Just got this game, got some questions.

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User Info: AgentTunaGhosty

4 months ago#1
Hey. So, I just got this game for christmas, and I have some questions.

I'm on the 28th of april and i'm preparing to go end the first dungeon. Was it a bad idea to wait this long?

Should I just do dungeons as fast as possible or should I wait until the last minute to do them?

I have a save back on the 17th that I can start from if I really messed up.

And finally, is there anything else I should know about the game? I've never played or seen another Persona game.
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User Info: Finis-XII

4 months ago#2
You should do dungeons as soon as possible. I don't really remember what the consequences of waiting are at the moment. Just get them over with as soon as you can.

The only other thing you should know is Chie is the Best Girl.
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User Info: elpapitochulo

4 months ago#3
Make sure that whoever you hang out with, you have their matching persona in your inventory. For example, if you hang out with Youske, make sure you have a persona of the magician arcana.

Try to complete dungeons in 1 day.

Prioritize spending time with your party members over non-party members.

Fuse personas often.

Dont worry too much about buying weapons and accessories. Most of your damage will come from exploiting weaknesses and all-out attacks.

If you're following a guide and it doesn't rank up a SL when the guide says it is supposed to, don't stress. There is plenty of time towards the end of the game to finish everything up.

Enjoy and don't get baited into the waifu wars.

User Info: NextGenCowboy

4 months ago#4
The December dungeon skips time ahead to the 24 when beat. You should complete that one as late much as possible. Most people like 2 trips. One on the first day, one on the 21/22 to beat it, which is the last day to beat it and see all the bonus scenes.

Waiting on dungeons tends to lock off party links. Which is why people suggest doing every other dungeon early. But waiting and raising other links us viable, it's simply thar party links and hermit offer the best bonuses.
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User Info: terran3999999

4 months ago#5
It helps to beat dungeons as fast as possible but its not mandatory. While a new dungeon is active your party members won't want to socialize with you because they want to focus on saving the new victim.

The December dungeon is the opposite, you should put off beating the boss until the 22nd. You wouldn't want to miss your Christmas date with your precious waifu(or the bros) right?

If you want to get the Perfect Ending you also need to make sure to max out Aeon before you beat the December dungeon, its a fairly easy task.

The best girl is the one you should pick, don't listen to the stupid fanboys and trolls. Make your own decision.

Also copying and pasting an old post of mine:
Not sure what Social Links to focus on? Raise the ones connected to your teammates! By maxing them out, you get three major awesome rewards: new skills, a new passive that helps with their weakness and their Persona will evolve! This also helps your scanner too. If by chance you want to keep your chastity belt(lulz) you can also opt to friendzone the hell out of all of the female characters.
Other recommended ones are:
Tower-it can lessen the burden needed to grind the ultimate Persona for his ultimate skill
Sun-the ultimate Persona of that Arcana, Asura, has the skill Unshaken Will: a passive skill that blocks all status effects except for Poison.

Fool, Star and Judgement are raised automatically during the storyline so no need to worry about them.

Don't get too attached to your Personae, most of them anyway. There's only a few rare cases where a Persona is worth permanently keeping around. It takes a massive amount of exp to raise them to very high levels so its advise to always keep your Personae up to date and keep on fusing stronger ones.

If by chance you are tight on yen, feel free to skip buying some equipments. No, I'm not messing with you: the attack power of weapons don't affect attack skills and armor defense plays a very small role in defense.(The MC's Endurance, his elemental affinity, and passives and if it applies plus their level compare to the enemy are far more important) Armor is still semi-important for your other teammates since they can't raise their Endurance stat that easily. Magic does nothing for magic defense so don't be horrified at characters with low to average Magic.

Go into the TV when you need to rescue someone and again when the game gives you notice of a strong Shadow in older dungeons. Optional bosses spawn at the places where you fought the Shadow "Selves". By beating the optional bosses you get some neat equipments and a boost to Courage.

Even the "first" dungeon has a weapon there free for the taking! The place where you fought Shadow Yosuke to be exact.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

3 months ago#6
Finis-XII posted...
The only other thing you should know is Chie is the Best Girl.
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User Info: SteveGrabowski

3 months ago#7
NextGenCowboy posted...
The December dungeon skips time ahead to the 24 when beat. You should complete that one as late much as possible.

Crap I wish I had read this thread. I'm in the middle of that dungeon on December 9th with the character who gives SP bonuses after each fight maxed out so I'm almost always at full SP, and thus doubt I'd need a second day on this dungeon. At least now I know not to finish it today.
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