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HellsController 7 years ago#1
Somehow I managed to beat Shadow Rise and Teddie in one go. I think my overzealous grinding during rainy days is going to get me through this game!

Anyway I'm at the point where I will have way too many people to keep switching and leveling. My main character's persona's are pretty good right now. I have Ose for physical, Udine for buffs/debuffs, and Pyro Jack for the magic attacks. My current party is the basic one, as in Yukiko, Chie, and Yosuke. I feel Yosuke kinda sucks. Chie's Rampage move is still pretty awesome so I use her a lot. And Yukiko heals.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Kanji should replace Yosuke because I think I read that on her. I'm also going to assume that either Teddie or Rise will have healing focused Persona's. So assuming I want the most possible coverage, moves and just generally make the game easier for me, what should my party start looking like. Before I spend more time grinding their levels and S. Links up.
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JetAurion 7 years ago#2
Party composition will depend on what you're looking for. Here's a brief list of what I consider to be each character's strength:

Yosuke: Jack-of-all-trades
Chie: Continuous criticals
Yukiko: Healing and ridiculously high fire damage
Kanji: Raw physical damage
Teddie: Buffs
Naoto (this person has not joined your team yet): Weakness hitter and Gold Hand destroyer
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JetAurion 7 years ago#4
I meant along the lines that Yosuke can heal, buff, deal good physical/elemental damage.
No bra can withstand the might of Haku's heaving chesticles.
MakotoYuri 7 years ago#5
go with kanji instead of yosuke and youre fine
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ImASadPanda 7 years ago#6
Well - it's all preference really, some people really like Chie as a party member, but I find her crappy. The way I always saw it, Kanji is actually the one to replace Chie - as they're both mainly physical users.

I usually go for the sausage fest. And find it to be a better balance, just overall it's more "comfortable", as in easy/safe, but still able to bring out good results in damaging.

Yosuke - pretty good as a whole, and is always my second banana
Kanji - best physical dealer to me
Teddie - Healer & buffer + good damager if need to be
Then MC to do whatever is needed - whether it's attack or debuffs.

I'm not much of a fan of the girls, so I usually leave em all out of it once Kanji & Teddie appear. But I do admit, Yukiko is a decent party member, however, I just prefer Teddie's buffs, Damage & Heal over Yukiko's Damage & Heal.

I think you should experiment with each member before social linking up at this point, You have to see if you like Chie, Kanji & Yukiko dynamic or want to do a Chie, Teddie & Yukiko thing. It depends on what meshes well with you.

And if you want an easier dungeon ride, ranking up high with Rise will help a lot in Golden, and generally just make things much easier - depending on the difficulty.
HellsController 7 years ago#7
So, replace Yosuke with Kanji for physical damage it seems. I still need to test Teddie out. But seeing as he's apparently training right now that needs to wait. What role does Rise normally have? Damage dealer or healer? She looks like a healer but I'm not too sure.

And I heard that physical damage is op compared to magical. This true?
"When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying: Here, you throw this away."
ImASadPanda 7 years ago#8
Rise replaces the role that Teddie does in the beginning. It's clear after you fight Shadow Teddie that she is a support character only.
terran3999999 7 years ago#9
The correct answer is Teddie, Kanji and it can really be anybody for the last slot.

Because no matter what, none of the party members can trump the MC in terms of damage. The optimization strategy is to leave the other duties to the party members: healing, buffing and debuffing. The MC is, not surprisingly, also the best at debuffing too thanks to the nifty skill named Debilitate.(lower all stats of one enemy, major skill in boss battles)
Teddie amazingly can cover both healing and buffs, he learns both Matarukaja(team attack buff) and Marakukaja(team defense buff).
Kanji also learns Matarukaja, has Power Charge and Primal Force. Outside of the MC, Primal Force is the best damage skill.(keep in mind this is comparing an enemy with neutral affinity)

Now that's not to say you have to use those two, the game is easy enough that you can beat it with any party setup.

Now I plan on covering the party member's stats and skills in depth to give you an idea if you would want to use them or not.

Yosuke: the hybrid fighter, his Strength and Magic are balanced. Excels at wind magic and learns the third best non-exclusive physical skill-Brave Blade. One of his very strong point is that he has very high Agility. Agility determines your accuracy, evasion and the turn order of your party.

Chie: your first physical attacker/brawler. She has ice magic but that's mainly used for Knockdown support. Learns the second best non-exclusive physical skill-God's Hand. She also learns the very overrated buff, Dragon Hustle.(team buff of all stats) The problem with Dragon Hustle is that its learned very late in the game and its really only useful for the final boss and optional boss and it drains a massive amount of SP from her.

Yukiko: your standard mage. She excels at fire and is one of the main healers of the game. In terms of healing compared to Teddie she better because she learns Salvation.(full team heal and bad status removal) but its really not a dealbreaker. However her damage output is far more powerful than Teddie's due to being able to learn Mind Charge.

Kanji: your second physical attacker/brawler. He has lightning magic but like Chie its damage is mediocre at best so its best left for Knockdown support. He also has monstrous Endurance(affects both physical and magical defense) and the best HP of all the characters, including even the MC for HP. Learns the skill Primal Force at mentioned. He and Chie kinda overlaps but one major weakness of his is that he's bad at attacking a group of enemies-he only learns Atom Smasher and that's only medium damage which will lag behind in damage output near endgame. But in terms of single physical damage Primal Force will always trump God's Hand.

Teddie: I covered Teddie a bit earlier. To also mention: he's the main ice magic user and he's a mage, so don't waste a skill slot for Gigantic Fist, it won't help much.

Naoto(just to play it safe): He's the oddball of the group. His stats focus on magic, he's extremely powerful in random encounters but lags behind when it comes to fighting bosses. Learns spells that helps him cover all six of the elements but due to not learning either Amp nor Boost those -dyne skills is only good for Knockdowns. Almighty is overall pretty crappy when it comes to P4 and P3. Your mileage with this character may vary a lot.

Rise: She's full on support. By raising her Social Link it allows her to give out free buffs to your party but unfortunately its random and you have no control over it....at Rank 9 she can save your party from death(damage based only I think) once. At max, she can fully revive the MC once per battle if he dies. Basically a free Enduring Soul.

Double post, sorry.
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terran3999999 7 years ago#10
And I heard that physical damage is op compared to magical. This true?
Yes it is, physical skills do about an insane ~4x the amount compared to magic and that even includes both Amp and Boost. Even against physical resistant enemies you're still doing a crazy ~x3.5 damage.

So if you want to switch your party around: switch Yukiko for Teddie, Chie for something else and keep Kanji. If you really wanted to you can even keep both Yukiko and Teddie, allowing him to buff more easily and help chip in with the damage.

Before anyone feels the need to call me a fanboy my party was Yosuke, Yukiko and Kanji. Far from "optimize" but it's just plain stupid to ignore how useful Teddie is.

Hope I helped and that it wasn't too confusing.
Amarant>>sano83. Amarant can deal max damage, what can sano83 do? Number of people who agree: 1.
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