best DS and advance fire emblem?

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User Info: Scout_Taron

5 years ago#11
Fan-translated FE12 was my favorite portable.

I just blew through it. Was a lot of fun.

User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#12
From what I've played

Awakening>FE7>FE6>FE8>>>>Shadow Dragon

I'll be giving FE12 a go when I'm done with Awakening, as I'm really in a Fire Emblem mood.

User Info: The Fir Coat

The Fir Coat
5 years ago#13
Iffy_Jottere posted...
People I've read who comment on Shadow Dragon tend to have these common complaints about Shadow Dragon, which I will add my own opinions to:

1) The graphics in battle

Well...I'll admit, the DKC-esque prerendred sprites look a little off compared to the clean sprites of previous portable entries, but they still move rather fluidly. * shrugs * Point conceded to the haters, I guess?

2) The lack of good plot/characterization

Now I can understand having heightened standards for such things in 2009 and beyond, but take into consideration that the plot was lifted right out of the 1990's... as in it was literally 1990 when the plot was first written. I'll forgive the story for being cut-and-dried considering the game's pedigree. It comes from a time when the cliches it delivers were not as old and worn yet.

Edit: 3 ) the sidequests require less than 15 units in your army

Yes, this blows. Missing out on interesting side cahracters and extra content because you're too good at the game? Bleh.

4) Sedgar, Wolf
5) Warp Staves with infinite range
6) Javelins being better than Iron Lances
7) Frey/Norne pointlessly not being available on HM
8) Some playable characters have 0 lines
9) Online shop only selling broken items on specific days of the month
10) Forging being so stupid expensive + The multiplayer
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User Info: peter_888

5 years ago#14
I'm a gamer dang it, not a pc gamer or a console gamer, just a gamer.

User Info: jonnovision1

5 years ago#15
I would say FE6 but since it seems you're only counting official localizations so FE7.
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User Info: misemanek

5 years ago#16
I would say

FE7>FE8>FE6>shadow dragon (don't know the number)

Only reason why 8 is ahead of 6 for me is I loved the branching promotions, really gave a lot more replay value to me

Oh and shadow dragon just was not good.....
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User Info: WrenchNinja

5 years ago#17
FE7 for GBA. Just ignore Shadow Dragon. Or don't.

User Info: assassin29

5 years ago#18
Can someone recommend where I can find FE12, the translation, and the best emulator to play it on? I apologize if I'm breaking any rules by asking.

User Info: ArthasReborn

5 years ago#19
I never really got a chance to play Shadow Dragon, but why is it so universally reviled?

User Info: Soanevalcke6

5 years ago#20
I don't really Like any of the Handheld titles, but FE8>FE6>FE7>FE12>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FE11

Otherwise: Thracia>Path of Radiance>Awakening>Geneology of the Holy War>Radiant Dawn>Sacred Stones>Sealed Sword>Blazing Sword>Mystery of the Emblem>Gaiden>Shadow Dragon
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