Good level for 3rd dungeon?

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User Info: FlyinTonite

5 months ago#1
Just finished the 2nd dungeon and I only had the initial equipment (somehow I always end up broke) and I finally invested in the best equipment (that's available) for my characters after this dungeon and I'm curious what level is good for the 3rd dungeon? I'm level 24 right now. Playing on normal.
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User Info: Cogito

5 months ago#2
yes, you are good at lv 24 for the starting floors. then level in 3rd dungeon.
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User Info: Watereol

5 months ago#3
Persona 4 is pretty simple with it's level curve

Be at level 15 at the end of the first dungeon
25 at the end of the second
35 at the end of the third

And so on
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