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User Info: sebasjimmy

1 year ago#1
The title says it all, i know the game its old but i liked this game a lot and i just came back for fun and nostalgia.
I have rath soul z armor and i can gem Bombardier or atack up M with brachy longsword, wich its better? I can switch Bombardier for atack up when im using no slime weapons, thanks and sorry for bad english
I think bombadier? Been a while since I played it.
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User Info: Limebeer

1 year ago#3
No worries my dude , I still play this game over any other hand held one.

Bombardier for sure, slime is alot more better in this game then the blast element is in later generations.

If you had attack up L, that may be worth switching out to, but I find bombardier is overall better as it gives you more explosion procs, plus you can just eat for attack up L at the kitchen or drink a megademondrug

The only time I'd switch out the bombardier is if you are going against something strong/resistant against blast, then raw damage is better to have.
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User Info: Prince_Hircine

11 months ago#4
Yeah, Slime was awesome in 3U. Bombardier is a great slap-on skill.
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