Should I buy a vita just for this game?

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  3. Should I buy a vita just for this game?

User Info: DarkShine0

7 months ago#1
I read everywhere that this is the definitive version of p4, but are the improvements really worth it? I don't wanna buy a console just for a game, will I miss much if I play the vanilla version instead of the golden one?

User Info: NextGenCowboy

7 months ago#2
You will miss a lot.

That said, no. One game is probably not worth buying a console for.

On the other hand, PSTV plays the game, and it plus P4G will likely costs you $70-80 U.S.

This is the route I went, when the Vita TV/PSTV was on sale. Ended up costing the same as a new game, with shipping. That I could easily justify.

If you're, literally, only playing P4G on it -- as I do -- then you don't even need a memory card. There's enough built in storage for save files if your copy of P4G is physical.
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User Info: Finis-XII

7 months ago#3
P4G was my biggest reason to buy a Vita.
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User Info: Heartfang

7 months ago#4
The playstation TV is definitely the way to go. And there are also plenty of other good vita games that you can play on it. And it also allows cross play on a PS4 from another room in your house. I don't regret the purchase at all.

And this game is definitely the way to go compared to vanilla. More social links, two extra months, tons of extra voiced dialogue many new events like fireworks and beach events, even a concert. Plenty of tweaks to the mechanics as well that make the game easier to play.
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User Info: alvinkim7030

7 months ago#5
I thought I hated JRPG's until I played P4G and now it's my favorite game :D. If you can't get a cheap PSTV better to just emulate the original

User Info: KujikawaRising

7 months ago#6
Get a PSTV. Could be as low as $50 for the PSTV w/controller + P4G. This is a 100 hour game so you're getting a much better value for your time than you would if you bought a $300 console with a $60 game you'd play for 40 hours.

I spent $100 on it back when the PSTV was newish and have zero regrets. Major improvement over vanilla.
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  3. Should I buy a vita just for this game?

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