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User Info: ccarter71

7 months ago#1
I would some tips strategy on this I started over many times because I forgot something or slink was missing or wasn't high enough.

Now I know maxing out Marie archive are needed for the golden/true ending but what other do I need to max out.

Second what state need to be worked on first. I know certain job, slink, require them but I realize there is not enough time in days to get things done which frustrating. That why I am love hate relationship with this game love the story and the dungeon crawler ingredients hat the time management.

So if anyone can help thanks in advance.

User Info: Carryduffp

7 months ago#2
What do you mean about that social link point? Are you wanting to max all social links, and have started over because you weren't successful?
If that's the case you should follow a guide - or go for a max social link run on NG+. It is very difficult to do otherwise.

Marie is the only social link you need for the epilogue. Get hers to rank 10 before you finish the December dungeon. I don't think others are required.

I don't know which stat to tell you, I can't remember. The knowledge stat takes the longest to rank up though.
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User Info: andhros

7 months ago#3
If you concentrate on a skill it should prolly be Knowledge. While the others are needed for jobs and S.Link tiers you will get better test scores which give you a few bonus points towards all school s.links + Nanako and Dojima.

This game has an NG+ mode. If you are unsure about replaying this game in NG+ mode then I would recommend a guide. If however, you do plan on playing again then just concentrate on maxing the skills as well as the Aeon and Empress S.Links this playthrough. Subsequent games will be much less taxing once the skills are maxed.
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