so yu doesn't have a shadow version?

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  3. so yu doesn't have a shadow version?

User Info: tkh1234567890

5 months ago#1
unlike the other who have to face their other self spouting the truth to them, yu has no need for it but rather he just got it one fine moment, and next using it to save yosuke from his version, and everyone after him who has it has to face their shadow spouting the truth to them.
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User Info: HanbeiKliesen

5 months ago#2
..........You missed something crucial.

He is a Wild Card that already had the natural ability, this is explained very clearly in the Velvet Room, several times. For others, they need to "face themselves" and therefore accept themselves to use a persona. Yu is already pretty honest with himself and does not really have any inner demons, so he never needs to go through the ordeal(even Saki and the announcer could have obtained shadows, had they not been killed by them)

Due to the fact that they can only use their power in the Midnight Channel, Yu was never actually able to do this(and was unaware of his power) until the first time he encountered shadows there.

He has a shadow in the manga, though this is not canon and very different from other shadow interactions.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

5 months ago#3
HanbeiKliesen posted...
He has a shadow in the manga

And in the anime (not the Golden version though).
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User Info: Smiffwilm

5 months ago#4
Just pretend Adachi is.
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User Info: Cogito

5 months ago#5
yu doesnt need to tame his shadow
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User Info: andhros

5 months ago#6
You can't have a shadow and a persona in the in-game lore since they are two sides of the same entity. This is tweaked in anime and manga to turn P4MC into Narukami Yu/Seto Souji.

There is some conjecture that P4MC had the potential like the cast of P3. And that P4MC had the potential morph into the wild card like the P3MC due to having a similar experience in their history.
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  3. so yu doesn't have a shadow version?

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