That "one little mistake" in the past (Story question, Spoilers)

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User Info: Chimeramanexe

4 months ago#1
In any of the expanded info for the series released in the various games, manga, anime, and so forth, was there ever an elaboration on what exactly Adachi did to get reassigned to Inaba? I've always kind of wondered.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

4 months ago#2
It's never stated.

We can infer. Based on his character, that it was probably worse than he lets on.

That said, it's probably not as bad as a worst case scenario, given what we see.

I'd put my money on abusing his position over something he feels he's owed.

Golden anime expands on him the most outside of the main game + Golden, but we never see the event. It's mostly stuff from Golden expanded -- opposite of MC in high school -- more withdrawn in college, seemingly great detective who's passed over for promotion and recognition. And he ends up in Inaba very shortly before MC does, slightly earlier that year.
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User Info: darkzero000

4 months ago#3
We never know but can guess from how Adachi act through SLink:
_He like to play game with manipulate people into "role" then watch them play out
_He assume about people and cope quite bad with how they turn out not like his imagination (MC, the 2 victim he killed)
_He was quite talent with many stuff, but do bad on purpose to find fun, prefer to stay alone due to "easier" than having company. And still angry when when bad thing come his way.

It is safe to assume he play his useless act too much, make people discontent with him, and any mistake he made give them a chance to throw the lazy guy out.

User Info: Reciful_II

3 months ago#4
Might've got caught pulling guns on folk, apparently it was one of his favorite things about being a detective.
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