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User Info: Falloutmaster77

2 years ago#1
I have decided to come back to this game and get the rest of the trophy's i didn't have before in preparation for the 3rd game.

So if anyone needs the coins for whatever reason whether its because you need the trophy or because you need to have everything in this game then message me.

PSN: Archangel_Aeon

User Info: CRtwenty

2 years ago#2
I'm trying for the same thing
PSN: CRtwenty
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User Info: griffmike

2 years ago#3
Same here
PSN: Mikey1603

User Info: Falloutmaster77

2 years ago#4
I'm still willing to help anyone who needs the coins. Just message me I'm going to be online pretty much until the 3rd game comes out.

User Info: O_Town_Rulez

2 years ago#5
I just bought this so I'm friending everyone here for the coins.
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User Info: Astyaria

2 years ago#6
I just got this from the flash sale, so I need them too. :)
PSN: Rashacha

User Info: Wolverine416

2 years ago#7
I'd love to find a few people to help with online coins too. Please add me :)

PSN: epsilon_fenrir

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