Easing the Odds on Rare items.

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User Info: Muzika2013

3 years ago#171
Majin_Buu420 posted...
Since I don't have access to Mark of a Hero or G-rank yet which of these is the best way to farm Brachydios Gems:
Cut and carve the tail, Kill and Carve
Cut and carve the tail then capture or
Carve the tail and abandon if I don't get one

I say the first one.
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User Info: linforcer

1 year ago#172
So am I just misunderstanding the kiranico numbers?

The way I see it, for example for Lagiacrus mantle you're looking at

Lagiacrus Alert with Cap/Horns broken/tail carved
1- (0.97*0.98*0.98)^3*100% ~ 19.2% which is markedly higher than the 11% in the post.

Meanwhile it looks like Duty's call has 2 opportunities of 3%, then the cap, tail and horn from one ivory lagi, (assuming this isn't one of those missions that carve mega potions)
Which is 1- (0.97*0.97*0.97*0.97*0.98)*100% - or about 13.2%
If there is only a single 3% chance and the quest is listed twice by mistake, then we get the 10.6% that is probably being rounded up to 11 on the Japanese page....
Alternatively, if we have mega pots carves (Ive never done this quest) that's end up about 11.5% which I guess could have been (incorrectly-ish) rounded down.

What part am I misunderstanding?
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: CPS 3

10 months ago#173

A bit OT but I thought MH always rounds down or rather just cuts the decimals. Or is that just with 4u onwards?
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User Info: gwwak

3 weeks ago#174
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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