I hate Yosuke in this game so darn much *spoilers*

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  3. I hate Yosuke in this game so darn much *spoilers*

User Info: FurryPhilosifer

7 months ago#1
He belittles everyone and attacks their insecurities, and his social link doesn't even deal with his character flaws (like him being a dick), instead it's all "I was upset about having to live in the countryside but it's okay".

He's constantly homophobic toward Kanji despite Kanji being extremely sensitive and confused about his sexuality and identity.

He's always going on at Chie for how unfeminine she is.

He talks about Rise like she's a sexy poster as opposed to a friend.

He's ridiculously sexist and a massive creep, talking about porn as soon as he gets in your room, guilt trips Chie and Yukiko into bikinis so he can ogle them, etc etc

He CALLS NAOTO SHORT. Naoto is ashamed and confused about her identity as a girl and a child to the point that she pretends to be a man, yet Yosuke on several occasions makes sexist remarks or talks about her small stature.

He says mean things to Teddies too.

The only people that don't get his ire are Yukiko and the player. Probably cause he clearly has the hots for them.

Anyway I hate Yosuke and it really sucks how he's basically the main character after the player, all his s*** about being your partner. f*** you Yosuke leave me alone. You're useless in battle too, and your dances in Dancing All Night suck.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

7 months ago#2
Teenagers gonna be teenagers.

He always gets his, even when he does nothing wrong.

Lastly, useless in battle?

Dude's anything but useless in battle. He's arguably the best character in vanilla. And even in Golden, when everyone else gets the massive boost, all they did was given him his heal packaged in with Masuku, and he's still one of the best characters -- especially when paired with Teddie, to allow for a team-wide Heat Riser + Debilitate (or more likely Suku + Taru) in as few turns as possible.

Yosuke's definitely a dick. But he also bends over backwards for Teddie. Has more correct conjecture in regards to the case than anyone else on the team, and he turns it on when the chips are down.
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User Info: ValduranSL

7 months ago#3
FurryPhilosifer posted...
He's ridiculously sexist and a massive creep, talking about porn as soon as he gets in your room, guilt trips Chie and Yukiko into bikinis so he can ogle them, etc etc

"Massive creep", lol. Better stay away from real teenage boys then!

Yosuke is bland and generic, sure. But hate? For those reasons? Don't take em so seriously. He's just annoying, no need to perceive a thousand offenses in a character like that.

He also does have his moments of decency too. But apparently those went unnoticed cuz sexism too stronk!

Think about it like this: Having someone around who is a bit of a dick and dumbass lets the protagonist look a bit cooler for being smart and considerate. In writing terms it's called a foil.

User Info: Carryduffp

7 months ago#4
Have you never heard of banter?
He's also one of the best characters in the game.

FurryPhilosifer posted...
You're useless in battle too

As if he's useless in the story as well...?
He does the most work out of all of the IT.
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User Info: Low_key_done

7 months ago#5
yeah i agree, yosuke is one of the major reasons why i find persona 4/golden to be a bad game. From the very start he got on my nerves with his whole "dark secret" being nothing more than just some city kid bored as all hell in the country, which i didn't have a problem with, i had a problem with him denying it to all hell like he was accused of being a pedophile or something, god it was annoying.
Another thing i had problems with was his alleged "character development", what exactly is this development. Him getting over the death of the chick he had the "hots" for? Besides that there really wasn't much. He spent the latter half of the game just yelling and fussing about petty sh*t. I had a chuckle at his rank 10 interaction, like the whole time it was "wahh i miss saki-senpai, oh and dude by the way, i'm totally jealous of you because um... reasons? lol fight me partner", it was so bad tbh.
Throughout the game a common trend i have seen was the whole "creep" thing the Philosopher kiddo mentioned. I mean literally every other line out of his mouth was like "wow that chick is pretty fine right partner, right lol right??". Like throughout the game yosuke did nothing but drag the mc down (doing and saying stuff that the mc also gets in trouble for) and while yeah i get why the developers did so, it becomes pretty infernal if you dislike a character. like they were literally forcing the best bud thing way too hard imo.

tldr: Yosuke is a pristine example of the failure of humanity.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

7 months ago#6
Missed the juxtaposition with previous Magicians I take it?

The jealously aspect has traditionally always been there. The difference between Yosuke and Junpei/Yuka is that his is internalized. Inferiority complexes and trouble in their love life is kind of Magician's whole thing.

He's jealous for the obvious reason. He has the same background as the MC, but where MC comes to down, awakens, gathers up a team, and hunts a killer, he was always second best. Being able to be open about his own insecurity is a pretty big deal, especially for Magicians, who are almost always characterized by their complexes, and huge ego -- there's a reason it's the first Arcana. All that potential, arguably the most of any card save the Fool, but it lacks direction, purpose, and focus on its own.

There's also the clear parallel with Massive Spoilers: The actual killer. Whose background mirrors both MC's and Yosuke's. It's not hard to miss that whole concept, nor why he plays mouthpiece in those circumstances.

So, you have him playing foil on two different fronts. And yes, he's overly-lecherous.
"Revy, have you forgotten? I'm already dead. I think I died the day I met you." -- Rock.

User Info: darkzero000

7 months ago#7
Yosuke is not so bad actually. The most common term for him is inferior complex.
Like he keep trying to berate people because he see what they are better than him, and he cant work out a good way to improve over them, spam bad thing to make himself feel not so bad. But that's what childish and immature mean, and he did grow out of that little by little.
The max Slink show he begin to accept his weakness and his friend strength, so for Yosuke it's a step away from the little child he was. But yeah, we all agree Yosuke problem goes deep and we dont see he grow enough in P4G.
At least, he seem more like normal teenager than the rest of crew. Overpower Omnipotent MC, Princess Yukiko and Super Naoto definitely are not teenager we see every day.

User Info: Low_key_done

7 months ago#8
and i understand that @NextGenCowboy, maybe i should've been clearer with what i meant but it was pretty late so i was tired, plus i didn't want to ramble on any longer than i already had. while yes junpei had the same gimmick, it felt somewhat more bearable than when brosuke did the same.
The biggest problem i had with the jealousy aspect was that it seemed sort of like a last minute thing, know what i mean? His entire slink was basically about saki and dealing with being the son of the manager of junes, and at the very last minute oh would you look at that, he's jealous.
and yes the mouthpiece thing i also understand as well. It just seems hard for him to voice the mc who is seen as such a godly figure (another thing i take issue with but this isn't the place for that) in the game given how lecherous and angsty he acts when the mc doesn't show really any signs of being the same way.
Yes yosuke is consistent with the whole magician arcana trend, that being said, i just felt he was the worst of the magician bunch.
"Life itself is a death sentence"

User Info: Low_key_done

7 months ago#9
and actually, now that you got me thinking, what inferiority complex are you referring to? Keep in mind that most of the game yosuke calls himself the mc's partner implying he feels on equal footing with him which would be consistent given he is the mc's voice after all. Maybe it's because it's been a while for me since i played this gem, but i cannot for the life of me recall him feeling or acting in a way that reflects an inferiority complex issue.
and i always find it comical that magicians act like this whether it be p3 or 4 given the magician tarot card is symbolic of one of intellect, skill, and logic who acts as the bridge between the spirit and human world.
"Life itself is a death sentence"

User Info: darkzero000

7 months ago#10
While magician tarot upright have intellect, skill, as well as optimism to begin new thing, the fact of reverse magician is manipulative, confusion and trickery, which is down right Yosuke at beginning.

He used the "friend" term to tag along the "interesting new kid". His inferiority complex as "the city kid but not the city kid people look up to" make him try to appear cool, hit on his crush while his ignorance make her suffer, cause his very bad way of make fun of his friend as you said, and he is not intended to make people feel that show his confusion in dealing with thing.
For a long shot, Yosuke is Magician, in both its upright and reverse version.

I believe we can agree Yosuke are not as good as magician can be, but he show promise of change to become better in that direction.
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  3. I hate Yosuke in this game so darn much *spoilers*

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