Trophies without Timestamps

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User Info: bartsimpson916

4 months ago#1
I was lazy and didn't connect to WiFi when playing at a different house, so I earned 2 trophies that do not have timestamps. Is there a way to fix the no timestamp issue? If I leave it alone, this wouldn't prevent me from getting platinum right? Thanks.
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User Info: Seitar

4 months ago#2
I haven't seen anyone being able to fix it but I haven't heard about the timestamp issue preventing anyone from getting a platinum.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

4 months ago#3
I am missing a timestamp for fusion accident -- my PSTV got unplugged and I never signed in and set the time before I realized.

You'll still get the platinum, I have it, but there's no way to fix it, and it's very annoying.
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User Info: XcZeus3469

4 months ago#4
Each trophy has a flag that needs to be triggered to unlock it, and once unlocked it is stored on your profile memory. The trigger for every platinum trophy is that all other trophies are set to unlocked so no you cannot get screwed out of a platinum.
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