Persona 4 golden has so many endings... have some questions about that. Spoilers

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User Info: xyphilia

8 months ago#1
I think I've gotten all the bad endings, like nanako dying, me joining adachi (weird cutscene at the end there with adachi seemingly in the middle of nowhere and the Mc crushes his phone on the train in anger)

But now I want to ask about the normal, good, better and golden endings. I spared namatame, chose adachi, but now on December 7ish before going to bed I'm presented with a choice to go see adachi alone or wait with the rest of the group.

I did see adachi, and the jester link transformed into hunger link? Then Yosuke finds out I went to see adachi. Should I not see adachi or something? What is the path I should be going if I want the most preferable ending possible. Is the gas station attendant still a thing in golden? And I was told marie fits into all this somehow. I just don't want to go through the dungeons only to find out I did something wrong and won't get the true final golden good ending.

User Info: bl4ckheartnet

8 months ago#2
Seeing Adachi is normal. You're on your way to Good/True/Gold ending. Just get the Golden ending, since every extra ending is literally an expansion from the previous.

Also, you need to have maxed Marie to get Best Ending

User Info: andhros

8 months ago#3
I believe you locked yourself out of the "normal" ending. In that ending you spare Namatame but don't guess Adachi in 3 tries. Nanako recovers, but the fog persists and everyone is sad to see you go.

"good" ending is what you are on. Marie may or may not be maxed for S.Link, but after you stop Adachi you merely leave town rather than go further.

"best" ending same as good, but solve last mystery and confront gas attendant.

"golden" same as best but Marie has to be maxed S.Link before you defeat Adachi.

User Info: xyphilia

8 months ago#4
And that meeting adachi in the tv alone. Are there more scenes or action choices like that up to the golden ending? Also just need to confirm whether I should see him alone in the tv.

User Info: elpapitochulo

8 months ago#5
If I remember correctly, seeing him alone has no real consequences in relation to the ending of the story. You just get a proverbial slap on the wrist from your best bud after he sees you in June's.

User Info: bubbascal

8 months ago#6
You aren't locked out of the Normal/True/Best Endings if you managed got Jester transformed into Hunger. However, Marie's social link MUST be maxed for Best Ending. However, you don't have to have it maxed to get the True Ending. It does help fill in some lore though.

Also, there is special dialogue between some story characters if you max out Marie's social link and then pursue the True Ending.

You'll know if you got the Best/Gold Ending if you get another scene a few ingame months later once you get the True Ending.

NOTE: Normal Ending is achieved in March by seeing all of your Social Links before you leave Inaba and then going home to prepare. If you don't get the option to continue walking around Inaba, you've failed to get the True Ending somehow and you're locked into the Normal Ending.

I also suggest you sell any and all equipment/items at the blacksmith you don't think you'll be using during the final dungeon. If you haven't maxed out Marie's social link by the end of December, sell all of your stuff, unless you intend to reload a earlier save instead of playing on NG+. Money transfers on NG+ but not your items and equipment.
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User Info: ScraftyIsTheBes

8 months ago#7
Seeing Adachi alone in the TV world is required to max his Social Link in the True/Golden Ending. Changing his Arcana opens up the way to the last two ranks (which are story events). So as far as maxing Social Links go, that was the right thing to do. Other than that, you have to max Marie's S Link, and on January 2 when you visit Margaret, there are a certain set of dialogue choices you must do to activate her dungeon (stuff that implies "Where is she? I must see her!" and that kind of point). After that, just go the OG P4 True Ending route, and if you cleared Marie's dungeon before that in February, you'll see the Golden epilogue.

User Info: xyphilia

8 months ago#8
Oh good that clears things up. I had already maxed marie's social link earlier, although I did it because I was misinformed that she becomes a party member and was curious about that.

But otherwise I'm going to continue the save I made where I talked to adachi that has the hunger social link and do everything else as planned.
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  3. Persona 4 golden has so many endings... have some questions about that. Spoilers

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