more aware and it will make you play better. No doubt you will make mistakes and restart often. But yeah that's the point of Classic.
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User Info: RadiantBits

5 years ago#14
Vermineater posted...
At the beginning, who's the tankiest? Frederick? (part of me wants him to die.)

I wasn't expecting the first few chapters to provide any sort of challenge. Good job, IS.

Uhh I believe so ! But you wouldn't want to use him so often in the beginning as your other units will suffer. Use Frederick in emergency cases only.
Hahaha I know what you mean! But its good that this mode is here to bring in new blood to the series! Even though yes if it does mean stripping down what Fire Emblem is.. Its all for the sake of new people! Besides, nothing wrong with having options. And heck, I'm sure that there will be some that will go try classic straight off the bat or will do that on their second play through.

User Info: Hageshi

5 years ago#15
I'm doing casual first cuz I rather enjoy the story and not sob and stress about "what would've happened if this chara hadn't died...."

Then on another playthrough may do the other mode....

User Info: airtamis

5 years ago#16
I'll go casual because despite what many people, say, most of my lost units are a result of the wrath of RNG. I will admit, sometimes I lost units due to rampant stupidity, but not often. Of course, i will eventually do a Classic Playthrough, but I want to enjoy the story before I do that,

User Info: Vermineater

5 years ago#17
I was doing Classic/Normal, and a dumb mistake still equals massive deaths. I guess I'll just reload and not make the same mistake. Hopefully by the end I'll be unbad. :P
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User Info: ThEBMaN

5 years ago#18
If you have to push your brain to its limits in Fire Emblem, you probably don't have much brain to push.

That made me LOL
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