Your funniest line in the game? "Spoilers of course"

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User Info: blackshadowzx

4 years ago#41
sig but thats from the anime
Youske:You can't hog all three girls
Yu: I can because Im The King

User Info: SlyHobbes

4 years ago#42
foreverzero14 posted...
In the anime (I wish this was in the game!) when they go into the bath house to save Kanji:
Chie - We need some sort of plan...
Youske - Here's a plan! You two go and save him and we'll guard the entrance!
Yu - Sounds good to me!

lolol yeah. And Yu, in his head is like 'well, I am a little hungry', then he suggests they get dinner first.
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User Info: EmeralDragon23

4 years ago#43
oh and Persona 4 Arena, Naoto's introduction

"Is this an army of idiots?"
El Psy Congroo
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User Info: Junta_Jast

4 years ago#44
During the Cross Dressing Pageant when Teddie goes up
Male Voice:
"I'd hit it!"
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User Info: Grimlock64

4 years ago#45
The whole subtle/sub-buttle conversation. "Kanji has a sub-buttle."
"Well, I guess I should take you home and... feed you? That's what you're supposed to do to children, right? Feed them?"- Dr. McNinja

User Info: razorfistturbo

4 years ago#46
locutus442 posted...
my favorite one still remains this one said by kanji

"oh, i get it. so what you're really asking is, 'will you please beat the s*** out of me, kanji?'"

This and "Y-Yea, I'm ready to be born dammit!"

Kanji is for me the funniest of the group.
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User Info: gadgaurd

4 years ago#47
Adding to the list: Yosuke going berserk over Mystery Food X. The whole rant. Also: "This is cross dressing! CROSS! DRESSING!"
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  3. Your funniest line in the game? "Spoilers of course"

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