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User Info: onimike

6 years ago#91
I made a list too and just got the trophy.
-I only listed Rise lines where you can see her face on the upper left of the screen and you can actually read what she says. Meaning the stuff she says on the "scan" screen doesn't count. She usually says a line after the scan though.
-The things she say outside battle doesn't seem to count.

Here's my list (it's not 100% exact but it's close enough)

*gasp* It got back up. Defeat it, fast.
*gasp* Kanji's gone berserk!
*gasp* Naoto-kun! Oh this isn't good!
*gasp* Senpai! Are you okay?
*squeal* Senpai! that was so cool!
Ah, there's an enemy weak to light.
Alright! We won! we did it!
Amazing Yukiko-senpai! Two defeated so far.
Awesome, senpai! You really hit it hard!
Be careful. There's an enemy immune to light.
Be careful. There's an enemy immune to fire.
Be careful. There's an ice-immune enemy
Be careful. Three enemies ambushed you.
Beat it to a pulp! Keep going guys.
Careful, guys, Teddie's health is pretty low.
Careful, guys! You're really low on health!
Careful, it's immune to electricity.
Careful, it's immune to physical attacks.
Careful, that enemy's immune to wind!
Ch-Chie-senpai! Quick, Someone heal her!
Chie-senpai, your agility is down.
Chie-senpai, your defense is down
Chie-senpai's acting weird.
Chie-senpai's been hit! Hang in there!
Chie-senpai's persona is sealed!
Chie-senpai's scared!
Cool, there's an enemy weak to ice.
C'mon Kanji, look alive! Get back up!
Eek! Chie-senpai! C'mon! Get up.
Eek! Yosuke senpai! Someone heal him.
Electric attacks are more effective now.
Enemy defeated! Don't stop now, Naoto-kun.
Enemy defeated! Go for broke, Teddie.
Enemy defeated. Good job Yukiko sempai.
Enemy defeated. Keep it up Yosuke sempai.
Enemy defeated! Keep up the good work, Kanji!
Enemy defeated. You're off to a good start.
Enemy defeated. That's the spirit Chie-sempai.
Enemy down!
Enemy down! Go to town, Naoto-kun!
Enemy down. Great work Yukiko sempai.
Enemy down. Nice move, senpai.
Enemy down! Show 'em what you got, Kanji!
Enemy down! That's the spirit Teddie!
Enemy down. That's the way Yosuke-senpai.
Enemy down. You did it Chie-senpai.
Enemy reinforcements. Huh?!-- Five? The heck?
Five enemies left. Hang in there.
Five of 'em. You're outnumbered...!
Four enemies down!
Four enemies down! Brilliant senpai!.
Four enemies left. Don't give up.
Four of them. You need to thin 'em out.
Gee, Kanji! Don't strain yourself.
Go Chie senpai, Go! Kick their ass!
Go for it guys. Hang in there.
Go for it Teddie! Don't stop!
Go get 'em. Go go go!
Go Senpai! Keep up the streak.
Go, Senpai! You Rock!
Good going, Teddie! Keep it up!
Good move, Naoto-kun. You're on a roll.
Gooo yukiko senpai. Give em some more.
Great job!
Guys, Chie-senpai's really hurt
Hang on. cause this one's gonna be tough.
Hang tight Naoto-kun. Hurry and get back up.
Hey, Kanji! Wake up! I said, WAKE UP!
Hey, it ran away. The nerve of that thing.
Hey, not bad, Teddie! Keep it up!
Hey, Teddie! What are you doing!?
Hey, the enemy's weak to fire. That's hot!
Hm, watch it! That one's immune to fire.
I know! I'm still looking!
I wasn't expecting that from you Kanji. Sweet!
Is this for real?! Four new enemies.
It's weak to electricity. Zap 'em!
It's weak to light. Shine on!
Just hang on.. I'll find you an openning.
Just two left. C'mon, this fight's not over.
Just what I'd expect, Chie senpai. Whoo!

User Info: onimike

6 years ago#92
K-Kanji's injured! C'mon! Suck it up!
Kanji can't use his persona.
Kanji defeated two enemies. Go team!
Kanji, don't leave now!
Kanji, that was great! You're the man!
Kanji, your agility has been lowered.
Kanji, your defense has been lowered.
Kanji, your offense has been lowered.
Kanji's acting weird. Can someone help him?
Kanji's been hit! Someone help him.
Kanji's dizzy! Snap him out of it.
Kanji's poisoned!
Keep it up Yosuke-senpai. Two defeated!
Last one. Go for it!
Look at you, Teddie. You're rockin' it.
Look out, it's immune to physical attacks.
Lookin' sharp Chie-senpai.
Looks like that one's immune to wind.
Naoto-kun can't use her persona now!
Naoto-kun collapsed! This isn't good.
Naoto-kun, stop! Don't run away.
Naoto-kun, your agility is down.
Naoto-kun, your defense is down.
Naoto-kun, your offence isdown.
Naoto-kun's acting weird! Quick, help her!
Naoto-kun's busting heads and lookin' cool.
Naoto-kun's hurt pretty bad. Can you heal her?
Naoto-kun's pissed off! Try to calm her down.
Naoto-kun's unconcious!
Naoto-kun's weakened. Please help her.
Nice moves, Teddie! Two defeated.
Nice, there's an enemy weak to wind!
No good, I can't find you an opening...
No way! Four more enemies are here.
No! Kanji's scared!
No! Senpai's--
Now's your chance. RUN!
Oh no! Teddie's poisoned!
Oh, be careful. Light's no good on this one.
Oh, be careful. This one's strong!
Oh, hey! Not too shabby, Kanji!
Oh, that's not good... Darkness won't work!
Oho, So that one's weak to darkness.
Okay. I'll look for an opening!
One enemy to go! Keep it up!
One enemy. I-it caught us off guard?
One enemy. Take your free hit.
Oof! That look like it hurt.
Ooh a rare one. Don't let it get away.
Ooh, nice move. Yosuke sempai.
Ooh, that one doesn't like physical-attacks.
Poor Teddie's persona is sealed.
Right on, Chie-senpai! (You're doing good [?])
Senpai no! Please get up.
Senpai, you are low on health. be careful.
Senpai, your agility has been lowered.
Senpai, your defense has been lowered.
Senpai, your offense has been lowered.
S-Senpai? Are you okay?
S-senpai? Noooooooo!!!
Shouldn't some one heal Yukiko-senpai?
Someone help senpai.
Sweet! It's weak to physical attacks.

User Info: onimike

6 years ago#93
Teddie wake up! Get a hold of your self.
Teddie, are you okay? Someone heal him.
Teddie! Come back!
Teddie, No! Can someone help him?
Teddie, your agility has been lowered.
Teddie, your defense has been lowered.
Teddie, your offense has been lowered.
Teddie's acting weird. You should help him.
Teddie's confused! Someone cure him!
Teddie's scared! Calm down!
Teddie's totally pissed off! Calm down!
That enemy's weak to fire. Keep it up!
That enemy's weak to ice. Cool it down!
That enemy's weak to wind. Blow 'em away!
That's amazing Yukiko Sempai. Keep it up.
That's great senpai. Go in for the kill.
That's great senpai. You really get me going.
The enemy ran away. Now's your chance.
The enemy ran away. There's two left.
The enemy's running away. We can do this.
The enemy's weak to darkness. It's doomed!
The power of wind skills is greater now.
There are three enemies. Don't get cocky.
There are two enemies. Careful now.
There are two enemies. Go for a free hit.
There's one enemy. You get a free hit!
There's three enemies. They're totally open.
They've weakened Chie-senpai.
They've weakened Yosuke-senpai.
They've weakened Yukiko-senpai.
Three enemies defeated. Good boy, Teddie.
Three enemies defeated. You're so cool senpai.
Three enemies down!
Three enemies down! Awesome, Yosuke-senpai.
Three enemies down! Go get 'em Teddie!
Three enemies down! You did it, Senpai!
Three enemies down! Wow Yukiko-senpai!
Three enemies left. You can win this!
Three enemies on the field. Be careful.
Three enemies. They got the drop on you.
Three enemies. We have the initiative.
Three more in the enemy side! Keep it up!
Three of 'em. Don't give up now, okay?
Two enemies ambushed you. Hold on!
Two enemies down! Do it again, Chie-senpai.
Two enemies down! Good going Yosuke-senpai!
Two enemies down! Keep going senpai!
Two enemies down! Not bad at all, Teddie!
Two enemies down! Take 'em out, Kanji!
Two enemies left. Don't lower your guard now.
Two enemies on the field. Crush 'em!
Two enemies. But you have the advantage.
Uh-oh! Naoto-kun's poisoned!
Uh-oh! That one's immune to darkness!
Um, Yosuke-senpai, your health is really low.
Yaaaaaaaay! Keep it up Teddie.
Yesss! We won! Congrats guys!
Yikes! An ambush? There are two enemies.
Yikes, Chie-senpai's completely lost it...
Yikes! Teddie! Someone heal him.
Yikes! What's with this thing? Don't give in.
Yosuke-senpai is injured. This is bad.
Yosuke-senpai you looked so awesome.
Yosuke senpai's acting weird.
Yosuke-senpai's lost it.
Yosuke-senpai's persona is sealed.
Yosuke-senpai's poisoned.
Yosuke-senpai, get up!
Yosuke-senpai's scared.
Yosuke-senpai, your agility is down..

User Info: onimike

6 years ago#94
Yosuke-senpai, your defense is down.
Yosuke-senpai, Your offense is down.
Y-yosuke senpai was.. cool? No way!
Y-yosuke senpai! Oh man, oh man
You hit its weakness, Yosuke-senpai!
You hit the enemy's weakness.
You okay, senpai? Hang in there.
You okay there, Kanji? Don't strain yourself!
You really hit it hard!
Your persona--?! Senpai hang in there.
You're on a roll senpai. Two defeated.
Yukiko-senpai beats the enemy in style!
Yukiko-senpai needs help.
Yukiko-senpai, are you okay?
Yukiko-senpai No! someone heal her.
Yukiko-senpai, your agility is down.
Yukiko-senpai, your defense is down.
Yukiko-senpai's acting weird.
Yukiko-senpai's dizzy.
Yukiko-senpai's persona is sealed.
Yukiko-senpai's poisoned.
Yukiko sempai!? boy! if looks could kill
Way to go, Naoto-kun! Let's see some more.
What is this thing!? Feels really bad...
What!? More of them? Gee.
Watch it. That one's immune to electricity!
What's its problem? More incoming.
What?! Again!? Three more enemies for you.
Whew! You're up. Time for a couter-attack.
Whoa Chie-senpai! That's two defeated.
Whoa, Kanji! Are you okay?
Whoa, Kanji! That was great!
Whoa there! That one's immune to ice.
Whoa! That was awesome Yosuke-senpai!
Whoa, We got one weak to electricity!
Wow, Naoto-kun! You never lose your cool.
Wow, so Yukiko-senpai's scary when she's mad.
Wow, Yosuke-senpai! Out to steal the show, huh?

User Info: heyitsthatguy11

6 years ago#95
-I only listed Rise lines where you can see her face on the upper left of the screen and you can actually read what she says. Meaning the stuff she says on the "scan" screen doesn't count. She usually says a line after the scan though.

*Screams at the sky*
Square Enix, create a sequel to TWEWY. You have 3 years. Fail and face erasure. - The Fanbase

User Info: onimike

6 years ago#96
-The list is only until Getting to the Heaven level. Looks like that's more than enough.

I played a custom difficulty on 2nd play through.
-enemy damage set to low
-your damage set to high
-allow battle and dungeon repeat
-exp gain low ( I was under-leveled 90% of the time and I just kept on running away so I won't receive EXP)
-money received is high <-- irrelevant

Don't easily missed lines like when Namatane changes the atmosphere. Or dying and having rise revive you.

I'm just thankful there ain't no Hardcore Teddie fan.

User Info: SpiralSage

6 years ago#97
ComfortablySad posted...
xbextahx posted...
Don't forget you have to complete this in a single playthrough. Once you start NG+, her counter resets.

How about we mess up this whole, awful world, huh?
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