skills help pls

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User Info: hitsugaya95

2 years ago#1
how i can unlock other characters second skill? like white beard earth and heaven shaker and ace "entei" ? also wanna know how to level up more than 50

User Info: hitsugaya95

2 years ago#2
also how i can get new world clothes for other mugiwara

User Info: megasean3000

2 years ago#3
To get character's secondary skills, you have to complete their Other Log respectively, so if you want Ace's Entei, you will need to complete his Other Log (Which is only just The Scaffold) and the same for Whitebeard and his Other Log.

Unfortunately, you can't get other New World clothes except for Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, which is a shame, cus I prefer them in their New World clothes :(
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User Info: hitsugaya95

2 years ago#4
and there is something important about the treasury board? i dont know how to open it

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