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User Info: Ano_Kanan

5 years ago#11
and I suppose you never play BDFF too

DQX way more better than that game

User Info: Bigalaz1

5 years ago#12
Could you guys not get the fact that the OP hasn't even played the game? Because I thought that was plainly obvious from the wording of the post. Completely worthless post at that - do you also go into the forums of the endless amounts of mmorps out there and tell them how awful the game is too because it's an online rpg?

User Info: CranberryPSO

5 years ago#13
It is rather obvious he's never actually played the game. I suspect that's why he has now vanished from this topic.
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User Info: Mysticwarriormj

5 years ago#14
How much xp does a troll get per person that tries to counter his statement?
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User Info: CranberryPSO

5 years ago#15
1500 experience points.
Best quest to fight tons of Canadians really fast? ~HaienLai
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User Info: TirMcDohl

5 years ago#16
Trailblazer34 posted...
Represents the dumbing down of square enix. Online is the future they say. Well clearly a compelling narrative isn't, because how are you going to make a story in a game like this. RPG's are meant to whisk you away to another world, and that's difficult to do when you're leeching money off the players for more mediocre plotless drivel. This game doesn't deserve an English release. In fact, this game should have been cancelled. Save up resources for a true next gen dragon quest. Not this imitation garbage. Play Bravely Default instead. Best Square game in years, if only because it isn't online and doesnt features the worst character ever (Lightning).

I agree with you.
I have played every Dragon Quest series since 1 until 9 , and I don't even have to play this game to know that this game is going to be awful.

DQ 9 storyline was almost the borderline of your usual generic mmorpg style : "player taking quest from npc - getting the item the npc requested - taking the reward , rinse and repeat"
I know that pattern is basically the same for every rpg , but the difference is that the offline rpg made it less obvious, and it has an engaging storyline, and the ability for player to immerse into the world.
But they took those elements away by introducing "online style" gameplay.

It was still bearable but damn... I thought they were getting back to their roots again in DQ X , but no... they took it one step further to finally making it mmorpg style.

This is direct quote from wikipedia:
"Dragon Quest X can only be played offline for a few hours and then needs to be played online to access all of the content. There is a monthly subscription fee.[7][8][9] The game utilizes cloud storage for save files and other game data"

This is what pisses me off, not only it became mmorpg, but also you have to pay monthly subscription fee.

You can never make a good rpg if you put a stupid online element on it. Hence thats why there's mmorpg genre instead. I think it is a common sense here that you don't f***ing play mmo for storyline, you don't do that. You play the game for the social element that is partying together, kill the enemy along with your online friends.
That's something that I want to avoid like an AIDS. I play rpg to escape from reality, and having fun with ingame's world, not trying to socialize with bunch of random people from the internet that I don't f***ing know, and f***ing care. If I wanna do that, I am going to play mmorpg instead.

I see that DQ is taking the same path as FF by going online as well, and that is a bad news.
Of all rpg series out there, I was expecting that DQ series is the only series that is going to stay loyal to its own genre , atleast they managed to do that from 1 until 8 ( I don't count 9 as it was a half assed mmorpg)

I sincerely hope that the next DQ 11 is going to be offline, and going back again to its own root.
If it is not broken, then do not fix it. Why it is so hard to understand that concept?

User Info: CranberryPSO

5 years ago#17
The story in Dragon Quest X has captivated and drawn me in more than any other game has in recent memory, and this is with not being able to actually read the story and seeing it carried out through the cut scenes and expressions on the characters.

While there is a social element to Dragon Quest X, you frequently see people playing alone in parties of COMs. There is a great deal of story content in the game, with more being added. This is still Dragon Quest and the story plays a huge part of it. Its not just tacked on, it's an essential part of the game. There is probably more story here than in the offline games, with more story being added. This game is a lot different from your standard MMORPG. It's designed knowing that a lot of Dragon Quest players want to treat it as a single player adventure, and it has mechanics in place to allow you to do so if you so wish.
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User Info: Yagami_Sama

5 years ago#18
this is something I did not understand.

You haven't played the game and are you saying the the game is horrible?

I have been playing the game for quite a long time, and no complaints about the game, pay monthly fee is not something I like, but it was my choice, still there is an offline mode.

And also, try to play the game first and after that you may complaint about.
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User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#19
Don't buy it, Trailblazer has been trashing DQX for years now. It's just been awhile since he's felt a need to come around and trash it all over again.

It stands as a GOOD testimate that the ONLY people who have ANYTHING negative to say about this game, are people who have NOT PLAYED IT.

I repeat, the only people who have anything negative to say about this game are those who have NOT played it.

I notice how the second poster to agree with the TC has indicated he has not played this game either, and stopped at Dragon Quest IX, for ridiculous, dumbfounding reasons that have nothing to do with DQIX, and takes issue with a game, DQX, he has NEVER played.

I have yet to read a single opinion from anyone who has bothered to play this for more than an hour who doesn't either enjoy it to some degree, or declares it as one of their favourite Dragon Quest games ever. Not one.

I haven't played, so I'll reserve judgment of my own, but I will say flat out, it's pathetic to bash a game you've never played and never will play. The saddest part about it is you'll likely convince yourself it's terrible if you try to play Trailblazer, rather than approach DQX with an open mind. I for one am only unhappy with the usage X, rather than calling it DQ Online, but I understand the main purpose for this is to ensure higher participation rates, because it IMPLIES that DQX has greater focus than a side-game/gaiden.

I'm also excited at the prospects discussed by several interviews from the producers indicating a desire to continue creating new content for 10, even 20 years if not longer. So that means they want to keep this game going and make it worthwhile.

Not to mention I doubt Trailblazer has spent anytime with any MMO, so I doubt he has any concept of what the MMO experience is. It's like someone who believes they'll hate a particular food, and will go so far in their INSANITY to convince themselves of how horrible the experience of eating it will be, that any chance of finding enjoyment is impossible because they've convinced themselves they can only find pain and suffering in the act of taking a single bite.

I forget what the particular personality disorder is, but I find it very sad. You have my pity sir. If you don't believe you'll like a game, and don't choose to play it ever, then keep your mouth shut because you can't speak from experience. It drives away good people who may find immense enjoyment and pleasure in participating, but are skeptical because they don't fully understand yet what they're getting into. Oh, and bear in mind that if you actually "like" DQ, this goes a long way to harming the series in the US. So good job, I dolphin clap for your self-defeating efforts. If this was a shoddy translation that had tons of errors and the game were unplayable, that would be a good reason to complain, but this? Pathetic.
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User Info: MyotisSeraph

5 years ago#20
I am in absolute agreement.

I also feel I again must stress that it's very odd that so many people judge a game's worth on the story rather than the game itself, especially in a series like Dragon Quest.
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