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User Info: SunaKi10

2 months ago#1
I finaly tackled my first Quarzwale.

Was only able to repell him, despite putting my everything into him.
I was terrifyed after I heard, hes a actual Threat, unlike Dahren and more scaled for a big Group.
So I researched his everything.
Hitzones, how often he attacks the Ship, and after which Times, and every small and big Trick revolving around him.
I found someone destroying him whit Miralis GS, despite full Raw beeing likely better.
The Guy even managed to find a Spot under the Armpit, what makes it super easy to attack the Belly, whitout much Resistance.

Well I fastly underrestimated the amout of Healing I need and my Demondances just didnt at much Damage as he did. Even after the third Round on his Back, I was unable to break the second Finweakspot, and trying to find the Safespot got me hit a lot. Maybe its just not so easy if your DB, and as such shorter Range?
His mini Bellyflops pretty much destroyed my every Atempt of not taking Damage, and he loves spamming that, and Rocks.
Next try, I just focus on the Arms.
My Set is Fireattack 2, Handi, and Attack M.
Whit the Faustsolution DBs, from Miralis.
Whit Felyne Bombardeer and M-Demondrug, M-Dashjuice, and Mightpill as special Items.
The Guy didnt even use all the Anti Dragonbombs and got him at 24 Minutes.
Even the other, worse Runers got him, and they made bigger Mistakes, or had worse Gear.
I hope it was just me beeing inexperienced in Practiceruns.
My Kayamba had still Sleep on his Knife, I sould have gotten for the Arms, and maybe I got a bad Roll on his HP, or the Time before he kicks me of, ect.

I studied this Hunt in and out, and was only able to do so much, that just dissapoints me.
I have a good Set, experienced every Monster and made every Weapon I wanted minus his HBG, so theres no Shame in retireing I guess, but thats not sadisfying, I guess I can try it again, or switch to HBG.

And Storys, or Tipps?

User Info: gleamingcobra

1 month ago#2
I can't speak from personal experience, since I haven't fought him yet, but I'm sure Adrenaline +2, Challenger +2, and Felyne heroics are good skills to invest in. Possibly even fortify?

User Info: gleamingcobra

1 month ago#3
And I can guarantee you won't do enough damage with the arms.

User Info: gleamingcobra

1 month ago#4
Ok, I've now killed my fair share of H. Jhens. I usually get him in less than 25 mins if I'm not going for arm breaks. My advice if you're just trying to kill him, forget about the tusks or arms. They don't matter unless you want to shoot them with ballista (fixed damage). Focus on breaking the spine cracks in the first phase. If you're not breaking them you need to not get thrown off, learn how to stay on his back, where you can be and where you might fall off. Hit him with the LBB+ in the first phase in his mouth if you can after a belly flop. Once the spine cracks are done hit him with ballista, stop his attacks and do more damage on his back of you can. Focus on his belly or mouth if it's available. Save the anti dragon bombs.

2nd phase, fire the binder instantly once he's within range. It'll charge up again. Then sharpen, take a might pill, and run out to start whacking him. Focus on his belly as much as you can. It will do thepst damage. You have to be careful to not be hit, but it's worth it. Arms won't do as much damage. If you do enough damage to his belly he will fall on his back and this is when you put all four anti dragon bombs in his mouth. Absurd damage. You can also knock him on his back after a gong into a big belly flop of course. Hit his mouth as hard as you can if you already used the bombs. Use the Dragonator as soon as he reaches the boat so it can recharge faster. Belly flops are your main concern. His breath attack is dangerous but is a great opening for some damage.

Follow these tips and I don't see why you can't kill him in a reasonable time. Just maximize your damage and don't fall off during the first phase, and get that sweet belly damage without getting rolled in the second. I personally think an awakened Grongigas set is one of the best blademaster sets. DB might have too short of range to safely get belly and spine cracks like you said, but I know it's doable. Brachy DB may be better for you and with that bombardier skill, but I'm not sure.

I don't see why you shouldn't have Attack up L. Get the full Miralis set if you don't have it.

User Info: SunaKi10

1 month ago#5
Well thnx, but outside of holding on to the Bombs and not getting kicked off, I pretty much did know all of that.
Like I said, I researched him pretty well.

Attack up L gives me 5 Points of Raw, but then I have to sacrifice Fireattack 2, what is obviously better.
I would do it if I switch Weapons.
One of my Top Charms has +9 Attack, so im not limited to Fullsets.
I will remember your other Advice.

User Info: Montster

3 weeks ago#6
One thing I would suggest is bring cha cha and kayamba and give one the artillery mask and the other the lamp mask. Give them both speedy recovery, give the one with the lamp mask seven lives and attack up and give the artillery mask rocketeer. Then every single time when jhen is in range and your shakalakas are up ping the one with the artillery mask to fire the other for massive damage.

I actually just beat jhen today and basically just mapped out his movements as I'm sure you have. I used Helios zzzxz set with brisant demolisher SA and slot in bombardier. I would drink a mega dash juice right before mounting him the first time then jump on drop the 4 dragon bombs on his tusk (do 2 then move forward a bit and do two more to avoid them blowing you off of jhen) I'd then go to the weak fin and do the SA hack and slash attack that uses stamina and just do that infinitely until I got bucked off. I would break the fin before before getting bucked off and even get quite a few more hits in. Then I'd sharpen and then the second time I'd mount him I'd go right back to the same fin and do the same thing.

Also another thing I'd do for a little extra damage is when jhen flips over the boat I'd plant large barrel bombs on the left side of the ship then when he surfaces I'd hit the gong and he was usually close enough that I could detonate them and hit him. Also brought bounce bombs+, not sure how much. Damage they actually do but seems like you can fire them off pretty quick and they seem to do some good damage.

Anyways those are my tips, not sure if you already knew them all but hopefully there is something helpful in there. I think I killed him around the 24 minute mark.
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  3. Hallowed Jhen is terrifying
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