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  3. Is your birthday important?

User Info: ANW

9 months ago#1
Mine is 5/19
The first day you can get the frozen artist on your team

Does your birthday fall on certain events in the game?
Light can blind, and the shadows can hide.
They're neither good nor evil. They are tools. It who uses them that matters.
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User Info: Dagamingphoenix

7 months ago#3
Nope, it doesn't do anything, I don't even think the game askes for it IIRC
Being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment
- Pod 153, NieR:Automata

User Info: Jehuty726

7 months ago#4
July 26, heat waves...
When will I have FF7R and Persona 6 in my hands?

User Info: MT_TRAEH

4 months ago#5
not for me
The wicked and deceitful generation seeketh for a sign and none shall be given.
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  3. Is your birthday important?
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