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User Info: SunaKi10

2 months ago#1
Now after my fifth Abyssalkill, I have finaly an Opinion on all Rarespecies.

Hardest to easyest:
Molten>Abyssal Lagiacrus>Lucent Nargacuga>Gold Rathian>Silver Rathalos

Favorite to least:

Gold feels more flashed out and dynamic of all tri Raths, so im feeling not bad about giving her a Spot over Abyssal. Hellfire in World certainly helped.

Lucent is interesting. If you memorized Base Nargas Kombopatterns, you know exactly what she does. This leeds into her Invisibility feeling pretty well balanced. Still prefere Guarding her s***, cause I overrely on the Lock on, and that messes up my Directions.
I wish there would be a good Ice SnS to deal whit her.
And am I wrong or does her Tailhitbox Work? Maybe because shes oversized, so the Tail fits around the Hitbox? But I wasnt hit very often, so who knows?

Hes fast, as big as Goldcrown Lagi, expands his Hitbox whit Thunder, high Stunchances, a lot of full Body Attacks, and I feel he summons his Wirlpools to fast.
Like normal Lagi managable but kinda cheap.
But well, I need two Dynamos and five Shockers from him (And two S.Skymeralds, cause f*** me and my tri regular ones). So I will have to deal whit him for a while.
Wall Exploid was kinda s***.
He moves to much, can still hit you whit Rangemoves, a Invisible Wall absorbs some of your Shots and Im sure, Ammo has less Range underwather. Killed him in 40 Minutes whit no Ammo left by using the Dragonator.
Not a good solo Strategy.

Well, I feel Variants left a better overall Impression on me, but I would be thrilled to see anyone of them return in future Games, minus Silver of course.

User Info: Limebeer

2 months ago#2
Barioth SnS is probably the best ice SnS in this game, I think if you Felvine Bomb Lucient it'll help you keep track of its location.

Though I usually just use the Brachydios SnS with Bombardier and go with that.
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User Info: Teran17

2 months ago#3
Lucent doesn't take enough Ice damage for it to even be worth it, and even the above post is true about the Barioth SnS, it's kind of a dud because every matchup where it could be used there's a better option.

Just use slime on Lucent.
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User Info: SunaKi10

2 months ago#4
Im aware, thats why I didnt answered.
The Stats of Barioths SnS and DBs arent worth it.
Lance is pretty good, but the other two have way to little Ice, and or bad Raw, even whit Affinity calculated in.

Next best Option could be the Alatreon SnS, but I dont even try, whitout Multiplayer. Slime makes Chacha and Kayamba less efficient, but overall works.
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