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User Info: william1657

2 years ago#1
I just started playing this game (I just beat stage 3) and I've got a question for the board:
Does it get less quick-timey and/or gum-gum-parkour-ey later on?

I don't mind a few quick time events, but this is just too much.
Also, the gum-gum parkour seems like it would have flowed better if you didn't have to aim it. Just go to a spot, hit the action button, and latch on to the closest action point.

User Info: Qu_Ane

2 years ago#2
Well I'm streaming it (along with a few other games) you can check the vids on my page and see what you think about it.

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User Info: Nightmare319

2 years ago#3
I'm going to say no, I just started playing myself and am about 1/3 or so through the main story and there have been way too many quick time puzzles, its a fun game, but I find myself liking the "Another Log" mode a little better, because so far, there has been none of that.
Nightmare -3/19/2003 - 1/5/2005 R.I.P.
PSN: Nightmare-319 Pawn: Sakura (Level 130+ Strider)

User Info: Nightmare319

2 years ago#4
Update: I've gotten a bit further into the game and I have to say there are WAY too many parkour quicktime events in this game, to the point where its killing my enthusiasm for playing it.
Nightmare -3/19/2003 - 1/5/2005 R.I.P.
PSN: Nightmare-319 Pawn: Sakura (Level 130+ Strider)

User Info: PAJEH

2 years ago#5
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