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JohnnyBoi983 3 months ago#1
I want to get back into P4 Golden and I have a habit of wanting to max all the social links on new game like I have with P3 FES and P5. I want to follow a guide that'll really help with that and I want to pick one early in my playthrough as not to hurt myself down the road.

https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/641695-persona-4-golden/faqs/64630 by yangxu

https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/641695-persona-4-golden/faqs/76145/100-guide by Hurricanehaon

After looking around a bit, these two seem like they would be the best but I am having a hard time picking out one over another. If anyone has experience with either or another max social link guide that they think is better please comment below.
elpapitochulo 3 months ago#2
https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/641695-persona-4-golden/faqs/65282 by KADFC

It is probably the best guide out there. I have used Hurricanehaon's guide before. It is a pretty good guide as well.
JohnnyBoi983 3 months ago#3
Thanks for your post, elpapitochulo. Can you tell me why these two are pretty good guides? I have played and gotten MAX social link runs for P3 FES and P5, so my mindset tends to learn towards yangxu's minimalist guide while I value Hurricanehaon's tips that yangxu's does not mention (example, you can get double knowledge if you are lucky with the studying).
elpapitochulo 3 months ago#4
For me (and I'm going off memory here so please forgive if I'm not 100% accurate), KADFC's guide was very comprehensive. He tells you when you go eat at XYZ place, you should get a boost to ABC attribute, or when you leave the TV world, make sure you've captured these specific Persona bc you can use them to fuse. He also gives you fusion recipes. He tells you when specific dates are on the calendar that you need to know.
JohnnyBoi983 3 months ago#5
After looking through them, I can tell KADFC worked very hard on his guide with the amount of detail put in, but, I know this could come off as redundant with the context of this post so far, I think his guide is a a bit too comprehensive. At least when it comes to the dungeons themselves. I want to get the most out what I can with outside the dungeon while inside the dungeon I prefer to go in with as few spoilers as possible. Unless it mentions I need something for outside the dungeon (like you said, specific persona needed for social links).
elpapitochulo 2 months ago#6
It will list the enemies, weaknesses, items they drop, etc. He does list what arcana of Persona (Fool, Emperor, Lovers, etc.) you should carry with you when you leave.
JohnnyBoi983 2 months ago#7
I agree that the last part of is necessary for a social link guide, but I am not looking for a dungeon walkthrough. Just how to to be able to get the most with the time outside the dungeon. After looking through them a bit, I think I am starting to prefer Hurricanhaon's mix of minimalistic and comprehensive.
elpapitochulo 2 months ago#8
Awesome. The guide does not matter, only that you enjoy the game.
JohnnyBoi983 2 months ago#9
Yea the only problem I had with his guide, at least early on, was that I had to grind to lvl 18 in first dungeon so I had to bring an Aeon persona for Marie; however, we only interact with her once until the next dungeon which is her rank 2 that auto ranks up and does not award any social points. So for now I'll stick to Hurricanhaon's guide and see where I go.
Payzmaykr 1 month ago#10
I always use yangxu’s guide.
So long,
Thanks for all the fish!
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